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Weight Loss Warrior Diet Program

From the hugely popular Biggest Loser series comes Weightloss Warrior a fun, fresh take on losing weight - it's a 'no-diet' book detailing the importance of healthy eating, building a positive self-image and becoming your own expertly trained warrior within to protect you from bad choices, help you kick bad habits and give you powerful self-defences.

An easy-to-follow guide to long-lasting transformation from the ground up, Weightloss Warrior comes complete with tasty illustrated recipes as well as expert motivational advice and tried-and-tested weightloss strategies. Based around five chapters inspired by the coloured belts of Taekwondo, the book leads readers from white belt to black belt through a process that's not simply turning over a new leaf but preparing the ground for a new self, planting the seeds of change, nurturing your new focus and glorying in growing a whole new you.

Clad in a leather mini-skirt, this dietician "head whips" her clients into shape.

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The author's hilarious account of the time spent in this "one-stop fat shop" basement clinic with Delhi socialites describes the gruelling process of altering her metabolism and keeping track of whatever enters her mouth in a food diary. The a-ha moments and turning points of her life, however, happen after Kalli meets Ma Yoganic and her young male assistant who ends up becoming Kalli's "hotshot" instructor.

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He motivates Kalli into doing surya namaskar with a vengeance: from four a day, the author attains her goal of , a feat that her instructor has promised will make her look like Bebo! There is no holding back after this, and Kalli moves up to without a blink - she also attains her dream weight of 69 kilos and gets into the "goddess dress" planned for her sister's wedding. All of a sudden, the barriers created by her fat come crashing down; she is open to meeting new people, accepts public speaking engagements and even sets off on a solo vacation.

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The author's candid account of her long and arduous weight-loss journey offers many insights into how consuming the battle of the bulge can become. For a foodaholic, food is everything: a way of structuring time, a means of quelling uncomfortable emotions and a system of rewards too.

Kalli Purie, the weightloss warrior - Mail Today News

Weight loss is about so much more than shedding the pounds. It's also about ending the war with food and cultivating a peace with it.

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  7. But has Kalli done it? She may have achieved her weight-loss goal, but she admits that she has had to disengage from food almost completely to get over her obsession with it.

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    Every woman who has struggled with her weight will catch glimpses of herself in this book - the lies she tells herself about how much she has eaten; the shame of getting onto a weighing scale; the urge to stay away from social occasions and people who can't refrain from making comments about her expanding girth.

    The journey from fat to thin, however, varies from one person to another and what makes this memoir a great read is Kalli's ability to recount the absurdity of some of her attempts. Read it whether you are a dieter or not. Kalli Purie, the weightloss warrior Every woman who has struggled with her weight will catch glimpses of herself in Kalli Purie's eminently readable weightloss memoir.