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In October , Britain and Egypt would conclude an agreement on the phased evacuation of British troops from the Suez base, to the dismay—privately shared by Churchill—of the "Suez Group" of Conservative backbenchers. Charmley , pp. George VI Paperback ed. Since none of Churchill's cabinet colleagues stood a chance of persuading him to stand down for Eden, only the King had the necessary prestige to undertake the delicate task of suggesting that the time had arrived for Churchill's retirement.

He decided that he would broach the subject in the new year. The Churchills. Little, Brown Book Group. Browne, Long Sunset , pp. Attenborough, Churchill and the Black Dog of Depression , pp. Retrieved 17 March The Telegraph. Retrieved 27 May Columbia University Press. PortCities London. Retrieved 12 January The Times. Retrieved 6 March Archived from the original on 3 September Retrieved 16 June Archived from the original on 5 January Winston Churchill Society. Life , 14 August Chosen in collaboration with the magazine's editors.

LILLEY: Leave ISIS fighters overseas | Toronto Sun

Retrieved 14 July Davis and Robert J. Archived from the original on 4 August Retrieved 27 December Later on Churchill dictated to many 'secretaries' and none mention any hesitation possible stuttering in his speech but rather a charming lisp. All secretaries that took dictation, but one, agree that any hesitation was a 'searching' for the right words. Associated University Press. The Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 2 March International Churchill Society.

Retrieved 7 June Masonic Quarterly Magazine 3. Retrieved 25 February Moira Allen. Retrieved 9 January Churchill: Volume One: Youth, — , pp. Retrieved 29 October The Week. Sky News. Retrieved 31 January The Churchill Project. Retrieved 15 April The Independent. The Hindu. BBC Magazine. The London Gazette. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society.

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Moritz, Jr. The Historian.

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Persecution in the Early Church: Did You Know?

The World Crisis. Six vols. On the First World War. Pegasus, Includes illustrations of approx. Edwards, Ron. Eastcote: From Village to Suburb Uxbridge: London Borough of Hillingdon. Gilbert, Martin. Memoir about editing the following multi-volume work. An eight-volume biography begun by Randolph Churchill , supported by 15 companion vols. Youth, — 2 vols. Young Statesman, — 3 vols. The Challenge of War, — 3 vols. The Stricken World, — 2 vols. The Prophet of Truth, — 3 vols.

Road to Victory, — 4 vols. Never Despair, — 3 vols. James, Robert Rhodes, ed. Churchill: His Complete Speeches, — Eight vols. London: Chelsea, Oxford, Eng. Langworth, Richard , ed. Churchill in his own Words , Ebury Press, Loewenheim, Francis L. Langley , eds Beschloss, Michael R. Blake, Robert Winston Churchill. Pocket Biographies. Stroud: Sutton Publishing. Blake, Robert; Louis, William Roger , eds. Browne, Anthony Montague Long sunset: memoirs of Winston Churchill's last private secretary. London: Cassell. Charmley, John Davis, Richard Harding. Real Soldiers of Fortune Early biography.

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Greenwood Press , Churchill's Indian Summer. Churchill: A Profile Macmillan, Moscow: Progress Publishers ; revised edition. Winston Churchill at Wikipedia's sister projects. Winston Churchill as writer. Links to related articles. Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. Book Category. Chancellors of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom. Home Secretaries of the United Kingdom. Clarke Howard Straw Blunkett C. Defence Secretaries of the United Kingdom. Winston Churchill Clement Attlee A.

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First Lords of the Admiralty. Alexander Brendan Bracken A. Presidents of the Board of Trade. Leaders of the House of Commons. Walpole Sandys Pelham Robinson H. Fox Grenville Conway North C. Fox Townshend C. Chamberlain W. Minister of Munitions of the United Kingdom. Fathers of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. Vaughan R. Williams Tapsell Kaufman Clarke. Conservative Party. Conservative Party Archive. Churchill Smith Balfour Law A. Law Baldwin N. Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party.

National Conservative Convention. Conservative Party Conference. London Conservatives. Conservative Associations. Organisations associated with the Conservative Party. Conservatism portal. War Cabinet of Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill — Clement Attlee — Clement Attlee — Sir Stafford Cripps Viscount Halifax Anthony Eden — Herbert Morrison — Lord Beaverbrook — Ernest Bevin — Arthur Greenwood — Lord Woolton — Lord Beaverbrook Lord Beaverbrook Oliver Lyttelton — Lord Woolton.

Lord Beaverbrook. Sir John Anderson. Anthony Eden. Sir Donald Somervell. Brendan Bracken. Robert Hudson. Oliver Stanley. Viscount Cranborne. Richard Law. Leo Amery. Rab Butler. Oliver Lyttelton.

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The Earl of Rosebery. Sir P. Cabinet of Sir Winston Churchill — Sir Winston Churchill — The Marquess of Salisbury —52 Harry Crookshank — Rab Butler — Sir Anthony Eden — Derick Heathcoat-Armory — Oliver Lyttelton —54 Alan Lennox-Boyd — The Lord Leathers — Florence Horsbrugh - in cabinet only Sir David Eccles — Harry Crookshank — Harold Macmillan —54 Duncan Sandys — Sir Walter Monckton — The Lord Woolton — The Lord Cherwell — James Stuart — War Cabinet of Neville Chamberlain — Neville Chamberlain — Sir John Simon — Lord Halifax — Leslie Hore-Belisha — Oliver Stanley Lord Chatfield — Lord Hankey — Cold War.

Leadership positions. The Earl Alexander of Tunis. The Lord Chatfield Coordination of Defence. The Earl Stanhope. The Earl Alexander of Hillsborough. Philip Snowden. The Viscount Milner. The Duke of Devonshire. The Viscount Weir. Laming Worthington-Evans. Christopher Addison. The Lord Inverforth. Edwin Samuel Montagu. Herbert Samuel. Herbert Gladstone. Sydney Buxton. Parliamentary offices.

Leonard Lyle. William Joynson-Hicks. Walter Runciman. St Martin's Church, Bladon. Conservative — — Liberal — United Kingdom.

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See list. George Spencer-Churchill, 6th Duke of Marlborough. John Spencer-Churchill, 7th Duke of Marlborough. Lady Jane Stewart. Lord Randolph Churchill. Charles Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry. Lady Frances Anne Vane. Frances Anne Vane-Tempest. Issac Jerome. Leonard Jerome. Aurora Murray. Jennie Jerome. Ambrose Hall. Clarissa Hall. Member of Parliament for Manchester North West — Member of Parliament for Epping — Member of Parliament for Woodford — Father of the House — Undersecretary of State for the Colonies — President of the Board of Trade — Home Secretary — First Lord of the Admiralty — Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Minister of Munitions — Secretary of State for Air — Secretary of State for War — Secretary of State for the Colonies — Chancellor of the Exchequer — Leader of the House of Commons — Prime Minister of the United Kingdom — Minister of Defence — Leader of the Opposition — Rector of the University of Aberdeen — Rector of the University of Edinburgh — Chancellor of the University of Bristol — Leader of the Conservative Party — Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports — Senior Privy Counsellor — Laureate of the Nobel Prize in Literature Oldest living Prime Minister of the United Kingdom — Oldest sitting Member of Parliament History Organisations Conservative Party Archive.

More than 2, miles from the Sinaloa mountains, a crack team of federal prosecutors in Brooklyn are preparing for a trial that could last months. Eduardo Balarezo, a Washington-based lawyer with a history of handling high-profile drug cases. Media attention is expected to be enormous, and the jury members will be kept anonymous for their safety.

But it could also highlight the deep problems of Mexican law enforcement. Sinaloa politician Manuel Clouthier, who is running as an independent for the Senate, says corruption goes deeper than has been exposed so far. Corruption among Mexican officials is hardly news; hundreds of police officers, generals and state governors have been charged for working with drug traffickers over the years. But exposing such dishonesty in an American court may also undermine the U.

In previous controversies, to try and build conspiracy cases against major targets, members of various agencies have been found paying informants who are actively committing serious crimes and letting thousands of guns be trafficked to killers. Officials from U. Customs and Border Protection have also been convicted of taking bribes to let drug loads through over the years. And there have been scandals over the techniques of American agents fighting cartels. In , journalist Alfredo Corchado exposed how U.

In , the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was heavily criticized for failing to act as it watched nearly 2, guns be purchased in Arizona for Mexican cartels. The defense also faces daunting challenges. In another twist, the actor Sean Penn and Rolling Stone could play a role. Vigil says the video could be vital evidence. Village shops even sell baseball caps that feature the words Chapo and C.

Despite the decade-long military offensive against cartels, gunmen still move openly in these remote heights.

It was also an aging neighborhood before Katrina. Some of the elderly here were killed in the flood. Others moved away, never to return. Today it is a neighborhood full of optimism and mourning, gratitude and regret. The Little Miss Muffin boutique, on a badly flooded commercial strip, was able to expand because the business owners next door did not come back. Simone Bruni, 43, lost her home in Katrina, and her job as a party planner. But Katrina also made Ms. Ten months after it struck, she began to festoon the ruined neighborhood with signs for her new post-storm venture, a company that she had cheekily named the Demo Diva.

She played up her femininity, deploying hot-pink Dumpsters and trucks, and built a multimillion-dollar business tearing down ruined homes. Many of the original, smaller Lakeview houses, which would have fit in architecturally in any American suburb, have been replaced with grander models that replicate the19th-century styles of the Uptown and Garden District neighborhoods. There is perhaps no topic of the last 10 years as polarizing: a piecemeal, state-run experiment begun before Katrina that took off afterward as among the most radical education overhauls in the country.

What had been a perpetually failing, corruption-battered school system is now hardly a system at all, but rather a network of largely autonomous charter schools, with some of the biggest name brands in education, like Kipp, represented along with homegrown versions. Most are part of the Recovery School District, which took over low-performing schools and encompasses most of the schools in New Orleans. A remnant of the former city school district also remains and it, too, mostly consists of charters. That means more than nine out of 10 schools in the city are now charter schools — the highest proportion in the nation.

Failing schools are shut down or taken over by other charter networks, union contracts are nearly nonexistent, test scores are scrutinized and parents across the city vie for spots in the best-performing schools, all part of an ever-changing education market. Supporters call it the greatest single development since Katrina, giving choice to poor families and backing up promises with evidence of performance.

Critics say the evidence tells a different story. They see the new teachers, many of them young, white and transitory, and describe a crusade by outsiders to wrest control of the school system from locals. There are no definitive conclusions to be found out here on Paris Road, one of the first parts of New Orleans to see the sun come up. The sky had barely begun to blush on a recent August morning when 9-year-old Serenity Murdock rolled her backpack down the sidewalk, trailed by her little brother, King.

It was just after 6 a. The two youngest Murdock children were in for a long bus ride to KIPP Believe Primary, a charter school 18 miles away in the oak-lined streets of Uptown. The customary neighborhood school is more or less a thing of the past here. Parents apply through a citywide lottery to scores of schools runs by dozens of boards; there are at least 15 different first days of public school across New Orleans. This is an oft-heard frustration of stretched-thin parents at community meetings. Kenneth Murdock, the father of King and Serenity, is fine with it. He likes the school, and no longer likes his neighborhood.

The suburb within a city known as New Orleans East stretches for miles, a wide band of starter homes and mini-mansions. When the levees breached, the East flooded catastrophically. It had already been struggling. Now it is poorer. Many professionals chose to stay in Houston. Veteran teachers, laid off by the thousands after Katrina, thus making the the school overhaul possible, had to seek new jobs in Atlanta or Baton Rouge.

Many of those once in public housing moved in. He noted that a good education would give them a choice about whether to stay in New Orleans, or leave. To be honest, Mr. Murdock said, he most liked the schools in Corpus Christi, Tex. He spent two years there after Katrina, working at Walmart and T. He watched a police car turn a still-dark corner, where a body had been found dead a few days before. Texas was quieter, he said.

And yet, Mr. Murdock, who was wearing a T-shirt from one of the many hopefully named volunteer rebuilding groups, had returned. He tallied up the institutional makeovers — in education, public housing, health care and more — a litany of changes he sees as beginning to undo decades of negligence. At seven minutes after 6, the school bus arrived. King and Serenity were the first to board. Map data: SocialExplorer. Please upgrade your browser.

Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. New Orleans September August Click anywhere to pause video. Additional reporting by Katy Reckdahl. Additional production by Ben Laffin. August 26, Lake Pontchartrain. New Orleans. Areas with significant flooding from Katrina Numbers mark flood depth in feet. River Ridge.

Areas with significant flooding from Katrina. July Before too long, the bigger question might be: Who can afford to? Where the white population increased and the black population decreased. Changes of 5 percentage points or more since Mississippi R. Mid-City Many of the immigrants who came to rebuild have stayed, broadening the cultural mix. September Tulane Avenue. Where the Hispanic population increased.

Increase of 5 percentage points or more since Residents blame bureaucracy. August Inner Harbor Navigation Canal. A CVS is coming, finally. The Dixons offer a reason of their own: bureaucracy. Central Business District Entrepreneurs and techies are redefining downtown, amplifying the culture of innovation. August The Superdome.

But there is also something to it. Cooper Public housing has gotten a post-Katrina facelift. September The B.