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Heist of the Centuries

If one's timing is good then this is an easier way to get through than to follow the left path. If one lands on the beam and run to the right towards the wall, they can step out of reach of the speakers, resetting the collar timer. Once the alarms are off, standing next to the console walk to the edge to see the roof of the shelter the Courier just ran from, if they can, fall onto that and there will be a duffle bag and inside will be a random small gun and some other Items.

The next room adds security holograms to the gauntlet. The hologram control computer is in a workers' hut to the left of the entrance to this area across a walkway with a gap in it.

Century | Definition of Century by Merriam-Webster

There are 3 hologram emitters in this room, although they require a Repair skill of to disable, the Courier can shoot them. The first is on top of the enclosed structure to the left when entering the room. The Courier can push a barrel onto the catwalk to the left, jumping on it and jumping in the air while on the barrel will allow them to shoot the emitter on the roof of the first structure After moving said barrel, it will disappear and become visible again after touching it and will repeat in this way , alternatively this can be achieved by exiting the room towards the gap in the walkway the Courier came from, hopping onto the rail and attempting a jump shot into the emitter, this will make the holograms hostile so run.

The second is on top of the metal beam almost directly on top of the door with the force field. The Courier will need to run along a beam and jump up onto the roof of the structure in the southeast corner of the map to reach these.

All these years (mixes only)

The third is on the ceiling not the roof like the 1st, but inside of the control structure in the northeast corner of the map. The Courier can also use 2 or 3 carefully tossed hand grenades to blow up the emitters without having to get close to the holograms or the speakers one can get up to 9 frag grenades from the grenade bouquets that Dean Domino set up around himself from where the Courier first encounters him, so long as they can pass an Explosives check 30 to disarm the grenades.

Alternatively, one can run from the southeast structure to the northeast structure and shoot it, running back quickly, but you will have to be very fast, as this method puts you in danger of the radios for under a second less than the time needed for your collar to detonate or one could run past the last security and turn off the alarms first, then run into the adjacent room where the emitter is.

After dispatching the three hologram emitters, the Courier can turn off the security system at the last terminal. There is a terminal in a shelter on the lower catwalk on the other side of the room. This allows them to turn off all alarms. After the room is quiet, drop down to the lower catwalk in the poison gas and grab the Vault turret terminal password tape. Activate the vault security turret terminal password as this shuts down the last set of force fields and speakers.

After entering the hall past the force fields, there is the vault security terminal which can be used to shut down the remaining security.

Most Centuries In World Cup

Note: Initially there are only two options: "Vault Security Protocols Information" and "Vault Security Protocols Warning," but after reading the first entry another option to disable security comes up. Immediately before entering the vault is a toolbox and next to it, a holotape containing a venomous message to Vera Keyes.

A skeleton lies on a pipe beneath it - Sinclair's - and the duffle bag next to it contains a copy of Nikola Tesla and You. Inside the vault itself is an assortment of weapons, armor, chems, money, chips There are also over However, the vault door seals within seconds of entrance. Lift the lockdown using the left security terminal, then use the monitor in the back to look up the word 'Vera. Sinclair left a warning for Vera, and a trap for Domino: a file marked "Sinclair's Personal Accounts," the reading of which activates a system which permanently seals the vault. If the Courier chooses to access Sinclair's personal accounts, the game will end in with a slideshow cutscene, stating how the Courier was trapped in the casino vault, eventually dying inside.

The game will then load the autosave created before accessing the terminal inside the vault. After the Courier reads the Vera entries and without reading the personal accounts closes the terminal , Elijah will make contact. If one's reputation with the NCR is low enough, the Courier can ally with Elijah during this conversation. He regrets putting the collar on a potential ally and comes down to the vault. But the end slideshow starts early, detailing how the Courier and Elijah conquer the Mojave with an army of holograms and generate a second Cloud over Hoover Dam, ensuring nobody gets the power.

Unfortunately, this results in another nonstandard game over.

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The Courier cannot ally with Elijah unless they previously spoke to Veronica about him and exhausted all relevant conversation options. After leaving the vault control terminal, Father Elijah will contact the Courier on a green screen behind the terminal and they're given the opportunity to further question Elijah's methods and motives. With any of the first three options he's persuaded or coerced into approaching the vault , he will arrive via the elevator, deactivate the forcefields and walk directly to the vault door. The player character has one of two options: confront Elijah and kill him, or sneak away from the vault and make one's escape to the elevator.

It is also possible, although very difficult, to sneak through the door Elijah comes in through. Hacking the security terminal Science in the vault will cause the turrets outside to turn on Elijah. Destroying the turret generator Melee or Unarmed 50 next to the terminal will disable the security turrets and cause Elijah to become hostile when he gets to the vault door. Elijah is immune to damage as he approaches the vault, up until combat is initiated and he reactivates the forcefield barriers blocking access to the elevator.

He becomes instantly aware if the Courier steps near either of the two forcefield barriers nearest the elevator, even if the Courier has Sneak and is using a Stealth Boy. Elijah can also pass through the forcefield even if it is active, before or during the fight. If the Courier is on good terms with Christine Royce when you initiate combat with Elijah, she will aid them by deactivating the turrets that are hostile to the Courier.

If the Courier is on good terms with Dean Domino when you initiate combat with Elijah, he will aid them by deactivating the speakers giving the Courier more ground to walk on without having to worry about their collar exploding. In order to sneak past Elijah and seal him in the vault, resulting in the Safety Deposit Box achievement, simply leave the vault and retrace the route you followed to get in. Or wait when Elijah comes down and remain Hidden outside the blue forcefield barriers.

When Elijah triggers the trap that seals him in the vault, he will realize the Courier tricked him and activate their collar. It will take about a minute to explode. The entrance opposite the elevator will remain open until Elijah activates security, but, as noted above, the forcefields nearest the elevator will activate automatically if approached.

If one remains within the confines of the turret room barriers, whether Hidden or not, Elijah eventually activates security, turning the turrets on and sealing the Courier in while they fight. Once Elijah is killed, or he realizes he's been tricked, the entire vault level begins to fall apart and the explosive collar is activated; it will detonate within a minute unless the Courier boards the elevator to the surface.

More by Fall Out Boy

Reach the elevator in time, and the Courier appears at the fountain in the Villa. Home About Audio Time Travel Blog view Just The Mixes Press Sources Sources — books Sources — CDs Sources — web Suggest Also Years s and before s s s s Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading All these years mixes only Although a century can mean any arbitrary period of years, there are two viewpoints on the nature of standard centuries.

One is based on strict construction, while the other is based on popular perspective general usage. According to the strict construction of the Gregorian calendar , the 1st century AD began with 1 AD and ended with AD, with the same pattern continuing onward.

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Because of this, a century will only include one year, the centennial year, that starts with the century's number e. In general usage, centuries are aligned with decades by grouping years based on their shared digits. For example, the 20th century is generally regarded as from to , inclusive. This is sometimes known as the odometer effect.

The astronomical year numbering and ISO systems both contain a year zero, so the first century begins with the year zero, rather than the year one. Informally, years may be referred to in groups based on the hundreds part of the year. In this system, the years — are referred to as the nineteen hundreds s. While the century has been commonly used in the West, other cultures and calendars have utilized differently sized groups of years in a similar manner.

The Hindu calendar , in particular, summarizes its years into groups of 60, [4] while the Aztec calendar considers groups of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.