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  1. Linguistic Evidence for the Pre-exilic Date of the Yahwistic Source
  2. 38 The Date of the Yahwist () in: Studies on the Language and Literature of the Bible
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Consequently, essential to the Yahwist text is its charming, pervasive and unusual anthropomorphic character often attributed to the personality of God. This tradition portrays a God in human form; making man and Yahweh to be parallel. In fact, humanity was elevated as God, and God — as man, has to learn gradually from His mistakes Gen 8: Again, one of the characteristics of the Yahwist tradition is to attribute speeches to famous people God, Adam, Abraham etc. Finally, one of the major characteristics of the Yahwist tradition is the handling of existential responsibility to man.

In other words, the Yahwist greatly considers human responsibility as a tool in breaking unnecessary barrier between the divine and human realm. Man in this sense is capable of some acts that could require bafflements on the part of Yahweh Gen 3. This said, we can thus affirm that the Yahwist tradition presents the image of a helpless God; a God as limited as his creatures in the grasp of certain realities. An introduction, New York N. J: Paulist Press, Jahwist Narrative.

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Article: "E Source". By way of contrast, the Priestly material which was added later is in this scheme often recognizable due to its invasive nature pp. An equally short prologue pp. In particular, Van Seters sees significant continuity between J and Greek antiquarian historiography, especially the thematic parallels of connecting legends to history, the use of genealogical chronology, and the theme of migrations to a homeland pp.

Chapters 2 through 8 trace the storyline of J from creation to the Jordan River. Throughout this section, Van Seters proceeds by summarizing the plotline of the J source, commenting on how it functions as commentary on D, and how P often conflicts with it. He also notes the function it would have performed in an exilic setting against the background of Babylonian culture. Chapter 9 offers a summary of the foreign texts that may underlie different portions of J, the overall structure of the Yahwist's composition, and J's theology, particularly in comparison with D and P.

It concludes with a section denouncing recent European theories that reduce J to a morass of unrelated fragments rather than a unified work of history.

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What could possibly be the political agenda of such narratives? How do you legitimate and support a new king who has usurped his older brother s in gaining the throne?

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Baruch Halpern has written extensively about this common scribal technique found throughout the ancient Near East. But more than that, the Yahwist narrative was written to legitimate through archaized stories the inheritance of Judah as the political and religious ruler of the southern kingdom, and to endorse her policies and points of view. I myself who is a born again gentile in the lord jesus christ.

Linguistic Evidence for the Pre-exilic Date of the Yahwistic Source

As such, he or she would have been Jewish. Indeed, thanks Sivan, and welcome. I likewise thought this was pretty self-explanatory from the post. To put it simply…A Yahwist is one who follows the ancient philosophy of Yahwism, a religion. Or, one who calls God by His name, Yahweh. I am a Yahwist, yet not all Yahwists believe in the same philosophy, just as not all Christians believe in the same either. For example, you have Catholics, Baptists, and Methodists who are all considered Christians, but practice a different belief.

The Father and the Son are not the same, nor are they one. I understand some Christians do believe they are the same entity. Yahoshua and Jesus Christ are the same man when he is referred to as the son, yet called a different name by Yahwists when he is referred to as the the Father, or God. As for me, this is further proof that Yahweh is the Name of the Creator of all mankind. Very good article. I have not read this anywhere else, but no one has contested it either. Was wondering your thoughts on this…? Nobody changed the divine name to JHVH.

The sound represented by Hebrew yod maps to Y in English but in most other languages using the Latin alphabet it maps to J. Juan, The development of the name Jehovah is as you stated, using the vowels for adonai, However it was not C. T Russell or his descendant leaders of the Watchtower. It had actually been in use as far back as the 5th century CE although this is somewhat debated, as some date it to a more recent date of the 11th century. This article is nonsense. First the article says that the YAHwist wrote for political propaganda.

Then it stated that the scribes wrote for the kings and not for the people. People will do and say anything to discredit the Word. The public received their information from the priests, elites, nobility, leaders in general…as is explicitly stated in this article.

There is zero discrepency here. I think the problem with most people I speak with on this topic, they seem to look at it with a modern day outlook. Most everyone today, at least in the modern industrial nations, can read a write.

38 The Date of the Yahwist () in: Studies on the Language and Literature of the Bible

It would be somewhat difficult to make major changes to the bible in this day and age, but was simple back when much of the Tanakh was written. Almost nobody could read or write then. I see the same issues when being confronted with the topic of who the author was of the Torah, being it is accredited to Moses, it is without a second thought stated that Moses wrote it. But they seldom think that during the supposed time of Moses, Hebrew was not a written language, so if they want to accept that Moses was real, and the exodus was real, then the Torah would have been written in Egyptian, not Hebrew.

I Am no pun intended , here for anyone who wants to understand the Truth within the words of the Bible: Forget about who wrote the Bible.

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Is that the real message? Words are words, they mean nothing without concepts. Who cares whether Moses wrote them or not. Does that make the lessons and concepts of the Bible less true? The Bible is spirit not carnal words written with pen or ink. What is the spirit behind the words, now that is truth. Truth consists of concepts and ideas not fleshly carnal things. Without an idea or knowledge there would be no flesh. The so called God of the Bible is consciousness. This is the force that created all knowledge. Can you see knowledge? Any idea or concept created good or bad in Egypt or Babylon.

He gave all knowledge to Assyria, Babylonia, and Egypt. But He did not make Himself known but unto Abraham because unlike the person who wrote the article Abraham had faith. I do know the concepts and understanding as a result of the stories and fables have stood the test of time. He created these laws for man not for Himself.

Without His ability to kill or eraticate evil death would be a perpetual cycle. But before He ends death there has to be judgment unfortunately judgment can be good or it can be bad. Once evil and death have been judged then and only then can we have true shalom and that would be good in my eyes.

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What may be truth to you may not be truth to another. That is actually why there are over 40, versions of Christianity in the world today. This site is not based on subjective truths, but based on what the texts say and why they were written, when they were written. So yes, it is often important to understand the mindset of the persons writing the texts, in order to do that we need to identify the person or persons that wrote the texts and when they wrote them.