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Lauri: Oh, Pride and Prejudice. I love that one, too.

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My favorite quote from that book is in Chapter 17, "Laugh as much as you choose, but you will not laugh me out of my opinion". So, in your opinion, what would be the best piece of writing advice you could give someone writing their first novel? Aileen: My advice would be to keep reminding yourself that this is your first novel. When I first started writing, I found myself frustrated by a number of things.

I had trouble with different parts of story telling, actually a whole lot of the parts of writing a story. I mentally kicked myself for not being able to make the words do what I wanted them to do. I ended up throwing the first one away, as well as the next one. At the time, it felt demoralizing. Looking back, I can see that these early efforts were not a waste of time. Lauri: I so agree. Success comes in many forms. Thank you for those words of wisdom. Tell us, Aileen, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Aileen: If I were well off financially and could afford my dream, it would be to buy not one spectacular house in one place, by three or four modest homes in a variety of areas.

Nothing too big, cozy places. I would design each one differently to match the area, but also to provide a different inspiration for my creativity.

Latest News from Ulverscroft

I would choose a house near the water in northwestern Washington State for its wild natural drama and afternoons where I could sit in a chair in front of a huge picture window, watching the rain and fog and a crashing ocean. I love walking Canyon Road and winding my way through the tiny alleyway shopping areas of the Plaza downtown. The Gulf Coast of Florida would get my vote, as well. Driving through Florida, experiencing the coastal towns on the small, barrier islands is both relaxing and exhilarating. Imagining a romantic scene on the beach with one of my heroes is not hard at all.

I know a lot of writers would love to live in exotic foreign locales, yet I love the U. It may be going through tough times right now, but it still has so much to offer. Lauri: Oh, please let me know when you are settled in each of these homes, I want to vacation at your houses! The hero, Griffin, is a member of the Kith, clans of werewolf shapeshifters who live in the high, seldom traveled wildernesses of the northern Cascades and Rockies. The Book was released in July, Lauri: It sounds wonderful, and intriguing. Please give us an excerpt. Are you a voyeur, as well? Did you spy on us while we made love?

Would she do that?

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The smoke was poisoning her lungs and starving her blood of oxygen. She grew dizzy. She watched him, the supreme effort it took to regain control, but he clamped down and put away his darker half. Lauri: Wow! Thanks for that snippet! And congrats! I know there is a great review for it on Amazon! Aileen: Yes, there is. Visitors can keep up with my writings by visiting my blog.

Lauri: Thanks so much for being here today, Aileen, and thanks for giving away a copy of your book as a prize to a lucky reader! Friday, August 6, Arrival! Yes, Karlee Jo has arrived! At 7lbs 1oz, she is the perfect size to snuggle and love. Here she is with her two cousins. She, mommy, and daddy, are all doing wonderfully, and are scheduled to leave the hospital tomorrow.

I love it! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi to Maya! It was fun to have her here, and I hope you enjoyed reading about her and her books. I was somewhat tired, but finally agreed to go, jokingly saying, I was only attending so I could win the gun of the year. Well…guess who won the gun of the year? Hubby was stunned to say the least.

Have a wonderful weekend! Today starts the blog tour! She lives in England with her husband and two adorable kids. Lauri: Maya, writers are also readers, what is your favorite genre to read, and why? Maya: I love all genres of books apart from misery lit. I think the world we live in is tough enough without going out of my way to read about characters who have to slog through terrible hardships for most of their lives before dying a horrible, lonely death.

Fantastic stories, all three! Lauri: I agree, life is tough enough, why read about it! When I screamed yes and leaned in to kiss him, I felt his heart racing like mad. As if!

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Lauri: Oh, how precious! That is a great romantic moment! I love it. He must really be a keeper! Along those lines, tell us your favorite romantic movie, book, song, meal, and location? Charles Brandon, played by the glorious Henry Cavill, captured what he thought was a soldier. It turned out to be a woman dressed as a man. Naturally, he kept her captive, promising to release her after the English won the Siege of Bolougne. When they did, she demanded he keep his promise.

He refused, of course! Favorite meal — anything involving chocolate! Lauri: Yes, The Proposal was fantastic! Counter To My Intelligence. Lani Lynn Vale. Splintered Silence. Susan Furlong. Jill Sorenson. Krystal Shannan. Raintree: Haunted. Linda Winstead Jones. Gone to Dust. Matt Goldman.

Hearts Collide. Liliana Rhodes. Bahama Mama. Tricia Leedom. Adriana Hunter. The Devil She Knows.

Full text of "The books in my life"

Bill Loehfelm. Family of Lies. Mary Monroe. The Wolfing Way. Susan Laine. Carol Ericson. Colleen Thompson. Against the Paw. Diane Kelly. Maple Leaf Hunter. Maddie Cochere. Book Boyfriend. DC Renee. Meredith Fletcher. The Bequest. Hope Anika. Enforcing the Paw. Angi Morgan. Nicole Helm. Portrait of Vengeance. Carrie Stuart Parks. It required Under siege, her life and her heart Dawna Atkinson has worked hard for her South Americanembassy posting. She'd also taken the blame for a shared indiscretion with herinstructor, Tay Hastings.

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But when her embassy is bombed, she comes under t A tormented past For years, demure executive assistant, Anna LaBonte, lived with an emotionally abusive husband who controlled her every move and nearly destroyed her. Just when she finally finds the strength to escape the nightmare for good, he is The boy witnessed a terrible crime and hasn't spoken since -- except to his Auntie Liz, the one adult he When the Witness Protection Program couldn't keep mother or daughter safe, the woman fled "underground.

Everyone thinks it was "that troublemaker," Peta Donald.

Gossips say she came home to stop the wedding. That jealousy led her to murder. No one on Northwind Island believes that Peta has changed since her youth Hunter Gordon had pleaded guilty to a crime he hadn't committed. And served ten long years in prison. All to save the family who had taken him in: beautiful Rae Benton and her father. But right before Rae's father died, he revealed his daughter was i No one left the cult without paying a price.