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Our base was the Satra Brunn, near Sala, a warm and welcoming spa hotel with huge buffet breakfasts and wholesome suppers whose main courses ranged from Arctic char to succulent local beef and lamb. Every excursion brought fresh surprises, including an extraordinary encounter with a cock capercaillie — the giant grouse of the Swedish pine forests.

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On another morning a gathering of wading birds caught our eye. They were ruff — the males resplendent in full breeding plumage — going through their frantic courtship rituals in a kingcup marsh.

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But not all of Sweden is so pristine. In a working gravel pit, dug deep into the bowels of the earth, Green showed us a female eagle owl brooding its solitary chick on the platform of a rusty elevator. The dead trees were soon infested with wood-boring beetles, attracting woodpeckers from miles around, including species not seen in Britain, such as the three-toed woodpecker. Elsewhere, black woodpeckers with scarlet punkish crests looped over the treetops. Great northern divers floated above their perfect reflections, and one day we picnicked beside a Viking rune stone, carved 1, years ago beside a gunmetal lake alive with flocks of wood sandpipers that flew up in alarm whenever a merlin, peregrine or marsh harrier appeared.

But it was the long, light evenings I loved the best, with woodcock flitting like souls through the down-pouring dusk, and roe deer coming out of the woods to feed in the open. And this was when we set off to a forest clearing where a pair of great grey owls was known to be in residence.

Green, a Swede despite his English-sounding name, is passionate about these elusive birds. Dave was 10 and I was For as long as I could remember my brother had this strong affinity with the natural world. His room was always cluttered with snake casts, dead insects and the conglomeration of fossils he insisted on carrying back from our holidays in Wales. He was the quiet, studious one, Dave; the undisputed favourite son of my academic father. I was the noisy elder brother, the show-off with the bad school reports whose theatricality, to my father's disgust, was fostered by our mother, the enthusiastic president of the local amateur drama society.

Not surprisingly, Dave's memories of Grey Owl's lecture are very different to my own. He was bowled over by the man's determination to save the beaver, by his profound knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Canadian wilderness and by his warnings of ecological disaster should the delicate balance between them be destroyed. The idea that mankind was endangering nature by recklessly despoiling and plundering its riches was unheard of at the time, but it is one that has remained part of Dave's own credo to this day. I, on the other hand, recall almost nothing of what Grey Owl said.

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The fascination for me lay in his showmanship, in his stage presence, which was phenomenal. The thrilling Indian head-dress, made of rare eagle feathers, made him nearly 8ft tall. His skin was a wonderful bronze colour I now know he applied a vegetable dye in his dressing room , and, in the days when other races were rarely seen in England, I found him compellingly exotic. That January evening marked the start of a year which changed our family life for ever.

Within months, the civil war in Spain would prompt my mother to march down Granby Street under a red banner in support of the Republicans. In reply, one of Franco's Leicester adherents would lob a brick through our drawing-room window.

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Undaunted, my mother formed and chaired a local committee to care for evacuated Basque children and, shortly thereafter, one of them caused me to fall in love for the very first time. Her name was Rosa. My father was chairing another local committee which was helping to bring Jewish refugees out of Germany. Again, children were the principal concern, and our house became a staging post for a series of scared youngsters on their way to relatives in the safety of North America.

She is especially alert and aggressive when fledglings first leave the nest but cannot yet fly, and thus are extremely vulnerable. This lack of territorial aggressiveness makes the great grey owl difficult to find in the field. Most owls respond to their own species calls if played back in a nesting territory. Great grey owls will often ignore such calls. They also do not flush every time a human approaches or drives past.

The great grey owl often remains still even if a human is nearby and therefore they are often overlooked or unnoticed. The great grey owl is the provincial bird of Manitoba.

As of , there are four captive great grey owls in Oregon and California. Boris was found north of Anchorage with a trauma to his right wrist, leaving him flightless. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Great grey owl Whitby , Ontario Conservation status. Forster , Strix nebulosa.


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Grey Owl Restaurant | Assiniboine Community College

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