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  1. Foundation of Cell Salts
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Schuessler's twelve cell salts are: calcium fluoride, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, iron phosphate, magnesium phospate, potassium chloride, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, sodium sulfate and silica.

Foundation of Cell Salts

It is important to note that Schuessler was involved in research and development of his "biochemic" i. In other words, all pathology ultimately is cellular pathology. In , Virchow published his famous aphorism "omnis cellula e cellula" "every cell stems from another cell". From this perspective, Virchow launched the field of cellular pathology.

Virchow's ideas regarding "cell theory" gained wide acceptance within the biology establishment of that period. Schuessler was very enthusiastic about Virchow's discoveries, and proceeded to develop his cell salt discoveries into a theoretical and practical construct that addressed the idea of diagnosing and treating specific groups of cells. Carey, M. Schuessler went so far as to say that the cell salts are the vital portions of the body; the other substances in the body such as water, proteins and fats are merely inert matter used by these cell salt masters in maintaining cellular integrity.

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Of course, we now know that to be an erroneous notion not supported by more modern scientific research. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that these cell salts are vital to cell function, and a deficiency or imbalance in their collective presence will result in dysfunction and disease. On the other hand, supplementation with the proper cell salts which will correct such deficiency and imbalance can help to restore body cells to a healthy state.

Schuessler believed that the salts had to engage directly with diseased or devitalized cells. Thus, being a homeopath as well as a medical doctor, he prepared his cell salts using the homeopathic method of sequential dilution and potentization. The resultant high dilution enables the few remaining molecules of the mineral salt to bypass obstructions in the body and to then be utilized by the cells independent of the processes of digestion and assimilation that are often weakened and inefficient in an ill or devitalized individual.

In this reference, the great 19 th century German biochemist Justus von Liebig stated: "It happens that a tissue in disease reaches a degree of density, becomes so clogged, that the mineral salts of the blood cannot enter the cellular milieu to feed and nourish: but, if for therapeutic purposes a solution of a cell salt be given so diluted, that all of its molecules are set free, it is presumable that no hindrance will be in the way of these molecules to enter the abnormally condensed part of tissue.

Schuessler observed: "The biochemic cell salt therapy healing method provides the endeavour of natural healing with its missing natural remedies: the inorganic salts. Biochemistry aims at the correction of physiological chemistry that has deviated from the norm. Schuessler limited the number of the mineral salts or cell salts to twelve that he worked with. Although others who have followed Schuessler have introduced other cell salts into clinical practice, Schuessler's twelve cell salts remain the most widely used and his system of using them the most integrated and time-tested.

In my many years of clinical practice, I have used cell salts extensively and found them to be highly effective and as gentle as any healing substance I ever worked with. In my Natural Health Science System webinar course which begins on October 6th, I will be providing in-depth introductory training in the use of these twelve cell salts both individually and in combination with each other. Specific focus regarding the use of cell salts will be given to: digestive issues, fatigue, nervousness, sleep problems and other increasingly common complaints. Not only is the biochemic method safe and effective, it is also easy to learn and apply, requiring no prior clinical training.

First of all, there are only twelve substances to consider when making remedy selections. This very limited number of variables greatly reduces the amount of time and effort required to identify the cell salts relevant in a given case. It also makes the task of developing a basic familiarity with all of the remedies used in the system a fairly simple undertaking.

For instance, once one knows that potassium phosphate Kalium phosphoricum, abbreviated as Kali phos -- the twelve cell salts are all identified by their Latin names , which is found in abundance in nerve tissue, is indicated by nerve weakness, nervousness and insomnia, determination of its relevance for specific individuals is relatively straightforward. Additionally one uses a repertory a reference manual used to find the appropriate remedy for a given symptom or condition to assist in cell salt selection.

A repertory is an index of symptoms or disorders categorically arranged in such a way to facilitate rapid identification of those remedies which are worthy of consideration in a specific case. Cell salts tissue salts exist in every human body. They are the inorganic biochemical elements found in the blood and tissues. They are the builders and the catalysts for many essential processes.

For example, most people have heard of potassium chloride, but probably few realize that it is first and foremost a tissue salt cell salt essential to the digestive process. This salt unites with hydrogen to form HCL hydrochloric acid , aids in the production of bile, serves as an alkalizer, and helps in digestive enzyme formation.

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Therefore, it is a dynamic component of health. Twelve cell salts were identified in the s by European scientists, and this knowledge was soon added to the materia medica of physicians and practitioners throughout Europe. Today, homeopathic practitioners and naturopathic doctors in the United States and other countries are beginning to revive the use of cell salt supplementation in successfully treating a spectrum of disease conditions.

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Much of what has been previously written on cell salts is in somewhat archaic medical language, which is decidedly hard to understand. Card s new book is different. He explains cell salts in a comprehensive fashion, yet simply, and in modern language; gives clear instruction in how to use cell salts, and supplies extensive lists of various disease- or imbalance-conditions that can be helped by cell salt supplementation.

A section on the external uses of cell salts, something seldom revealed in the English language, is also included. Finally, the author makes a correspondence between the twelve signs of the zodiac and the use of each of the twelve different cell salts. The book is clearly indexed for ease of usage. Cell Salts have enriched my practice.

I recommend them for many acute and chronic ailments, and have seen my patients health improve.

12 Essential Minerals for Cellular Health: An Introduction to Cell Salts

I realize now that they have made a difference. I feel that my body has performed more efficiently. I also notice that there has been less illness in my life. Scavezze, age 31" "Cell Salts have enriched my practice.

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I recommend them for many acute and chronic ailments, and have seen my patients' health improve. Using cell salts, as recommended by Dave Card, I had no allergies this season, for the first time in years. Miller, age 67 "I was skeptical about the difference that taking cell salts would actually have on my life. Scavezze, age Help Centre.