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Come, let a murmuring Charm resound, The whilst we d bury all, i'th' Ground. But first, see every e Foot be bare; And every Knee.

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Yes, Dame, they are. And, if when Fame was gotten, Terror dy'de, What black Erynnis, or more hellish pride, Durst arm these Haggs, now she is grown, and great, To think they could her glories once defeat? I was her Parent, and I am her strength.

Heroique Virtue sinks not under length Of years, or ages; but is still the same, While he preserves, as when he got good Fame. My Daughter, then, whose glorious house you see Built of all sounding brass, whose Columns be Men-making Poets, and those well-made Men, Whose strife it was, to have the happiest Pen Renown them to an after-life, and not With pride, to scorn the Muse, and die forgot; She, that enquireth into all the World, And hath, about her vaulted Palace, hoorl'd All Rumors and Reports, or true, or vain, What utmost Lands, or deepest Seas contain; But only hangs great actions, on her file She, to this lesser World, and greatest Isle, To night sounds Honour, which she would have seen In yond' bright Bevie, each of them a Queen.

The Masque

Eleven of them are of times, long gone. Where hourly hearing as, what there is old? The glories of Bel-anna so well told, Queen of the Ocean; How, that she alone Possest all vertues, for which one by one They were so fam'd; And wanting then a head To form that sweet, and gracious Pyramede. In Urania.

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Xi- philon. She liv'd in the time of Nero. The ninth, in time, but equal in Fame, and the cause of it vertue, was the chaste Zenobia Queen of the Palmy- renes, who, after the death of her husband Odenatus, had the Name to be reckoned among the XXX. She continued a long and brave War, against several Chiefs; and was at length tri- umphed on by Aurelian: but, ea specie, ut nihil pompabilius P.

Her Chastity was such, Ut ne virum suum quidem sciret, nisi tentatis conceptionibus. She liv'd in a most royal manner, and was adored to the custom of the Per- sians. For confirmation, please contact the pub. In Elizabethan times, the nearby gatehouse of the former Priory of St John served as the office of the Master of the Revels, who was responsible for licensing plays, masques and other entertainment for the queen. A masque was a lavish drama with music and dancing, written by the leading poets and playwrights of the day.

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It was performed by masked figures and had an unusual name, like the masked haunt. Please be aware that these dishes are subject to availability in participating pubs. Search Site Search.

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