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She also populates this story with so many crappy people it boggles the mind, but, hey, it's Sara Craven. Tiny h has two foul female relatives: the manipulative and arrogant bitch of an aunt and the manipulative and selfish bitch of a sister. Auntie wants the h to got to uni to get a teaching degree. That's nice. Not really. Auntie wants her to do it so the h can be a cheaply paid teacher at the aunt's snooty and expensive school.

No tr Sara Craven once again tortures a tiny h into near oblivion. No trickle down economics here. Ronald Reagan would be very displeased. The h goes after her nightmare sister who at 17 has travelled to Greece and stayed there to shack up with a hunky Greek waiter. The aunt sends the h and tells her not to come back without the sister. Auntie is very in to what will people think.

The h gets to the small island and falls immediately for the H who owns the hotel. He's Kyrie Muckety Muck on the island and, gulp, the h becomes his Is that really a phrase they use in Greece as this is not the first time I've read it? I am too scared to Google it. The H seems to be head over heels with the h but is strangely silent at times. Dun dun duuuuuunnnnnn. Shh, it's a shameful secret. Her sister stays behind as she is going to marry the waiter and help him open a taverna. Aunt and sis both want her to have an abortion: auntie because she's been shamed, and the sister because auntie plans to disinherit both of them.

The h has to give her baby up to a foster family as she is a physical and mental mess. Auntie tells the H when he tries to hunt down the h that she gave the baby away because the h hated the H. There's more BS, but who really cares. Oh yes, Sara Craven gets one more creepoid under the wire by having the foster family want to keep the baby and getting nasty about it. It's off-screen, so to speak, but still. Little sis makes me glad I never had a sister as she is so bad. She's not the worst HarleyLand sister, but she's no prize nor is her loser husband who was the one to contact the H's evil father in the first place.

Pillow friend This is the first thing I saw when I googled. I don't think that's what SC had in mind. View all 15 comments. Apr 17, StMargarets rated it liked it Shelves: author-sara-craven , angst-by-misunderstanding-lies , harlequin-presents , secret-baby , z-library. Orphaned heroine lives with an evil aunt and selfish younger sister. Selfish younger sister vacations in Greece with school friends, but defiantly stays behind to marry the barman at their hotel. Evil aunt sends heroine to return her underage sister to England.

Heroine meets hero who is the owner of the hotel. Hero helps her find the runaway couple. Then he sets the sisters up in his house for a cooking off period. Sister will learn to cook and clean and be a good Greek wife. Misunderstandings ensue. So there was a lot of angst, but it was diluted by the many, many flashbacks and the heroine drifting off into thought.

I think a more straightforward narration would have maintained the emotional intensity. It seemed to be an afterthought while there was way too much about the selfish younger sister. I really think hero should have shipped the sister and her barman off to another island. They are useless and will always have a hand out during their inevitable next crisis.

And that cover is horrifying! View all 4 comments. Dec 28, KC rated it really liked it Shelves: harlequin-presents , ibooks , passionate , smitten-hero , 4-stars-really-liked , angst , sweet-heroine , insta-love-lust , poor-comunicatin-skillz , tears-on-my-pillow. For starters, Selena and Alexis were saddled with some of the vilest, most skunktastic relatives to grace HelPlesslandia, and that's saying a lot because there are soooo many. That's not to say Alexis was completely blameless. His lack of full disclosure about his single status and lack of faith in S 4.

His lack of full disclosure about his single status and lack of faith in Selena also made things worse. I would have liked to seen him grovel some, but can't complain too much because he suffered for his mistakes, and I believe he really did love Selena. This romance was told in flashbacks, but it worked. There's even a sweet, necessary epilogue and blatant passion and chemistry to balance out the previously mentioned angst. Backstory The doctors and social workers overseeing Selena had advised her into placing her secret, newborn son into foster care because she'd been an emotional, physical, and financial wreck after fleeing from Alexis as his live-in girlfriend.

By this time Selena believed Alexis had already married his childhood sweetheart, and was barely scraping by as a waitress in England. Alexis, meanwhile, believed Selena had accepted the payoff money his asshole father offered her and also believed her bitchy aunt's lie that Selena had willingly given away their son. Selena had been celibate during their two-year separation, but there's no mention if Alexis remained so.

However, I like to think so as he was besotted. View all 17 comments. I love an angsty story where the heroine of the story is wrongly judged and kicked out of the life of her hero, later to discover she's pregnant, but none of that really happened that way in this story. The heroine was tricked and kicked out, but there was no mention of her baby until the very ending of the story. I wish I could have felt more of personal Selena's struggles after she was cast out by Alexis's uncle. So sad that the a-hole relatives didn't really get the paybacks they had coming either.

View all 12 comments. Apr 05, Sneha Jaiswal rated it really liked it. I loved it,especially the heroine and the heartache she suffered on having to give up her son. I liked the hero as well.

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I mean he knew that she didn't take the money so why didn' its always a delight to read Sara craven books and this book was again very beautiful! I mean he knew that she didn't take the money so why didn't he go after her and confront her when he loved her soon much!

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I wanted a little more explanation from the hero! It was on my tbr and I'm not planning to read it yet when I saw one of my friend's review here in goodreads. Hi, Sandra!

AAR Loves… Romances Featuring Music and Musicians

But I learned that it was part of a series, and since I'm kinda OC, and like everything in order, I downloaded and read first all the previous books in the series. So I was really excited to read this one and I unconsciously set high expectations on it. Unfortunately, I found myself disappointed. But still, I have no It was on my tbr and I'm not planning to read it yet when I saw one of my friend's review here in goodreads.

But still, I have no doubt about Ms. Craven's writing ability. But, I just wasn't feeling it and sadly found myself skimming through a lot of the first part of the book. I honestly found it boring and bland and I never felt connected or invested in the characters. View 1 comment. Apr 05, lily waheed rated it it was amazing.

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Oh my god , the heroine serena broke my heart , she made me cry ,great story from the amazing Sara craven. View 2 comments. Nov 22, iamGamz rated it liked it Shelves: adult-fiction , angst-angst-angst , contemporary-romance , harlequin-mills-boon. In an attempt to save her sister from an unscrupulous Greek bartender, Selene, takes a trip to Greece where she meets Alexis, the owner of the hotel where her sister's barman works. Alexis offers his assistance in finding Selene's sister and her boyfriend. Selene soon falls under the spell of the sexy Alexis and finds herself in love and making future plans with him.

Then she learns that he is engaged to be married and she believes that he has sent his father to pay her off. She leaves Greece wi In an attempt to save her sister from an unscrupulous Greek bartender, Selene, takes a trip to Greece where she meets Alexis, the owner of the hotel where her sister's barman works. She leaves Greece with a broken heart and unknowingly pregnant. Years later, Selene is called back to Greece by her sister's husband who claims here sister is ill. In an attempt to mend her broken relationship with her sister, she decides to go. This leads to an confontation with Alexis, who is the person behind her return to the island.

He has learned that she had his child and is viciously unkind to her. Selene, fed up with the unfair judgement, tells Alexis the truth about why she left the Greece and what happened after she left until her present time. This was a sad read. Selene's decision was a heartbreaking one, and I applaud her for doing what was the best at the time. Alexis was a sweetheart, but there were monents when he was a real butt head.

Selene's sister's husband was an asshole. I disliked him for his part in ruining her life and then having the audacity to ask her for help. For the most part, this was an enjoyable, engaging read. This seems like a very short read with not a whole lot to it. Told in flashback which really wasn't necessary , Selena is sent by her aunt to convince Selena's 17 -year-old sister to come home from Greece. Unfortunately, Amelia has decided to marry a Greek hotel worker.

In the process, Selena meets the hotel owner and billionaire Alexis and proceeds to fall in love with him. The flashback format really didn't work for me. It would have made more sense in the flow of the story to tell it from sta This seems like a very short read with not a whole lot to it. It would have made more sense in the flow of the story to tell it from start to finish.

The conflict plot points were just thrown in- a wicked aunt, a selfish sister, a lazy worker, an angsty handsome Hero, evil father hero's , view spoiler [a secret baby, hide spoiler ] and an innocent doormat. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but I really didn't care for the story. Jun 10, Biggaletta Day rated it did not like it. Normally I like a good harlequin to sink my teeth into but The heroine wrote a letter on a blue airmail.

Not email? Facebook DM? Please, these are supposedly young women in their twenties. Also I found the heroine too stupid and her sister too manipulative to get into the story. Very predictable Very hard to read. Couldn't not get into the book at all. Had to force myself to finish it. Very predictable and over done topic. Then magic fairy tale rushed ending. Could have been so much better. May 09, Deborah rated it liked it. Although I looked forward to reading this, in the beginning , I found it difficult to follow. It took effort to get midway through and then I was getting antsy to be done.

However, the storyline itself was good. Dec 16, Nazish Ahmed Nazish Reads rated it liked it Shelves: books-i-read-in , reviews , adult , ebooks. I rate this 2. Adult romance novels are a guilty pleasure of mine. I now that there are problems with some of them and that most contain love at first sight which I usually hate , but there's just something about these novels that is so addicting. I enjoy romance novels where the girl is hard to get throughout at least half of the novel and it seems more realistic instead of falling for the guy the minute you see him.

Does that even happen in real life, is that even possible? Also, I've n I rate this 2. Also, I've noticed that the couples in many of these romance novels, can barely handle being in the same room without wanting to touch each other. I've never been in love or lust, but I don't think that's how love and attraction works. It just seems stupid when people say or act like that they can't control themselves is a good excuse, it's not, it just seems stupid. But then again, these are romance novels, so of course they are going to have this kind of stuff in them, it's just hard to tolerate them sometimes, especially when they keep repeating that stuff over and over and over.

Overall, this book was ok, but also boring. There were times when I had to put the book down and read other books or just take a break from it.