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The slips of paper should then be given back to you teacher and pinned to the board. The children can then have a look at which horse they think they should bet on. Once they have decided they give their betting paper with their name and the horse they have chosen back to the teacher. You can give the winner of the running race a prize and whoever bet on the winning runner has a prize divided between them — chocolate or sweets is probably easiest to divide up.

The Aging Equine – The Horse

Use the grid pictured below. Students choose a horse to bet on, numbered between 1 and Two dice are then rolled and the horse with that total moves forward. To start with the students will probably bet on their favourite numbers, which leads to a good conversation about how to tell which numbers will be more likely to win. It is a good game to get students thinking about sample spaces and probability. Primary School Game 9 years plus. There is a great board game available called Long Shot. Up to 8 players or pupils could team up can bet, buy horses and create strategies throughout the race.

Please see the video for a demonstration of how the game works. Art Therapist. Key Stage 2 Teacher - potential of a permanent post. KS1 Teacher. Tradewind Blog Post.

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In my opinion, Liberty Training is the foundation of everything you will do with your horse. There is a big chance that this horse will push or kick you during training and literally will take your place. And how can you train a horse that does not feel safe with you yet?

This horse will be tense and incapable of learning anything.

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A horse that does not feel safe with you will be hard to lead, in any exercise. Liberty training is not only for horses just beginning their training. Together with changing your training methods, doing the 8 connection exercises will strengthen and deepen the relationship you have with your horse. All this is again a preparation for successful gymnastic groundwork and riding. Can you see how everything builds onto itself and is connected?

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Bonding Time 2. Greet and Go 3.

Lead (leg)

Greet and Groom 4. Your Spot My Spot 5. Easy Herding 6. Liberty Leading 7.

How to find us

Spontaneous Circling 8. The Boomerang. Go there to see the different exercises. The liberty work consists of 8 exercises which you can find there. I am new to the Liberty world. I have decided to work on a miniature horse for my first time. He is an amazing pony, but is not young. He is in his mid to late twenties. He has pulled a cart all his life. I know this horse will be quite the challenge, but I am determined.

He generally follows me around anyway, he loves being with humans already, but his idea of following me is being by my side.

Clinton Anderson: How to Refine Lead Changes - Downunder Horsemanship

I need him to follow me with his head towards the front of my body I walk backwards and he follows facing me. He has a thing for standing directly at your side. He just sort of runs in to me or goes in a circle around my body. How do I teach a horse to stop when told, and how to stand still until told to move?

How do I gain his attention without being aggressive? All tips for Liberty are excepted. Hi Jill. If your miniature is running into you like that or circling they are being dominant.