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So-called optical biopsies would offer much higher resolution than current biopsy surrogates such as MRIs, PET tomography, and ultrasound. A potential advantage of OCT is that the surgeon would be able to image a wide area of tissue and, unlike with invasive biopsies, remove as little tissue as possible. Currently, the main application of Hendon's research is focusing on OCT in the treatment of heart arrhythmias, or irregular heart rhythms. A common treatment is ablation, in which the surgeon uses a catheter to detect abnormal electrical signals and then applies radiofrequency energy to remove scar tissue in the malfunctioning area.

Hendon is also using spectroscopy to provide real-time information during surgery. Especially important is the depth of a lesion -- the ablated, or dead, tissue area. We hope that the use of spectroscopy will reduce both procedure time and the number of repeat procedures.

PDF Download Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy Optical Science and Engineering PDF Online

In late July, Hendon did the first in vivo testing of the spectroscopy catheter on an animal model. Hendon's group is building an atlas of OCT heart images. So far, the atlas includes 25 human hearts, with 15 volumes images per volume for each heart. Eventually, the atlas will be used to train cardiologists. An upcoming project focuses on the use of optical tools in breast cancer.

Hendon is working with breast surgeon Sheldon Feldman and pathologist Hanina Hibshoosh at Columbia University Medical Center to identify tumors localized to the duct. Eventually, they will image lesions over time to determine which are likely to progress to cancer. Hendon is also collaborating with fellow Columbia Engineering professor Kristin Myers on using imaging to assess the mechanical properties of the cervix in relation to preterm birth.


Hendon is committed to encouraging STEM education among youth. At Columbia, she hosts campus visits by middle-school students -- who leave with OCT images of their finger.

Louis -- and a whiz hacker. At the time, the three major manufacturers of medical imaging equipment used different encrypted proprietary codes for breast magnetic resonance imaging MRI scans.

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Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy. Notify me. Description Photoacoustics promises to revolutionize medical imaging and may well make as dramatic a contribution to modern medicine as the discovery of the x-ray itself once did. Combining electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves synergistically, photoacoustics can provide deep speckle-free imaging with high electromagnetic contrast at high ultrasonic resolution and without any health risk. While photoacoustic imaging is probably the fastest growing biomedical imaging technology, this book is the first comprehensive volume in this emerging field covering both the physics and the remarkable noninvasive applications that are changing diagnostic medicine.

Bringing together the leading pioneers in this field to write about their own work, Photoacoustic Imaging and Spectroscopy is the first to provide a full account of the latest research and developing applications in the area of biomedical photoacoustics.

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Photoacoustics can provide functional sensing of physiological parameters such as the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin. It can also provide high-contrast functional imaging of angiogenesis and hypermetabolism in tumors in vivo. Discussing these remarkable noninvasive applications and so much more, this reference is essential reading for all researchers in medical imaging and those clinicians working at the cutting-edge of modern biotechnology to develop diagnostic techniques that can save many lives and just as importantly do no harm.

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Biomedical Imaging and Biophotonics

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