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Karate, the undefeated martial artist, was revealed as Ryo's missing father, Takuma Sakazaki. Play as naughty bear, a reject toy living in a world of complete perfection. When the other bears have a party, naughty bear is not invited. Naughty Bear is a game all about being naughty and getting your revenge on 'them'. Donkey Kong is celebrating his birthday, when suddenly a snowflake blows in and extinguishes the birthday candle.

He turns away and sees a group of anthropomorphic animal Vikings sail towards Donkey Kong Island. Mortal Kombat is back and better than ever in the next evolution of the iconic franchise. When a time lord starts merging past with the present, versions of heroes from both timelines must unite to right past wrongs and save the world. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend' is the sixth installment of the BlazBlue series, a combination of 2D fighting action game and visual novel.

The megacorporation "Ultratech" concludes that humanity has become complacent and no longer desires evolution - to rectify this, they introduce new dangers and horrors to the world in order to force them to evolve. X kidnaps Adam and sends gang punks into the streets. X and his baddies into the ground. Seven martial artists from Earth must battle in sorcerer Shang Tsung's super secret tournament.

Since their mother, Ronnet, died in an auto accident and their father, Takuma left them, Ryo Sakazaki, master of Kyokugen-Ryuu Extreme Karate, became a street fighter to support his little sister, Yuri.

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But one day, Yuri mysteriously vanished. Together, Ryo and Robert Garcia, his best friend and fiercest rival, venture together into the dangerous Southtown, beating up many tough fighters to find out Yuri's whereabouts. Which major criminal is behind Yuri's kidnapping? This early Neo Geo fighting is also one of their best.

The graphics are really good for its time, introduced Ryo, Robert, and King from the King of Fighters series, the opponents are not very difficult to beat, and the final boss, Mr. This also has some pretty simple controls, consisting of punch, kick, throw, and taunt. What I like about this game is not only the well-tuned enemy AI, the great graphics, and the good controls, but the innovative ki gauge that limits the number of special attacks used, and the cool Super Death Blow, which requires a full ki meter to execute. The only bad part about this game is that some of the characters have almost inaudible voices, particularly Jack Turner.

The rest have good voice acting done. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Street Fighter Deluxe Vs 1 ryo

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.

'Project X Zone' to see worldwide release on 3DS later this year

Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Action Video game released 24 September Games played on 'Continue?

Jogos Finalizados. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Playmaker was able to destroy and revive "Firewall Dragon", and brought back "Encode Talker" the next turn, claiming that their real Duel had only just begun. Varis countered with the effect of "Borreload Dragon", destroying "Encode Talker". Varis countered with " Borrel Cooling ", destroying his other "Magnarokket Dragon" to allow it to destroy "Decode Talker".

Varis smiled, believing that he was close to victory, with Playmaker having no cards nor attacks to execute. Playmaker refused to lose, and claimed he wanted to uncover the events that had happened ten years previously, to recover the time he had lost and wanted to save the person that saved him. Varis was surprised to learn that Playmaker was aware of the Lost Incident and that he highlighted his speech with the same "three reasons" format that Varis himself used, but he claimed Playmaker was a fool to help SOL Technologies without knowing the truth. Playmaker refused to listen, and he had "Firewall Dragon" attack once more to perform a One Turn Kill.

Ai went wild, transforming into a giant form and attempting to devour Varis. Varis lost an arm, and he quickly fled the scene, relinquishing the program that would remove Blue Angel's virus. Before he left, he warned Playmaker that as long as he had an Ignis, their battle would continue.

Varis returned to his base and Dr. Kogami expressed surprise at how Varis let his guard down, seeing it was about that incident Playmaker spoke. Varis regenerated his arm, apologizing to his father, and claiming that next time would be different. His father stated that Varis didn't need to think of that, and seeing how they could not retrieve Ai, they would execute their other plan, but he needed time to make preparations for that. Varis nodded, and recalling Playmaker's speech pattern of three points of analysis, he wondered about his connection towards him.

Varis watched Kogami release the seed, which fell into the pit. As the Deleted victims were being infected, Varis was worried if the Hanoi program was activated, the Lost Incident records would be deleted, and he'd never uncover Playmaker 's identity. He was contacted by his father , who reported the Hanoi program would soon be finished. Varis was still sad, as he wished to settle things with Playmaker. He told he wouldn't move on until he defeats Playmaker, and his father permitted him the rematch, as long as it didn't take too much time.

Later, Varis watched as the Knights of Hanoi forced people to Duel, preventing them from logging out. He was visited by Faust and Baira , who informed him Dr.

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  • Adidas is collaborating with a Japanese label to create artisanal knock-offs of its own shoes.
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Genome was making his move, and gave him the Data Gale. In the real world, at Clarissa Turner's apartment , Ryoken removed a flashdrive from its hiding place and looked at the video recording on it - Yusaku Fujiki and Kal Kolter in Baira's room witnessing Blue Angel defeating Baira. Ai appeared in the video and Ryoken smiled, as he learned that Playmaker was Yusaku. He told Kolter, who was still unaware of his true identity, that this would be the last time he would order from him.

Kolter asked him if he was moving away; Ryoken replied that his reason was something like that before leaving. Genome, Baira, and Faust. He explained he was too focused on Playmaker. Despite this, Varis told the three were the core for his plan. Spectre asked if Varis was fine with the fact that they still didn't know Playmaker's identity. Varis proclaimed the plan had to resolve, even if it cost him his life, promising to defeat anyone that stood in his path.

Later, he met Ghost Gal at the reprocessing plant, and was surprised to find her there. Varis noted Ghost Gal was snooping again, who promised to leave. However, Varis raised the barrier, stating he can't let her leave this place.

Ghost Gal used the rope to reach a different exit, but Varis barred her. Ghost Gal asked Varis what would he do with her after she would be captured, suspecting she would be in trouble. Varis offered her a Duel to shape his Deck out, allowing her to leave if she would win. Ghost Gal attempted to leave, but Varis pointed out logging out was disabled.

Thus, being forced to fight, Ghost Gal initiated her first turn in the Speed Duel. Varis applied his swarming tactics to bring out monsters to his field. Ghost Gal remembered Varis spoke that Ignis would destroy the world, but Varis ignored her, considering her as a mercenary that would not understand that. Ghost Gal reminded herself of Varis's ace, and noted the longer the Duel lasted, the more she would be at a disadvantage.

Varis's dragon attacked Ghost Gal's " Altergeist Marionetter ". To prevent this, Ghost Gal played " Altergeist Kunquery ", and sealed off the dragon's effects. Ghost Gal questioned Varis about the energy sphere, and Varis simply replied something unimaginable was bound to happen. Ghost Gal brought out " Altergeist Primebanshee " and Kidolga ". Ghost Gal gloated in her victory, but Varis called her a fool.

Ghost Gal realized Varis could've simply played his card earlier to avoid damage, and all of that was just so he could activate his Skill. Varis mocked her for not being able to predict that, while Ghost Gal returned her "Altergeist Marionetter" to her hand. Varis continued mocking her, stating luck has abandoned her. Ghost Gal planned her strategy to deal with Varis's effects and attacks, by using "Altergeist Protocol". Ghost Gal still hoped in having the LP and field advantage, but Varis mocked her, claiming only darkness awaited her, from which she could not escape from.

Varis, after bringing out three dragons, used Storm Access, taking out a Link Monster from the Data Storm, emitted from the purplish sphere. Ghost Gal screamed, as she was defeated. Varis confronted Playmaker, who demanded to know Ghost Gal's whereabouts. Varis simply proclaimed she became a foundation for the Tower of Hanoi, which was activated.

He stated should Playmaker wish to stop it, he'd have to confront him. With the purplish sphere emitting tentacles that destroyed the place, Varis jumped away. Varis responded to Kitamura 's calling, who asked to speak with the Knights of Hanoi's leader. Kitamura was startled to meet Varis, who threatened to erase Kitamura if he wasted his time. Kitamura pointed out there was no media reporter around, and since they were alone, he wanted to propose a secret deal.

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Varis was intrigued, but in order to have Kitamura join them, he had him undertake a test. Varis went away, leaving Spectre to face Kitamura in a Master Duel. When first informed about a hacker named "Playmaker" who was defeating Hanoi members, Varis initially suspected Playmaker was an agent from SOL Technologies but rejected the idea because SOL would act more publicly and dismissed Playmaker.

It wasn't until Playmaker captured Ai that Varis became interested in him. Varis then switched all his efforts into defeating Playmaker before SOL did, as doing so was the only way to capture Ai. Playmaker, on the other hand, hates Varis for being Hanoi's leader and vowed to defeat him and discover his true identity.

Adidas is collaborating with a Japanese label to create artisanal knock-offs of its own shoes

During their first Duel, Varis claimed that he wasn't interested in Playmaker's identity and considered him to be just another of the many people who hates Hanoi. However, during second Duel, Varis recognized Playmaker's speech pattern of listing out three reasons and was disturbed when Playmaker mentioned about a certain incident that happened ten years ago.

He chides Playmaker for siding with SOL Technologies without knowing the truth and, after the Duel, is eager to uncover Playmaker's true identity, to the extent of requesting more time from his father before the completion of Hanoi's program. Kogami is Ryoken's father. He cares for him as he tends to him while he is comatose and promises to complete his ambition. His overall strategy centers on swarming the field with the effects of his Dragon monsters in order to assembles the necessary Tributes or materials to Summon his ace monsters and overwhelm his opponents through sheer force with their high ATK ; many of his most powerful monsters commonly have ATK.

Varis is a flexible Duelist who can shift strategies between Duels, making him an unpredictable opponent; his most common strategies are to focus more on his DARK Dragon monsters during Speed Duels, and on his "Rokkets" during Master Duels.

Art of Fighting (Video Game ) - IMDb

Initially, Varis uses the Knights of Hanoi 's signature monster, " Cracking Dragon ", to debilitate the opponent through its ability to repeatedly inflict effect damage. Even if this monster is defeated, Varis can use " Twin Triangle Dragon " to re-utilize it as material for his stronger Link Monsters like " Topologic Bomber Dragon ", whose destructive effects can allow him to defeat his opponents after having their LP depleted by "Cracking Dragon". When utilizing his ace monster " Borreload Dragon ", he switches his strategy to utilizing his " Rokket " monsters as literal cannon fodder for "Borreload", using their self-destruction effects in tandem with the effect of "Borreload" to permanently weaken a monster by ATK and DEF in order to disrupt whatever strategy his opponent may have.

He is capable of performing an Extra Link ; his " Topologic Gumblar Dragon " focuses on locking down the opponent while in this state. During the second season, Varis includes Tuner , Synchro , and Xyz Monsters in his Deck, and his strategies slightly change; while in the previous season he used several different powerful Link Monsters, he now largely focuses on his "Borreload Dragon" and its evolutions.

He also uses a number of cards to counter Link Monsters, such as " Mirror Force ", as well as using " Fire Prison " to counter Playmaker 's Cyberse monsters. A few of his cards were shown when he purposefully knocked into a young Yusaku Fujiki in order to mislead him into being kidnapped. Open main menu. Edit Varis. Appearance Edit. History Edit. Kogami Edit. Rokket Edit. Traps Birthright Dragon's Rage. Varis's English name was mistakenly initially stated to be "Varus" by Daniel J. April 18, Edwards' Twitter. Kiyoshi Kogami father [2].

Appears in Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Shunsuke Takeuchi.