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Unexpected life events and careless choices lead their worlds to collide and pit father against son once again in this emotionally charged drama. Money Kings leaves no stone unturned or boundary uncrossed in this epic street tale. Readers will not be disappointed as they become more deeply engulfed in the lives of the Hawkins men and their vastly different, yet connected worlds.

Brace yourself for the action and expect the unexpected to go down. Thomas Long has turned it up a notch to bring his readers another controversial, true to life urban literary classic. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help? Partners MySchool Discovery. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name.

Email address subscribed successfully. Shea has a visit from his girlfriend Vanessa Tattiawna Jones , but Charlie denies him a conjugal visit. The team look at various women who had visited Brennan while he was incarcerated. Kate Lavin Josie Davis convinces the team that she is not associated with Brennan anymore, but her lies are soon revealed and coded communications are found at her residence.

These communications lead the team to a hotel where Brennan has murdered one of his colleagues and escapes after being spotted by Ray. She denies any involvement with Brennan but Ray, who is unconvinced, plants a tracker on her. Brennan completes his heist and meets with Storrow, who had lied about her involvement. The tracker planted on Storrow gives away their location and both are arrested. Even though Shea took advantage of Julianne to have an intimate encounter with Vanessa, for which Julianne later tells him off, Shea later tells Vanessa that he needs to follow the rules if he ever wants to see her again, before leaving a small diamond from the jewelry store in her hand.

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The Breakout Kings are assigned to track down notorious hitman Virgil Downing Mark Pellegrino , who has taken one last contract to gain funds before he disappears. The convicts are distracted by their suspicions that Ray is not a U. Marshal, and begin to wonder whether their sentences are being reduced. Downing assassinates two people, but the team are unable to find a connection, until Laird Lapinski Daniel Lucifora is killed.

Earl Brown works at the prison Downing escaped from. Cliff helped Downing escape and used Genevieve's college fund to pay for the assassinations of four men responsible for the alleged rape of Genevieve. When Ray is confronted about his status as a Marshall, he reveals his conviction for stealing money from a crime scene.

When pressed about his attitude towards the convicts, Ray points out their crimes, revealing that Lloyd was selling fake prescriptions to college students, one of whom died in an overdose. After the death of two more people, one of which was collateral, there remains one last target. The team manages to save Genevieve's ex-boyfriend before Downing can get to him, and at headquarters Lloyd states his deep regret for the overdose and Charlie reveals his congenital heart defect to the cons.

Bennett Ballester Robin Wilcock , a psychiatric patient, kills one of the aides whilst on a field trip and escapes. Ballester is revealed to have murdered a newscaster he was obsessed with and was institutionalized after his attorney managed to show he is mentally unstable. Meanwhile, Charlie is distracted by the suspicions that one of the convicts stole his grandfather's watch. A visit to the psychiatric center yields only one lead: "Meow Time".

Erica begins to have flashbacks of one of the murders she committed at the Adirondacks, and worries that they will find one of the bodies. Jules, with the help of Shea, gains access to Ballester's diary, which Lloyd is left behind to decipher whilst the team heads to the Adirondacks. Charlie decides to bring back Fritz Gunderson to help track down Ballester, because of his vast knowledge of the area.

However Gunderson is not needed after Erica admits she knows the area as well. The team splits up with Erica going with Ray and Charlie with Shea. After Ray gets pinned in a bear trap, he allows Erica to go on ahead to where she saves Debbie, but Ballester takes her hostage next.

Charlie arrives and is forced to kill Bennett, who threatened to kill Erica. Back at the office, Ray finds Charlie's watch in the bathroom, and Charlie remembers taking it off earlier, and he apologizes to the convicts. Marshals Chief Director Richard Wendell Gregg Henry approaches Charlie, telling him that he is going to be investigating the task force and decide whether or not anyone should be removed.

The team realizes that each of the escapees has a role; Barnes provides the funds, with Rhodes as his bodyguard, Zepeda provides transport, Jun the fake passports, and Clemente the routes out of the country. When they discover the body of the prison guard, they also find an extra set of clothes. Shea is sent undercover to Attica to find the sixth intended escapee, but complications arise as his cover is almost blown. The team captures Zepeda, Jun and Clemente with relative ease, making Lloyd believe they are just decoys.

Shea informs Ray he has found the sixth escapee but has no more information and requests extraction. Ray is unable to comply and orders Shea to continue his work. Barnes' returns to his former residence with Rhodes to retrieve several thousand dollars from a hidden compartment. Shea manages to get the sixth escapee to reveal what he knows and finds out the escapees intend to take a boat out of the country.

Shea informs Ray of this, and the team track a boat that belongs to one of Barnes' associates. Barnes heads to the wharf by himself after he betrays Rhodes shortly after gaining the keys to the boat. Ray and Charlie arrive at the boat first only to find it empty. Barnes takes Lloyd hostage, but Ray tricks Barnes into trading the boat for the money, and using a flare gun manages to disarm and capture him.

At the office, Director Wendell states he wants Ray off the task force, but Charlie puts his own career on the line to keep the team together. As she pays her respects, she pulls a gun out of the casket, shoots her guards, and escapes with her younger son Cesar Manny Montana and several gang members. Shea tells the others that he used to do "business" with Carmen, who is the head of a local drug cartel. Because of this Shea is given control of the case.

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However shortly after, he receives a call from his girlfriend Vanessa, who is being held hostage by Carmen's men and who will be killed unless Carmen is allowed to escape. As they work the case, Shea uses his contacts to help getting Vanessa freed without telling the others. Carmen, who had ordered her son killed, begins to groom Cesar to be her successor, and kills drug kingpin "Flow-Flow" Brooks Darnell.

Shea's contacts go into hiding and with little choice he brings in an informant named "The Mayor" Eugene Clark , revealing the name of Sebastian's father, Jose Rodriguez Tim Sell. Shea is also forced to reveal to the other convicts that Vanessa has been kidnapped. Upon leaving the office "The Mayor" and the U. Marshals are killed by Carmen's gang members, making it appear that Shea is a mole as Senior Director Mike Colburn Derek Webster takes over the investigation.

When Jose Rodriguez has been murdered and Carmen narrowly escapes and Shea is without his phone, they determine that Colburn is the mole. Charlie and Shea confront Colburn, but before he can give them information, Colburn kills himself. Shea leads the task force to Carmen's hideout, from where she is already gone and where they find Cesar, several enforcers, and the body of a nautical supply salesman.

They eventually track Carmen down to a dock where a boat is headed for Colombia and find her in a shipping container. Before she is taken away, she calls out to Erica and Lloyd. During her interrogation with Shea, she disowns her son, and Cesar agrees to tell them where Vanessa is being held. Erica debates on running, taking Lloyd with her, but Julianne tells them that the Marshals will protect them and their families, and she does not want to help hunt them down should they run away.

At a pizzeria later, Shea and Vanessa are reunited, and Charlie notifies Erica and Lloyd that their families are going to be taken into Witness Protection for a few weeks while the Marshals run risk assessment after Senior Director Colburn's actions. Julianne proposes a toast, and everyone enjoys themselves before the cons head back to Maybelle.

Bill Gierhart. Damien's former partner, Brent Howson Nate Mooney who was interviewed earlier by the team also escaped from prison. Brent meets Damien and tells him that Lloyd is working with the Marshals. They kidnap a girl, Becky as per their M. Meanwhile, Charlie tells Ray that Craig wants an answer from him today. Ray tells Charlie to do what's best for him and his family, but Charlie tells Ray that he's decided to turn down the promotion. Ray nods, a hint of a smile on his face. In the process of rescuing Becky and capturing Damien, Charlie gets shot and Damien escapes.

Ray, and the rest of the team run up to Charlie, panicked. Lloyd presses his sweater into Charlie's wound. Erica, covering her mouth in shock, stands nearby. Shea kneels next to Charlie, holding his hand. But it's too late. Charlie slips away, leaving his crew standing over him in complete and utter disbelief. After offering his condolences, Craig informs the team that Charlie had two requirements for accepting the promotion, had he done so. The first was that the original taskforce remain intact.

The second was for Ray to be reinstated as a Marshal. Craig hands Ray an envelope. Ray pours out the contents and discovers his badge and a letter of reinstatement. Craig tells the cons that they have to head back to Maybelle as the case has been reassigned to another team. The cons and Ray are not happy with this news.

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After Craig leaves, Ray tells the team that no matter how angry they are, he refuses to dishonor Charlie by going rogue. But he assures them that they will cross paths with Damien again, and when they do, they're taking him down. Tim Hunter. Mick Betancourt. Ray recruits Lloyd to do grief counseling since they refused to speak to a prison counselor at Maybelle. None of the cons are thrilled. The team find themselves cooperating with FBI agents Maruca Daneen Tyler and Rooney Damon Lipari after learning one of the gang members is actually an undercover agent.

When it starts to look like the undercover agent may have been turned, the team discovers that Brody's wife and son have been kidnapped by Victor's men. The team saves them and tracks Victor to an airfield and capture him. Back at the warehouse, Ray asks Lloyd if he talked to everybody. Lloyd says yes, but admits that nobody talked back.

Erica accuses him of being pretty critical considering he didn't have to talk to anyone. Lloyd responds that he didn't talk to anyone because no one asked him to. The team takes a moment and realizes it's true. No one thought to ask Lloyd if he wanted to talk. Julianne recovers first, and asks him how he's dealing with Charlie's death. He reveals that he feels guilty. He thinks that, had he done his job properly ten years ago, Damien would be locked up tight and Charlie would still be alive.

Rapper KINGS and dad blogger Ben Tafau chat about their lives as single fathers

Shea steps up and tells the team that they shouldn't be mourning Charlie, but celebrating him. Erica has an idea, so she heads down to Pete's office, gets a bottle of booze and some glasses. Back in the bullpen, the Kings lift their glasses as Shea says a few words. Inside is a picture of Charlie - his academy picture, young with the world at his feet. Ray sets the picture on the desk. He walks outside, grabs the bottle of whisky, and pours another shot. He walks out of the office, leaving the full shot glass next to the photo of Charlie. Travis Muncey Nicholas D'Agosto , actor and stool pigeon, escapes from prison.

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The team captures him only to discover that Travis is the key to capturing Bob Dixon Dominic Keating , one of the most powerful and violent arms trafficker in the world. Things get serious when Julianne is kidnapped by the Malko brothers Stelio Savante , a local gang, who are involved with Dixon, but the team rescue her and finally capture Bob Dixon.

After which at the warehouse, Lloyd follows Julianne to the coffee nook and asks her about someone named Greg Margolis. He admits that, when she was kidnapped and he was working at her computer, he noticed several tabs open in her browser with information about the child killer.

Money Kings - Just Like Daddy 2 (Paperback)

Julianne shakes her head. Lloyd realizes she's not ready to discuss it, and backs off. But she returns to the bathroom where Lloyd is rinsing the blood off his face. Julianne opens up and tells that she's falling to pieces and there's nothing she can do it about it. Lloyd tells her that he can help if she lets him. Unsure, Julianne just stands there. Ray, in the next room, yells for Lloyd to hurry it up. Lloyd leaves Julianne alone in the bathroom.

Benny Cruz Kevin Alejandro , a member of a gang called the Royals escapes from prison. Julianne visits Lloyd at Maybelle and opens up about Gary Margolis. The team after arriving at the warehouse learns that Cruz has lung cancer and has only two or three months to live. In the meantime at the bullpen, Lloyd quietly tells Julianne that Margolis' parole hearing is coming up and he thinks it'd be good for her to write a letter to the parole board.

Not only would it reduce Margolis' chances of getting out, but it'd be therapeutic for her. To Lloyd's surprise, she quickly agrees to do it. From a meeting with Cruz's hospice counselor, the sketches in Cruz's cell which were of Archangel Michael , the captain of God's army, sent to rid the world of darkness and the bible left near the body of Mitchell, Lloyd concludes that Cruz is trying to kill his way into Heaven. The team tries to narrow him down when he comes to kill his uncle. Lloyd tries to speak to him by phone to calm him down, while Ray uses the opportunity and shoots him. Cruz falls to the ground dead.

The cons wait for the transpo van back at the office. Lloyd approaches Shea and Erica asking if they thought it was right that Ray killed Cruz, but they walk away, avoiding the conversation entirely - mostly because they aren't too sure themselves. Julianne walks up to Lloyd and hands him a large, sealed manila envelope with her letter to Margolis' parole board inside. Lloyd walks into the Ray's office and hands him the envelope to pass along to the parole board. He confronts Ray about shooting Cruz. This story appears in the September 30, issue of Forbes. Nas and Jay-Z: The former rivals are now fellow kings of hip-hop cash.

Rapper KINGS and dad blogger Ben Tafau chat about their lives as single fathers | The Spinoff

Some of them also have acquired lucrative equity stakes, including Nas, 44, who makes the list for the first time a quarter-century after releasing his debut album. A few years back, Nas kindled a friendship with venture capitalist Ben Horowitz at a dinner party and has since snagged stakes in Silicon Valley darlings Lyft, Coinbase and online media Genius, Mass Appeal. His interest in these startups is only natural, he says. It just so happens that the world is opening up.

He's also been cashing in on deals with Nike and American Express. These heady earnings totals shouldn't come as a surprise: Hip-hop is now the most-consumed genre in America, and its artists are cashing in accordingly.