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Andrew stepped up to the plate and threw everything behind the project, Andrew was told it will be impossible to undertake a project of this nature, he reminded the project managers that nothing was impossible. The Project Manager said the only way it will work is if they built the project with steel, this was to help the bridge withstand the Mississippi current. Steel was very expensive at that time, and for a project of this nature, calling it audacious was an understatement.

Andrew was not deterred, he charged ahead, he was going to make his own steel. Steel is made out of iron and carbon. He teamed with an English inventor, Henry Bessemer. Bessemer had invented a procedure that cut down steel manufacturing from 2 weeks to 15 minutes, Andrew was ready. At 33, Carnegie dared the impossible, this project was going to unite America, but the project was proving expensive and difficult, his lenders closed in on him, pressure mounted. After 4 years, the bridge was completed, the result was epic. In other to test the strength of the bridge, they made an elephant walk through it.

After this public display of strength, orders for steel came pouring. Rail business was fast dying and Andrew turned his sight to a new industry, Real estate. In the next few years, over , skyscrapers were built in Chicago. With this boom, Carnegie became one of the wealthiest men in America. To fix this, he hired Henry Frick, a self-made millionaire.

Frick was also power hungry, his drive for profit made him reduce wage, increase working hours to 12 hrs daily, 6 days a week.

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In 2 years, profit at the steel mill doubled, workers revolted and this led to the first case of a union. These workers closed the mill and held Frick hostage, production stopped and revenue was lost. Andrew called off his vacation and went home, by this time, Frick was already the chairman of the company. Carnegie informed Frick that the board was relieving of his position, he got angry, claiming that while Carnegie was on holiday, he was the one that survived a bullet and a stab, he chased Carnegie into a corner and planned a hostile takeover.

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As construction of this playground went ahead, the walls holding the dam close to James Town weakened. On a particularly rainy day, the walls gave in and James Town was submerged. In an effort to launder his image, Carnegie started giving away his money, he donated millions to help rebuild James Town, he also donated towards the building of Carnegie Hall, a home for performing arts, but a challenge brewing ahead. JP Morgan, an astute banker was rising pretty fast.

From when he was a boy, his dad had a towering influence in his life. One day, Morgan was visiting Edison and an invention caught his eyes, it was the light bulb. Morgan with an eye for opportunities quickly spotted the value of electricity and how it will fundamentally change the way we live. After months of perfecting the technology, Morgan was ready to show his friends the marvel of electricity for the first time. They dug ditches around NYC, laying over , copper cables and provided electricity for a lot of homes in New York.

Frustrated, Tesla quits and sets out to start his own company. George Westinghouse became his investor. He positioned AC as the safest form of electricity. A New York City prison, looking to replace hanging for its capital punishment, reached out to Edison, this led him to develop the electrocuting chair.

His singular plan was to take out Tesla by painting his AC in a bad light, the electric chair was his opportunity to prove this. If people see the dark side of AC, they will refrain from it and the Westinghouse Company would potentially go out of business. Meanwhile, in the midst of this, work was going on at the Niagara Falls.

A company was working to create the largest electricity generator that will power the entire country, JP Morgan quickly realized that this will be his opportunity for domination. As he ponders about his next move, tragedy struck! His dad got involved in a carriage accident, not too long after the accident, he passed away as a result of the injuries sustained. With Morgan now in charge, nothing could stop him from taking the Niagara contract, call it a blessing in disguise.

Timing, they say is everything, Morgan launched a smear campaign against Westinghouse, when asked by reporters if another company will go burst on Wall Street, he said the companies that will go burst are those that are expanding too fast, capital intensive and low on cash.

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  • Though subtle, his remarks had damaging consequences, it triggered a sellout of Westinghouse stocks and within days, Westinghouse was crawling, but something happened. Tesla informed Westinghouse that he will forgo his royalty contract with Westinghouse, he tore his contract. His invention meant more to him than money. Soon, investments poured into Westinghouse, once again, they were back in business.

    John Kenyon Chapman Papers,

    Westinghouse went on the offensive. In , Chicago held a fair, the largest at that time and the organizers wanted to power it with electricity. On the opening night, , light bulbs came to light, 27M people came to the fair and they witnessed this magic. This move further demonstrated that AC was safe, the folks at the Niagara station kept tabs with this happening. One day, two letters were sent out to Morgan and Westinghouse, but one man will win the contract.

    Who will it be? Both men opened their letters and Westinghouse got the contract for the Niagara Falls project, luck was back on his side. Morgan, as expected was pissed, his fiercest rival had defeated him. He sued Westinghouse for patent infringement of the AC design. Westinghouse was forced to sign over the patent of AC to Morgan, this move broke the company he started with Tesla.

    Morgan, once again applied the principles of the Morgan way towards competition, with this new success, he wanted to take out Edison, he purchased additional shares in the company until he gathered enough controlling stake. His first move was to change the company name to General Electric. His rivals now saw him as their biggest enemy, they wanted to eliminate him. Rockefeller, his fiercest competitor needed to find another product to replace kerosene, he hired a team of scientists to find the use of gasoline, a substance he had been discarding for years.

    The quest to create a more powerful motor led to the development of The Combustion Engine, and when this motor was placed on the horseless carriage, he realized how big gasoline will become. He was unto something huge. JP Morgan, on the other hand, was looking for the next big thing, he cuts cost across his companies; cut labour, increased working hours and reduced wages and profits soared.

    Then a politician emerged, William Jennings Bryan, he channelled the seeding frustration of the people towards his own political gains, he vowed to break down the monopolies of JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. They devised a bold plan, but in other to succeed, they will need to sheath their sword and work together.

    All 3 men decided to buy the president. JP Morgan suggested that the trio buy their own president, they threw their support behind William McKinley, an Ohio native, who will go on to become the 25th president of the United States of America. As Bryan willed more influence, once again, the men turned to fear tactics, they told their workers not to show up the next day if Bryan won, they were in a dilemma.

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    Rockefeller learnt about an iron deposit in Minnesota, this was his chance to beat Carnegie at his own game. Rockefeller devised a scheme to build his own steel company, something that will be a rival to whatever Carnegie had ever built. This was the price he was going to sell his company for, for context, this is almost like trying to buy Facebook or Alibaba or Amazon today. Charles returned to Morgan with the price and Morgan immediately called for a meeting, both men shook hands, the deal was sealed. Carnegie instantly became the richest man in the world. He had finally achieved his lifelong mission of beating Rockefeller as the richest man.

    Almost out of nowhere, a new politician emerged. Alex Swan's Cornelia's Struggle is a non-fiction novel about social justice. This work is the story of a young couple separated and reunited in the American justice system. Cornelia's husband John is accused of a crime and sent to prison; Cornelia is left to raise their three children. Cornelia returns to college and then moves on to law school where she successfully has her husband's case re-opened. Her efforts culminate in John's release from prison.

    This "novel" contrasts the quality of justice dispensed to poor people, particularly minorities, while simultaneously drawing the reader into the human-interest story of the couple's struggles and relationship. In light of the failure of the majority of prisoners' families to survive, recover, and succeed, Cornelia's Struggle defies the odds and instructs while giving the reader the real life struggle of the family.

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