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I do have a lot of sketches and inked drawings I want to upload though so that's a thing.

Moodles - PZwiki

A lot's been happening actually. Just finished my first year of college, went on a family vacation to New Orleans and a road trip to Florida with the family. I was there for the opening of Diagon Alley! Five hours of waiting in line only to spend 30 seconds on a ride that broke down. I was mad. Anywho, like I said, I've been up to my neck in social life for no apparent reason. Well actually, that reason is called high school buddies wanting to hang out every chance we get.

I mean most of us are taking summer school so we're kind of scattered throughout the state. Can you blame 'em? Plus, let's just say I've got my own little romance story to live. Continuing on, I've. Spring Quarter! Well it's the 4th week into the Spring quarter.

Low Volatility And Low Volume

Doin' okay, just being a bit lazy but I think that's just my allergies sapping all my motivation away. Definitely not a good thing considering I have work to do. Anywho, I live! Not doing much other than homework but I live! Riverside be warm even though it's supposed to cool down this week. Feelin' lied to because of that. But I digress. For those of you who decided to watch me for whatever reason, I apologize for the lack of updates and such.

I've been rather busy and still lacking a scanner up in the dorms and not liking it. I still take on commission but they do take time by the way! The price list is on my profile so feel free to request things! Not my best forte. Am feeling strangely giddy today. So for the time being I'm packing up my things. Taking home the majority of my closet as a result. I haven't even worn half of them, but we'll see. I had the tendency to re-wear some outfits during the week for the sake of a smaller load during laundry day. Seriously, the washing machines here can be total derps. Rather not go through that too much, y'know?

Well finals are over, my loans have been distributed and now I get to go back home to sweet sweet Rosemead! I'm looking forward to seeing my group from high school for one thing. It's been a while since we hung out together as the whole group. Plus, Little Tokyo! Sushi Enya, I am coming for ya! Plus, it'd be nice to have the peace and quiet of home than the eerie silence of an empty hall on weekends. Seriously, you know how scary that shit is?

The lights even dim out at night occasionally. Well This has been Interesting College life is pretty interesting and last night has certainly proved my point. My roommates and I were about to go to bed and we planned on getting up early for the sake of breakfast it was good food too! Who is it? The one we consider the hall drunk who shall remain nameless. Lemme tell ya 'bout this guy.

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First or second week into the school year, he came back crossfaded. What does that mean? Stoned and drunk. And he has come home drunk a few times before. His roommate is surprisingly chill with this, but I guess after last time, he didn't want to bug him especially since he was asleep by then T'was 2 AM when he came in. Now he's usually chill, but when he's drunk. Well, it's hella funny, but kinda concerning as well. I mean, I was gone for one weekend he came into our room and I came back to a cleaner-than-usual desk, and drawings all over my calendar and post-its.

Anywho, he comes in and goes "Oh, hi.

Everyone Ignored This Cat, But This Guy Decided To Rescue It

I don't believe we formally met. Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission. Please write in a clear and nice manner. Provide neat references. Not a wall of text. Any ill behaviour will not be tolerated and your commission will be canceled if it occurs. Follow the rules provided in the commission journal, YCH or Adoptable deviation. If you fail to follow the rules provided I have the right to decline your commission. The points shall only be paid through the commission widget unless stated otherwise.

Commissions CLOSED Rules: - you may only buy up to 3 com's at a time - i will start on the commission once money or points are received - i will take my time on this commission, please do not rush me unless its been awhile and i may of forgot. Let me take a few pictures of it so I can post it on facebook! Uh, I mean help it. I will never understand people who claim no one helps animals, but they themselves stop for pictures first.

Wanna do a good deed? Help more, brag less. They love to mess with our minds. But kudos to the guy that tried to help the "poor animal". Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app. Please enter email address We will not spam you.

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