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Language: English French. Perceived self-efficacy is a non-negligible outcome when measuring the impact of self-management interventions for chronic pain patients. However, no validated, chronic pain-specific self-efficacy scales exist for studies conducted with French-speaking populations. The Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scale is a validated item self-administered questionnaire that measures perceived self-efficacy to perform self-management behaviours, manage chronic disease in general and achieve outcomes a six-item version is also available.

This scale was adapted to the context of chronic pain patients following cross-cultural adaptation guidelines. With regard to convergent construct validity, the association between the FC-CPSES baseline scores and related clinical outcomes was examined. These data suggest that both versions of the FC-CPSES are reliable and valid for the measurement of pain management self-efficacy among chronic pain patients. In large epidemiological studies, chronic pain is defined as pain symptoms that persist for more than three to six months 1 — 3. Despite its significant impact on biopsychosocial aspects, the management of chronic pain remains suboptimal 7 — Chronic pain management mainly aims to reduce symptoms and improve function or quality of life 13 , This is why multimodal interventions are recommended for chronic pain management 13 — Perception of self-efficacy in the management of chronic pain is, thus, a patient-reported outcome of increasing interest when assessing the benefits associated with multimodal interventions for the treatment of this condition.

Hence, the measurement of self-efficacy requires carefully developed and validated instruments 21 , Currently, many pain-related self-efficacy scales are available 23 — 28 , but no validated French-Canadian scales exist. In addition, we sought to establish the construct validity of its use by measuring the extent to which it is associated with other measures of related outcomes ie, convergent validity and, finally, its sensitivity to clinical change.

The validity of the use of the FC-CPSES was established alongside a pragmatic trial that aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of an evidence-based self-management intervention for the treatment of chronic pain the PASSAGE program , which constituted the validation study population. To participate in the PASSAGE program, patients must have a medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia or chronic low back pain; be referred to the participating secondary and tertiary health care centres by their treating physician or by another health care practitioner; and be motivated to attend all group sessions and to integrate the proposed self-management strategies into their daily routine.

As part of this real-world clinical follow-up, participants in the PASSAGE program were asked to participate in a pragmatic trial pre-post test design and complete questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Pre- and postintervention measures were collected using postal self-administered questionnaires that included patient characteristics, chronic pain management self-efficacy and other patient-reported outcomes such as pain intensity, health-related quality of life HRQOL and pain coping strategies.

All study participants provided informed consent, and ethics approval for the study was obtained from the ethics review board of the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Critical and creative views on media culture

Patients are asked how confident they are in performing certain activities at the present time. Each item is measured using a numerical scale ranging from 1 not at all confident to 10 totally confident. The total score of the Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scale can be obtained by calculating the mean of the 33 items and ranges from 1 to Higher scores indicate higher self-efficacy.

The Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scale has been validated 29 and extensively used in the literature for the measurement of patient-reported outcomes in studies of multimodal self-management interventions efficacy 33 — As a basis for the FC-CPSES, the Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scale was chosen over other self-efficacy scales for the following reasons: the availability of a six-item short version of the scale; the extent to which it covers all concepts relevant to chronic disease self-management ie, some of the available pain-specific scales did not examine self-efficacy to obtain help from community, family and friends, and to communicate with physician ; the evidence supporting its validity; it is widely used in the literature; and it could be adapted quickly and easily to the context of chronic pain.

The French-Canadian version Appendix 1 was then developed according to recommendations for the cross-cultural adaptation of health status measures First, a double forward-backward translation method was applied by four independent translators. A bilingual member of the research team and a professional translator worked independently on the English to French translation of the scale.

Then, the two versions of the scale were back-translated into English by a different member of the research team and a different professional translator. The different translations of the scale were then reviewed by an expert committee AL, PB and MC, who have different expertise in the fields of chronic pain, instrument development, translation and validation who reached a consensus on any discrepancies.

Equivalence between the original and the target version of the scale was also verified semantic, idiomatic, experiential and conceptual equivalence [ 38 ]. Three clinical outcomes that were shown to be related to perceived chronic pain management self-efficacy 24 , 26 , 39 and that were also measured in the PASSAGE program pragmatic trial were considered: pain intensity; HRQOL; and pain coping strategies.

These outcomes were assessed using well-validated and widely used tools with documented psychometric properties. Pain intensity was measured with a standardized numerical rating scale NRS ranging from 0 no pain to 10 worst possible pain At each time point of the study, patients was asked to rate the average intensity of their pain as experienced in the past seven days. Pain intensity NRS were consistently proven reliable, valid and responsive among pain patients This shorter version of the SF is one of the most common and rigorously validated HRQOL generic measure and can be used among patients with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or back pain Summary measures range from 0 to and are calculated using the scores on the 12 items.

This scale is one of the most widely used measures of coping strategies in pain patients and was demonstrated to be reliable and valid among various types of patients, including those with fibromyalgia or low back pain 43 — The CSQ includes 21 items rated on a four-point Likert scale ranging from 1 never to 4 always , which measures five coping strategies: ignoring pain sensations; diverting attention; catastrophizing; reinterpreting pain sensations; and praying.

A score is calculated for each subscale by adding the ratings on each of its item. For its part, construct validity can be determined by the extent to which a measure is able to predict the results from other measures of related constructs convergent construct validity Paired-samples t tests or Wilcoxon signed-ranks tests were used depending on the distribution of these scores. All statistical analyses were stratified according to chronic pain syndromes fibromyalgia or chronic low back pain , thus providing information to future users who want to use the scale in one population or another.

In fact, patients with these two conditions were shown to be different regarding many biopsychosocial characteristics 51 , and the psychometric properties of a scale are unique to its use for a given patient population Statistical analyses were performed using SAS version 9. Between and , a total of chronic pain patients fibromyalgia patients and 34 chronic low back pain patients participated in the PASSAGE program pragmatic trial and were included in the present validation study Table 1. There was a greater proportion of women in both samples and approximately one-half of the participants had a college or university education level.

The mean duration of pain was Finally, their pain intensity levels on the NRS average pain in the past seven days were comparable 6. Item-total correlations ranged from 0. When comparing FC-CPSES scores and potentially related outcomes among fibromyalgia patients, higher perceived self-efficacy was significantly associated with better mental HRQOL, lower pain intensity ratings, lower catastrophizing and lesser use of praying coping strategies Table 3.

Among patients with chronic low back pain, higher self-efficacy as measured by the items version of the FC-CPSES was significantly associated with lower pain catastrophizing. Complete correlation tables between FC-CPSES scores and potentially related outcomes among fibromyalgia and low back pain patients are presented in Appendix 2.

Currently, many pain-related self-efficacy measures are available 23 — 28 , but validated French-Canadian scales are still needed. The present study established the validity of the FC-CPSES by measuring its internal consistency, convergent construct validity and sensitivity to clinical change.

A.1. Amnistie et réconciliation xi

Our results suggest that both the and the six-item versions of the FC-CPSES are reliable and valid measures of perceived self-efficacy to manage chronic pain symptoms. According to recommendations 48 , the item FC-CPSES total score could even be used when making treatment decisions and for tracking changes in pain experienced by individuals over time. The validity of the use of a scale can be determined by the extent to which it is able to correlate with the results of other measures of related variables or dimensions Although not all pain-specific self-efficacy scales are able to predict these patient-reported outcomes, these outcomes are often used for the establishment of the construct validity of the use of such scales 21 , 23 , 25 — As expected, the and six-item FC-CPSES total scores were found to be associated with several of these outcomes among fibromyalgia patients.

Among chronic low back pain patients, the associations described above were not all replicated and depended on the version of the scale that was used higher item FC-CPSES scores were only associated with lower catastrophizing scores; and higher six-item FC-CPSES scores were associated with lower catastrophizing, greater ignoring pain sensations coping strategies, and greater reinterpreting pain sensations coping strategies scores.

Around the world, digital payment methods are rivalling or outstripping conventional forms of payment, such as credit or debit cards. One recent report said the Chinese mobile apps Alipay and WeChat Pay are now processing 10 to 11 times more mobile payment transactions than in the United States as a whole. Many experts predict alternative payment forms will reshape the way customers shop online, including for travel, the world over. In anticipation of this and to be sure we stay ahead of the curve, last fall Air Canada began accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay in China, along with several other popular global alternative payment systems in such countries as Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.

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Swim some laps, then reward yourself with a Gin Bramble in the clubhouse. Faites-y des longueurs avant de vous offrir un Gin Bramble au club-house.

Critical and creative views on media culture | Pagina2 | IMPAKT

Puis, continuez vers le sud, direction Tamarama. It also transformed the lobby into an open-air hangout where we sipped coconut water straight from the fruit. Learn about sloths and howler monkeys during a wildlife workshop then try to spot the creatures in their natural habitat , or take a moonlit stand-up paddle boarding tour on vessels retrofitted with LEDs. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Puget Sound made us feel like we were ensconced in a misty cocoon. South African-Canadian artist Ben Johnston takes us to his favourite spots.

Four years ago, Ben Johnston moved back to Toronto, where he was born, to unleash his bold typographic murals on the city. People will often head to this beach to lounge in the sand or play volleyball after work. You can swim between big boulders near the shore, tan and enjoy a great view of. On Saturday mornings, we go to this market for brunch and sit on the hay bales out front drinking mojitos from the makeshift cocktail bar.

Walk through the food stalls on one side of the indoor-outdoor complex, then check out the selection of up-and-coming South African makers, like jewellery designer Famke, on the other side. This is a little contemporary gallery where you can discover new artists — owner Monique du Preez is good at finding unique people. Travel tip: comfortable feet make everything more fun. The Un-Sneaker combines the comfort of a sneaker with the style of a shoe.

She kept switching between producing, playing and doing computer work.

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It was also an interesting process to combine fact and fiction: I included childhood memories that are still crystal clear, like the crunching of truck tires on shale rock in Cambridge Bay, and I mixed in fictional elements, like personifying the northern lights. I hope the story humanizes us and helps to start implementing goals, like providing proper mental health care. My house is full of them — I have a huge muskox skull on the wall. I also bring a little something with me when I travel, like bowhead.

Son cerveau est incroyable. It was surreal to discover such a faraway place so similarly affected by colonialism. From consistently delicious dinners to exceptional service, why not make The Keg the next stop on your journey? Later, poke: Loco moco, a towering combination of rice, hamburger patty and gravy, topped with an egg, is taking your place at the table. And at Bao Down in Vancouver, with a beef patty, garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg, the rest is mushroom gravy.

Thankfully, cider is back, and Clos Saragnat in Frelighsburg, Quebec, makes some of my favourites — they use indigenous apple varieties that are packed with flavour. All in a very laid back, friendly and fun atmosphere. Make a. I just used it in Mexico City. I was matching with people on Bumble BFF, asking where the best margarita is and how to navigate the city.

We all want to stay connected to our habits when we travel, too, and the best way is through people with their feet on the ground, who can tell you where to get a manicure or give you the name of a chiropractor. Bumble gives you that access. Bumble permet cela. Nous sommes une grande firme techno, mais notre bureau se veut un endroit chaleureux et amical. It has changed my travel style. La Ligne makes the chicest workwear, and I love the women behind it. I have multiple pairs of their wool-cashmere socks for keeping me warm on airplanes.

Outdoor Voices is a cult brand in Austin. Ce sont des experts en textiles dans lesquels on peut aussi bien suer que dormir. En vol, je porte toujours leurs leggings doux, confortables et qui favorisent la circulation. I love kits where everything is mini and made for travel. This Sweat with Bec one has a towel, skipping rope and resistance bands — perfect for doing floor exercises in my hotel room.

I always have Apple AirPods with me — my mother-in-law even had a custom pair made for me in Bumble yellow. They smell nice and are a little more natural than your standard wipe. Elles sentent bon et sont un peu plus naturelles que les lingettes standards. Contact us at leadersofthepack aircanadaenroute. Distilled and matured by skilled craftsmen inspired by more than years of expertise. Whisky made with care. Whisky made for sharing. Our writer comes to a Nordic understanding of the value of quiet conversation.

A Finnish friend came over on my first day, bearing a warm welcome and salmon soup. We chatted about the city and my plans, though I was bleary-eyed from the flight, and then silence fell. A hint she was ready to go? The lunch, and the silence, continued. We caught up, then… silence. I blubbered — he sat there, untroubled. If you want to watch a Canadian squirm, let 30 seconds of silence hang in the air; at 60, we really start to freak out. Sweat begins to form behind our knees as our preternatural need to fill the space takes over.

For Finns, things are different. Their affinity for pensive silence goes beyond them coming from a long line of isolated woodsmen. Finnish is an honest language, and a straightforward one. Active silences are a part of the natural rhythm of communication, not to be feared or filled, and an act of consideration for the speaker; by carving out an interlude, you give the other person the space to think. Once I got over the initial paranoia of dead air — Oh my God, what have I said? How have I offended this lovely human? Back home, chitchat felt like fast food.

But when I tried adopting the serene silence with chatty Canadian friends scrolling through your phone, by the way, does not count , I always capitulated. Le finnois est une langue franche et directe. Enjoy a glass or bottle in our lounge or in your auditorium. Must be of legal drinking age with valid government issued ID. What was working with a matchmaker like? Rick: The interview process was really valuable.

Sandra, my matchmaker, was genuinely interested in learning about me. She really wanted to understand what I was looking for in a woman, what I found attractive, what I found interesting, what intrigued me. We talked about my work, my outside interests, etc. When someone is leading you through the process, it makes you think. Sandra got me to reflect honestly on what I was looking for. And unlike online dating, I felt that my dates were interested in meeting quality people, not one-night stands.

Il chute betement en auto tamponneuse !!!! Si cette video atteind 5000 j'aime sa copine l'épouse

Your matchmaker calls you up with a match and then gives you the details of the date. All you have to do is show up and have fun! Make meeting someone special a priority. Get in touch at itsjustlunch. Your match is hand-selected and your date arranged. Call us with feedback after your date. Put your membership on hold if sparks flew! No sparks? No problem. Our social columnist shines the spotlight on a night of performances and a day on the greens.

For full terms and conditions, visit hsbc. Taste the victory! Three innovative shops for carnivores seeking grade-A fare. Part butcher shop, part farm-to-table steakhouse, this Queen Street East spot provides the raw materials to make tasty grass-fed meals at home, as well as plated dishes for inspiration, like incredible yuzu-goosed rib-eye tataki. An extension of the popular Lebanese restaurant chain, this gourmet emporium has an expansive selection of halal meat, including premium dry-aged cuts, and fresh veal, lamb and goat.

The Gerrard Street outpost of this Kensington Market staple boasts ethically produced meat from small Ontario farms, and grab-and-go picks like top-notch beef Wellington. Both illuminating and sobering, this interactive, multimedia exhibition runs at the Art Gallery of Ontario through January 6, Crowd-pleasing classics include crispy fried calamari and Lady and the Tramp-worthy spaghetti and meatballs.

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Sprawling over 5, square feet in Gastown, the new Herschel shop is the only brick and mortar location of the Canadian backpack and accessories brand. More than just a store, the futuristic space features artist-designed woven sculptures shaped like people and screens broadcasting Herschel happenings from around the world. Three new pita-sandwich spots that are on a roll. This fast-casual Mile End spot boasts a fun retro aesthetic, refreshing mint lemonade and a light menu focused on Israelistyle falafel — dense, freshly fried all-chickpea orbs.

Along with high-contrast Checker-cab-inspired decor, this Laval gyro joint serves up Middle Eastern-accented poutine, chicken and lamb-filled pita and fluffy, sugar-dusted churros. At this Saint-Henri street-food spot, the namesake Greek classic is a jumping-off point for globally inspired dishes, like the Big Kahuna sandwich, with grilled pineapple and a ginger-soy vinaigrette. With coffered ceilings and warm lights bathing the airy space in a golden glow, the refreshed Maison Birks flagship — reopened in June after major renovations — is a brilliant example of preserving design tradition while adding hits of 21st-century glam.

And we needed a drink. They had just one shot to impress our writer, whom we made sure they never saw coming. There were many stellar cocktails and tons of tasty snacks, but when the crawl ended and the hangover lifted, the choice was clear. Here are the greatest new places to drink in Canada right now. Et on avait soif.

Niagara River Recreation Trail

The warm space is outfitted with low-slung, colourful mid-century seating, deep-blue wallpaper in a hypnotic wave-and-hourglass pattern and a mini-library of cocktail guides and cookbooks leaning companionably against a wall opposite the huge front windows. The sun pours through the picture windows that frame the Halifax skyline across the harbour. Unlike rum, which is distilled from fermented molasses, this spirit is made from fresh-pressed sugar cane juice.

I hold up my glass for a better look at the amber elixir; the light cuts through the ice. For a nightcap, my date and I share a combination of cornflake cereal milk, Italian bitters, coffee and rum that tastes like breakfast in bed on a lazy, boozy Sunday morning. Owner Luc Lafontaine harvests the tea leaves in Japan himself. Travel wherever, whenever, however you want with the Gold Rewards Card. Another way that American Express has your back. I swallow, and time slows to a crawl. I come to in Mulberry Bar, located on a quiet corner just north of downtown Toronto.

Framed by lush hanging baskets of ferns, the small counter is where bar staff mix take-you-there cocktails like An Umbrella Over Cherbourg rhubarb, rosewater, saffron and Tristes Tropiques mezcal, Chartreuse, agave. Then lounge on that indoor park bench, or outside on the leafy patio that seems a world away from the busy streetfront. Vous ne le regretterez pas. Before I can object, she pulls open an antique cabinet to reveal Little Hong Kong, a seat secret bar tucked behind Baijiu. As the cabinet swings shut, the noisy restaurant crowd mostly muffled by soft jazz purring from a phonograph, a sense of peace descends.

My friend and I snag a seat at the bar next to a couple sharing a comically large tiki drink packed with sake, jasmine and bergamot. I resist the urge to supersize and order a Pandan Sour; the vanilla-ish South Asian herb lifts the sour notes and the egg-white topper makes it light and fresh.

The Indo China Punch is its sweeter foil, with hints of honey and cardamom over a tea-meets-gin base, and my friend and I enjoy them both from our dark and mysterious people-watching perch on the deep side of the bar. The place is loud without being obnoxious, full without feeling claustrophobic.

Our cheeky, flirty bartender checks in just enough for us to dish about him in his absence, and delivers a tangy salmon tartare, which I scoop up with deep-fried crab chips while my veggie pal digs hard on the salty kick of a crunchy tofu dish. We could stay all night, but we move an inch and a clutch of festive locals rushes in to snag our spot.

Godspeed Brewery Breaded pork loin nestled in soft white bread. So they made a syrup from pandan, a fragrant and vividly green leaf. This glass, called a delmonico or a Marie-Antoinette coupe, is the vessel of choice for any sour worth its salt. Shake once, without ice, then again with ice. Garnish with a kombu seaweed square and cranberry powder. Secouer sans glace, puis encore avec glace. Extraordinary moments happen on ordinary days. We want to get closer to the action at the bar and sit in the early-evening sun.

It feels positively unnatural to sway to the tropical tunes while hiding in the shadowy back though it would be a fabulous make-out corner, were one so inclined. Both of them are Instagram-perfect, just like everything else here, from the tasty little pork-stuffed croquettes we snack on to the vintage vanities where the liquor is stored on the back wall. The drinks — like Tocororo, with its gentle smack of paprika-infused tequila and ginger notes — are full of personality, not unlike bartender Javier, who darts lightly around like the handsome bird that gives the cocktail its name.

He may be restless, but Tocador is relaxed as all get-out. This wine bar is a local in the truest sense: I meet a friend for lunch and she and her one-year-old son are welcomed with literal open arms — our server takes him for a spin around the room while we peruse the menu. The wine list is full of funky organic, biodynamic and natural wines, mostly from small family producers. The open kitchen in the back is busy with poached salmon with green goddess dressing and piri piri-style chicken — simple but beautifully assembled plates that leave me feeling as light and airy as the place itself.

I order a plate of crispy chicken karaage almost immediately, and it arrives with my glass of refreshing spring-yellow, citrusy Sora. On our way out, we pass the bottle shop and I briefly consider stuffing a growler in my suitcase. Otsukaresama, indeed. Otsukaresama, en effet.

Admittedly, our bartender, Derek, is a bit weary of us the first time I snapped his suspender it was invited; the next three times, well… , but his little Cuban bar makes us feel like utter comrades. We try all four of the classic, rum-based cocktails on offer — mojito, daiquiri, rum and Coke, and El Presidente — and each one is a workaday drink done just right.

We watch Derek sling approximately 4, mojitos the clear favourite and press classic Cubano sandwiches the only food available on the back grill. This is precisely the kind of place to stop by for a few on the way home, to dinner or — in our case — to the next bar. The sommelier sits next to me on one of several mismatched yard-sale-ready chairs and tells me about the natural-wine list; I go with the recommended bright, semi-sour Paraschos orange wine which, she says, was opened yesterday and is all the better for it and a local cheese plate with honey.

Explore the Origin of Extraordinary. Make your vision of a perfect kitchen come alive with Miele kitchen appliances. Whether for cooking, cooling or cleaning, Miele offers the perfect solution in outstanding quality, cutting-edge technology and breathtaking designs. For everything you really love. Know this: Drinking pints in a super-well-lit space right next to a graveyard is not normally my idea of good times. The Mosaic saison is amazing — spicy and fruity without attacking your taste buds, and an ideal companion to salty meats.

From specially curated menus to offers at neighbourhood hotspots, you can get access to unique food and drink experiences. Just another way American Express has your back. In A-Spec trim, the Acura RDX cuts a bold figure with aggressive lines, 20inch shark-grey alloy wheels, an exclusive front fascia, a thick-grip sports steering wheel and rich leather interior. Throughout, the AcuraWatchTM driver safety and assistance technologies and the.

For , a powerful, new 2. For more on the all-new Acura RDX, visit acura. Un nouveau parc national du Sichuan est un refuge pour le symbole mondial de protection de la faune et donne un bon coup de main au tourisme de panda en Chine. But now Tang points at the ground with his kandao, a hooked machete that excels at hacking off wayward tree limbs.

Hopefully not another snake, I think. As I move closer, he reveals his discovery: a bricksized pellet of poorly digested bamboo shoots, otherwise known as panda poop. Wild panda poop. Still, this is as close as most people will ever get to a wild panda. Du caca de panda sauvage. Luxury travel company WildChina recently gained access to Laohegou and launched the first-ever public tours, making me one of the first foreigners to set foot in the park.

To me, pandas represent hope. As the global symbol of wildlife conservation, more money has been spent protecting pandas than any other species. Today, the main threat to their survival is habitat loss, complicated by the fact that wild pandas are fairly unadaptable creatures: they eat nothing but bamboo shoots and they are finicky breeders, too. Now, in a larger effort to position itself as a leader for climate change and conservation, China is pouring funds into panda habitats to bolster breeding and long-term survival in the wild.

Laohegou is one existing reserve being folded into this new protected area four times the size of Banff. Black and white faces, delightfully cartoonish with big eyes, are splashed over buses and billboards. National Park, providing forested corridors away from human development. Tourism revenue, in large part from Chinese flocking to see their national animal, far outweighs the cost of protecting the bears.

Cue the panda-monium! I stroll past the shops of Kuanzhai Ancient Street, a series of wide and narrow alleys modelled after the traditional buildings of the Qing Dynasty, where vendors hock everything from panda-themed plush backpacks to panda-tufted headbands — a favourite among teenage girls. Septembre Gabriele Beveridge. Health And Strength. Juillet Ben Schumacher. Rebirth Of The Bath House. Tahi Moore. Non, pas la froteresse! Ernst Caramelle. Sans Titre. Bruno Botella. Heiran Luc. David Malek.

Space Soap Strange Hypnosis Opera. Lisa Beck. Vue de l'exposition : Lisa Beck, Endless. Adrien Missika. Octobre Stripe Paintings. Nathaniel Mellors. Ourhouse episode 3 feat. Tell The Children. Mars Jeremy Deller. Depeche Mode is our Hobby. Janvier No Room. Glen Rubsamen. Some Kind of Nature. Nicolas Garait-Leavenworth.

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