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To make matters worse, Zach discovers an even greater evil will soon be unleashed, an evil that threatens to destroy all life on Alucardia. After all the battles have been fought, every flame extinguished, and every sword returned to its sheathe, Zach will remember this moment of his life as the Dark Hour. Add to Cart. Lulu Sales Rank: Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. Please log in. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product.

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I wish to be contacted with the results of the investigation. Your notification has been sent Lulu Staff has been notified of a possible violation of the terms of our Membership Agreement. We were unable to complete your request. Sadness, comingled with fear. The dry feeling in his throat had nothing to do with the thirst for blood. They say Cicero would go and vomit behind the Roman Senate building before every single one of his speeches, he thought.

Upon a sudden, I have a deep sense of empathy and intuitive understanding for what he must have felt. My lords! Fabius swallowed. Do not let them see fear. Know that I would not have summoned you here were this not a matter of the most urgent importance.

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Or do you have another crackpot theory to share with us? Give up, Fabius. You have not produced anything concrete after all this time, so why should you start now? I certainly know them better than any of you! Every night that passes, their reach grows farther, their powers greater! They have eyes and ears everywhere: with their satellites and radar, even the skies are no longer safe for us.

Being around humans all this time has softened you, Fabius. You should know as well as the rest of us that even diminished, we are mightier than they will ever be! We are lions! They are sheep! I know that their sciences and weapons of war have grown deadly enough to give even the strongest among us pause. They have flown through the air, walked on the moon, and harnessed the power of the sun itself to create weapons that can level a city with a single blast. They are no longer peasants wielding torches and pitchforks, and their numbers grow and grow and grow.

Make no mistake, if it came to open war between us and them, we would lose. The time will come when the humans are made aware of our existence, and when it does, the question of our very survival will be decided! One day we will have to meet the humans, be it in peace or in war, and when we do, we must have a leader!

We must have a king again upon the Bloodlet Throne to restore us to glory and lead the last of our kind! Brothers…sisters…I have found it. The First Bloodline is extinct, courtesy of a few of those humans you seem to like so well. There are none left with a claim to the throne! He reached into a small manila folder and withdrew a large photograph.

I have seen him for myself, and even then I could smell his true nature. Do not take us for fools, Fabius! What certainty do you possess that this guileless boy, this child , is heir to the ancient blood? I can provide no greater proof than what I hold in my hands. Pass it among yourselves, and you will taste the power that lies dormant in his veins! It is thinned, true, dulled and faded from centuries of human breeding, but it is there. He is the very last of the First Bloodline…and though he remains ignorant of his lineage, he needs only our lethal kiss to awaken to his full vampiric glory!

We shall have a king again!

Dark Hour Draculas Heir by David Cashion E B Fitzgerald

Nice to be appreciated…for once. Once the din had faded enough for his voice to be heard, Fabius continued. I know his name. I know his face. And I know the perfect way to bring him into our fold. Fabius allowed some of its contents to spill freely over his chin, and the dark red was turned to black in the scarce light of the cave. All hail Dracula! The First Bloodline was the font that gave rise to the vampiric race. Pure vampires, stronger than all others in all the arts of darkness, this ancient lineage reigned as kings over the night's denizens since before mortals learned to write upon clay tablets and forge weapons of bronze.

So unassailable were they in the seat of their power that the vampire-kings became semi-deified in the eyes of their kin, the powers attributed to them, legendary. Now their line is all but extinct. For more than two centuries the Bloodlet Throne has lain empty, and in this modern age the vampires have dwindled to less than a shadow of their former glory.

Their numbers grow smaller and their power wanes, and all the while the relentless technological progress of the humans marches ever onward But just when all hope seems lost the unthinkable happens: one vampire's determined search discovers a boy in whose veins flows the very last blood of the Kings of Night. Ignorant of his heritage, the boy is snatched from the world of the living and brought over into the darkness that has lain dormant within him since the day he was born. It falls to him to seize his birthright and lead the very last of his kind, but before he can save anyone he must first overcome the greatest challenge of all: accepting who and what he truly is.

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About Melody Demel

I really had to haul ass to get this out so quickly. But it was totally worth it! More to come soon, I hope! I can't make any real estimations of when the next one will be up, but I will say that I'll post each chapter as frequently as time allows.

Dracula – The Dark Prince. Film Review | The British Fantasy Society

God, I'm so excited to finally get started on this! I'm feeling tingly all over! Add a Comment:. Load All Images. What caught my attention was your title. It's simple but captivating. It made me curious as to what the story was about and I'm happy that I read your piece. It's beautifully written with a natural flow that is mesmerizing.

The plot idea that you introduce in the prologue is intriguing and I would love to read more. Agawaer Featured By Owner Oct 3, I am excited about this as well. I'll be looking forward to how this turns out. I'm thinking you had a bit of influence from Underworld here. The first movie wasn't bad, the second one stank but this, will be brilliant, I'm sure. I enjoyed it and can't wait for chapter one. Agawaer Featured By Owner Oct 1, How so?

The only one of those movies that I saw was the prequel one with the lycans, and of course that doesn't really come into play here. Nah, you're good. I saw that one as well. I was just thinking of the part where the vampire or is it lycan scientist? There might not be as much similarity as it appears to be but that was my first thought on the chapter. Prev Next. I tried not to look at it. What had I done wrong? Had I done something to upset her?

Said the wrong thing? I used to see her every day on the way home from work. And every day, little by little, I started feeling more drawn to her. I still remember the first time I laid eyes on her, and oh, how I marveled. Delphine, growing up, was surrounded by riches, She wore the best clothes with elaborate stitches, She built a fine mansion with wide, graceful halls, And threw lavish dinners and masquerade balls.

She held fancy parties and sumptuous feasts, But behind her fair face beat the heart of a beast. For Delphine partook of that vile institution, That stain on the flag, on our fair Constitution.

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Enjoyed she the privilege of tyrants and knaves, And kept in her household a number of slaves. She tre. Shades of Things to Come Apophis strode with chilling calm through the mud-churned shell-ridden hell of no-man's-land. Here and there an errant blaze still cast palls of smoke into the dark gray sky, and the dead--still unburied--lay rotting where they'd fallen. It was carnage at its most horrific. The smell, the sight of it was enough to drive any normal man to madness. But Apophis was not normal. And he was not a man. The dead of this war were beyond counting.

An entire generation of young men had died in the most squalid conditions, fighting and killing each other for mere yards of war-churned muck, fighting for generals who viewed them as expendable and kings who would never know their names. They had struggled and fought and died by the millions and accomplished Less than nothing. Apophis was genuinely sorry that it was all over. It never ceased to amuse him, how easily the humans turned on each other. It was like a game, really, and this particular game had just seemed like too much fun to mis.

But every now and again I run across an article so asinine, so jaw-droppingly idiotic and so childishly infantile that I feel almost obligated to systematically refute it and take its author out behind the proverbial woodshed for some holiday season's beatings. One such piece of vomit-inducing cancer comes courtesy of a certain Bruce Livesey, who writes for a Canadian outlet called the National Observer.

This isn. Thanksgiving The trees grew wild, the leaves were green. No sign of man was to be seen. I walked through grove and shadowed vale, Through sunlight bright, and moonlight pale. Through fields of cane that brush the sky, And halls of trees where cool winds sigh. Past rolling hills and meadows green, No fairer sight was ever seen!

Past streams uncounted, swift and free, I heard their waters sing to me. They bade me hail and welcome home, To secret glens I call my own.

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The world was fair and shining bright, I wept in joy at such a sight. I knelt in fallen leaves to pray, In thankfulness that autumn day. Trump: A Year On At least once in our lives, something will happen that is so earth-shaking, so unprecedented, and so enormously impactful that everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing at the precise moment it happened. The assassination of John F.