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His most recent series is the Wolf Kingdom quartet. Teachers Notes Download teachers notes.

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Worldshaker Richard Harland. Download cover. Col lives on the Upper Decks of the juggernaut Worldshaker , a mobile city as big as a mountain. He has been chosen as next Supreme Commander - but then a girl Filthy escaped from Below appears in his cabin. Will he hand her over, or will he break all the rules?

WORLDSHAKER Chapter Summaries

Col's safe, elite world is about to fall apart. Worldshaker 's exciting, fast-paced plot roars along as unstoppably as A claustrophobic setting of rivets, iron and steam, rustling silks and stiff collars and even stiffer manners; dark, twisting, bustling, brilliant. I was very, very glum when it came to an end.

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Sign up and get a free eBook! Worldshaker By Richard Harland. Trade Paperback. Hardcover eBook. Price may vary by retailer. Two menacing shapes stood silhouetted against the dim blue light of the corridor. The figures sprang forward into the room, flourishing their weapons. Col switched on his bedside lamp. In the warm yellow-pink glow the figures diminished to a pair of ordinary warrant officers. The pounding of Col? Warrant officers were responsible for security, and their heavy wooden batons were for his protection. But what were they doing in this part of the ship? Ah, Master Porpentine, isn?

The senior officer fingered his gray walrus mustache. Sorry to disturb you, sir. We have to search your room.? Ignoring the question the officer went on. How long have you been awake, sir?

Hearthstone: Grumble Worldshaker card sounds in 14 languages -Legendary -Kobolds & Catacombs

Have you seen or heard anything unusual in the last few minutes?? She must have run on,?

Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Hold your tongue, Jull!? The senior officer swung his baton and gave Jull a cracking blow on the wrist. Col was shocked. The senior officer? Well, she escaped.

Liberator (Worldshaker, #2) by Richard Harland

He prodded Jull with his baton and pushed him toward the doorway. So, if you? Out in the corridor he began an angry whispered conversation with his junior. Col caught the words?

More clanging doors, more questioning. He looked round at his own safe, civilized bedroom. Green carpet, brown velvet curtains, cream wallpaper? On the walls were framed pictures of the most dignified creatures: the wise owl, noble lion, and brave bear. A metal plate above the door was stamped with the name worldshaker and the date , which was when Worldshaker had been constructed, one hundred and fifty years ago.

The washstand, bookcase, and full-length mirror bore similar stamped plates. Only the massive wardrobe cupboard lacked a plate: It was an antique of carved oak from earlier times in the Old Country.