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  1. Supplements Can Help with Arthritis, But Choose Wisely
  2. How Endurance Athletes Use Herbal Supplements to Get an Edge

Supplements Can Help with Arthritis, But Choose Wisely

If I do take it, I feel it less in my knees and ankles. Newell also believes that as the margins shrink between top-tier competitors, the spice might be the difference between gold and silver. Controlling inflammation might give you that small edge in recovery and help you get faster. During the Cold War, Soviet scientists studied the effects of rhodiola, a yellow-flowered succulent that grows in arctic climates, on its athletes.

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Legal adaptogens—plant compounds that, some believe, allow humans to adapt more easily to physical and mental wear and tear—are becoming more popular. That includes well-known herbs like ginseng, touted as an energy booster.

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A recent study by the Natural Marketing Institute, which researches the natural products marketplace, showed that million adults used herbal supplements in , up 39 percent from Of that group, millennials reported using adaptogens most often as an exercise aid. A few companies have been busted for selling products that add volume with ingredients like ground grass and contain only trace amounts of the herb on the label.

As the popularity of these more natural alternatives grows, many athletes and amateurs alike want to keep the herbal supplement industry clean. This effort has given rise to a host of new products.

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  4. Thorne Research, a supplements company based in Idaho, is the supplier to 11 U. Olympic teams and markets curcumin capsules. Currently, many outdoor and endurance athletes are salivating over Hanah One , a combination of 30 botanicals, including ashwaganda, which some laboratory studies show increases hemoglobin and red blood cell count in animals.

    Hanah One is also made with honey, ghee, sesame oil, and sugar cane, resulting in a molasses-like paste that people mix into their coffee and smoothies or simply spoon right into their mouths. Alpinist Jimmy Chin liked the goo so much that he signed on as a paid ambassador. But sports nutritionists are split over the efficacy of herbs.

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    According to the results of at least 13 studies involving more than participants, supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids significantly reduced RA symptoms. However, the best dosages and possible long-term side effects of these supplements are largely unknown. Demonstrating the power of the mind, a subset of people who take the placebo may experience the same results reduced arthritis pain, for example as those who ingest the real drug or supplement.

    Supplements in the arthritis world are commonplace. Instead, consumers are at the mercy of the manufacturer.

    How Endurance Athletes Use Herbal Supplements to Get an Edge

    Then do your research. Certain independent organizations offer seals of approval to products that are manufactured properly, contain the ingredients listed on the label and do not contain harmful levels of contaminants. Organizations that offer these quality tests include:. Want to read more?