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Note, pasta has very little protein and although it fills you up.

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Make sure it is not the instant milk, but powdered dry milk. For long term storage though, it will be best if you buy the dry powdered kind. Augason Farms makes a nice cheese blend in the famous 10 cans. This has a shelf life of 10 years! The manufacturer says that the shelf life is only 2 years, but canned goods if handled properly can last much longer than that.

Here is one prepper who opened them after 13 years , and the cheese still tasted great! Grab some Bega for your next camping trip, and see how you like it, may make a nice addition to your long term food storage plan! Red Feather Butter — What can be better than canned cheese than canned butter! Red Feather Butter , coming all the way from New Zealand, is another must have for your storage needs with an equally long shelf life.

Not powdered or freeze dried but real creamy butter made from pasteurized cream and salt. Peanut Butter — High in plant protein and packed with nutrients, peanut butter is a great item to stock up on. So you will need to rotate your stash if you stock up on peanut butter. Great item to include in your bug out bag,.

Freeze Dried Options — Just add water! Lots can be said here, and this option will definitely give you the longest shelf life , but it is the more pricey choice. There are some great food companies that offer freeze dried storage packs. Coconut oil! Most cooking oils will go rancid in a very short time. However, extra virgin coconut oil can last years if stored properly. It has many uses including cooking, dry skin, energy boost, reduces inflammation, and even heals diaper rash, but my favorite is to use it for popping popcorn.

Gives it a nice buttery flavor. Here are 31 uses of baking soda. Coffee — This bean is a great all-around thing to have in a doomsday scenario. It gives water a nice taste, increases energy and alertness, and will always be a great bartering item due to many who need their morning fix.

Buying the whole green beans is the best option for long term storage. San Marco coffee offers a 25lb. Tea — Tea bags as long as they are vacuum sealed away from moisture should keep awhile.

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You can also already buy loose cut leaves vacuum sealed. Corn Starch — Will last forever if stored in a cool dry place. Apart from a sauce thickener, good for heat rash, sunburn, underarm deodorant, and works as a shampoo for pets. Spices — Left in the original jars, most spices will last for years before they go bad.

Soy Sauce — Loaded with sodium this will last almost forever and is a great flavoring agent, especially to bland rice. However, with the high salt content, you better make sure you have your water storage filled to the top! Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water also makes a great energy tonic and uses a multitude of uses! Next time you go to your grocery store pick up a few extra canned veggies to jump start your food prep.

Canned tuna, corn, beans, green beans, etc… all make great starters. Canned Yoders — For you meat lovers out there you need to check out Yoders! They carry ground beef, turkey, chicken as well as probably their most famous item canned bacon! Be sure to buy extra, you will want a backup of this item!

Having some unbreakable dishware around especially if you have children will be prudent. Plastic or enamelware camping tableware will work well in this scenario. Paper goods, plates, cups, utensils — In addition to the above, having a nice stock of paper plates, cups, and utensils will be extra convenient.

These can always be used in a short-term crisis, as well as for the first month in a long term to eliminate washing while other critical things needs to be done. Cast Iron — Good cast iron can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Cooking at home or over an open fire makes this versatile cookware essential. Just make sure you have properly seasoned it.

Wood Burning Stove — These are great for not only cooking but if you love anywhere where there is snow on the ground 6 months out of the year can make great heaters if the power goes out. The price range can vary substantially depending on the size and quality of the stove. For just outdoor simple cooking checkout the wood burning rocket stove or the dead wood stove. Since wheat berries store much better than flour, these can really come in handy.

Hand Processor — If you use an electric food processor or blender often, consider grabbing a hand or manual food processor as backup. Makes cutting and chopping much faster if only knives are available. Solar Oven — Yes you can use the sun to cook without anything else. You can check out this complete post that covers solar cooking.

Heirloom Seeds — Storing some heirloom seeds could be a smart choice. Victory Gardens makes a seed bank with over varieties of seeds for all hardiness zones. Probably the most important item when considering prepping is your water storage. You can go several weeks without food, but water just for a few days. And given its bulk and weight storing water takes a little planning and prepping.

It is recommended to store 1 gallon of water per person per day. Food Grade Plastics — Many people will just buy gallon water jugs and store them in the garage. Do not do this. Many of these plastics will leach dangerous chemicals into your water supply. For long-term storage be sure to get food-grade plastics. WaterBob — The Waterbob , is a nifty way to fill up gallons of water in an emergency situation.

It is a plastic bladder that fits in your bathtub for quick fill up. Rain Harvesting — Harvesting rainwater is an simple and easy way to collect water for storage. If you have a roof, gutters, and spout system you can start immediately. Here is a nice post on rainwater storage.

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So if you need to collect water from a nearby pond or river, you can store it first in the dirty tank and then filter it to the clean tank. Water Bricks — Patented design for a water and food container, Waterbrick is a stackable and portable water container for easy water storage and great for preppers. Water Filters Big Berkey — Water filters come in all shapes and sizes.

One of the most popular filters for preppers is the Big Berkey. This little compact filter can cleanse over 6, gallons of water with 2 black filters. For a family of 4, that is over 4 years of water filtration if you assume 1 gallon per person per day! The following 3 all caught our eyes:. Chlorine Tablets — While not a long term solution, these can treat immediate water needs for about gallons.

Medical is another critical group of items that should be well-stocked for the average and serious prepper alike. The most important thing about this is the individual needs of yourself and your family. Special antibiotics, diabetic medicine, hearts meds etc.. The best part about hydrogen peroxide is that it is dirt cheap!

Grab some next time your at the grocery store. Her is a video of some unusual uses of hydrogen peroxide. Band Aids — Always need to have a stocked supply both large and small for unwanted cuts. Esepcially if you have kids, keep these handy. This could be your backup to hydrogen perioxide, yet somewhat more pricy.

YOu can buy the store brand for the same effectivness at a cheaper price. ACE bandages — For general injuries, recovery, and compression, have several bandages in different sizes. Keep in mind, variety is key when it comes to medical supplies like this. Steristrips are even used in ERs for closing wounds! Have some stored away …. Burn Jel — for fast and minor relief of burns, burn jel should be included in every burn kit.

Burn Jel. Duoderm — this stuff is absolute gold! It is a sticky covering for external wounds that give optimal healing and prevent infection. We have used duoderm over and over in our family! Tape — first aid tape should also be kept in your medical supplies. Splinting material — portable splint devices used in the field and for medical emergency teams can be very useful.

Have some moleskin in your kit for those unwanted blisters. N95 masks — if there is ever a pandemic, having a mask can be invaluable. Flu, sars, ebola, etc… when the crises hits these be will go fast, so stock up on some before they are needed. It is suggested to get the N95 quality valved respirators , although there is some debate on their effectiveness. A full face respirator will settle the question! Nitrile gloves — when dealing with blood, infections, etc… high quality disposable exam gloves can be very useful. Quick alcohol pads — another first-aid antiseptic. Clean minor cuts, disinfect medical gear, or prep sin prior to injections.

Although stingy, these are very compact and useful when cleansing wounds. Advil vs. Thermometer mercury free — measuring your temperature should always be available. Make sure to get a mercury-free thermometer and an accurate one at that! Snake bit kit — depending on where you live, not a necessity. But if your out about in the country especially in the southern half of the US, having a snake bit kit is wise. Here is a list of venomous snakes by state.

These kits usually ome with a powerful suction extractor that can double for any poisonous bite or sting. Here is a decent snake kit. Benadryl — very useful for allergies or allergic reactions as well as a general anti-histamine. Vaseline — this topical ointment is primarily used for skin protection, windburn, rashes, etc … There are also lots more uses of vaseline. Pedialyte — not just for kids! Pedialyte can be very useful for dehydration or diarrhea issues.

Forget gatorade use pedialyte. Aloe-vera — this little plant is also useful for sun protection, rashes, and burns. Apparently is easy to grow as well! Steristrips are the recommeded substitute. Syringes — disposable syringes are recommended if there is ever a need for a quick injection. Especially if there are special needs. Quik Clot blood stop — very handy and used by the military to stop bleeding fast! Have 1 or 2 of these quik clots handy …. They can also double for gun cleaners, tinder, and preventing blisters. Essential oils — Having a good stock of essential oils will be very useful if the system goes down and its hard to find quality medicine.

Essential oils are inexpensive and needs no prescription to buy them and can be used for antiseptics, relieve headaches, promote sleep, reduce anxiety, treat wounds, etc … Here is an article on the 25 uses of lavender which is considered the jack of all oils! You will want to have in stock a starter kit of essential oils! Specific supplements that you may need based on your health and current needs should also be well stocked. If your on any prescription meds, research how you can store up a several month supply if possible or alternatives that maybe sufficient.

Chapstick — as you spend more time outside, chapstick will be equally important. Smelling salts — inhalants that are used when light-headed or just dizzy. If you need a jolt to wake up , use smelling salts! Charcoal tablets — charcoal tablets are used for many types of digestive and stomach issues. They contain lots of small cavities able to absorb unwanted materials and gases sitting in the gut causing bloating, pain or gas.

Antibiotics — the scary thing about an economic collapse will be the scarcity of antibiotics and prescription medicine. One such product is Amoxfin fish antibiotic. An antibiotic for fish, just read some of the descriptions, they are quite hilarious! You could also go herbal using well known Dr. This is a type of salt that cab be used to combat radiation poisoning.

Potassium Iodide will block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland. KI potassium iodide is a salt of stable not radioactive iodine that can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland, thus protecting this gland from radiation injury. The thyroid gland is the part of the body that is most sensitive to radioactive iodine. Isopropyl alcohol — this is another useful topical agent for disinfecting items, cleansing wounds, and general antimicrobial liquid. You can find these in your local walmart or grocery store. Sun Block — More time outside, more sun on the skin, get some sun block.

Creating a saferoom requires 6 mil plastic , some duct tape and proper ventilation. This type of plastic sheeting has lts of other uses as well such as rain collection, or for sheltering or a tarp. First Aid Manuals — a solid first aid book that covers the basic should be on your shelf. We rely so much on the internet, that if the grid went down, the only information you would have are the books on your shelf.

Three recommended books are:. Recipe for Making Soap 2 — Text file. Wood Burning — PDF. How To Make Black Powder. The complete guide to home carpentry. Metal-Forming 2. The Household Cyclopedia. The Handbook For Practical Farmers. Practical Farming and Gardening. Rural Tanning Techniques. Wound Closure Manual. Emergency War Surgery. Survival Medicine. Like the other books on this page, this archive of emergency preparedness and survival PDFs is provided here as a resource to tht public, for browsing or download.

SAS Survival Handbook. Disaster Supply Kit. Ultimate Survival Skills. All Americans should have some basic supplies on hand in order to survive for at least three days if an emergency occurs. Following is a listing of some basic items that every emergency supply kit should include. Water, food, and clean air are important things to have if an emergency happens. It should also be customized to include important family documents. Excellent book describing the means by which to prepare for a nuclear war — especially with expedient and low cost methods.

This is a digitized copy of the old civil defense book that showcases several fallout shelter types along with information on proper ventilation, supplies needed, and fallout wind patterns. Government sponsored book that came out many years ago on the topic of surviving a nuclear war. Provides lots of information on fallout and the inherent dangers of nuclear weapons. Chart offers a quick reference guide to typical wattage loads of various electrical items commonly found around the home. Very expensive. Why no.

When you are out of ammunition, you are out of ammunition. They are so common that finding one post-disaster should not be much of a problem. Same with the ammunition early on, and then, when it is all gone, they are not useable.

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For hunting, using a. Marlin because of quality. Ruger for the same reason as the Marlin. Flintlock because black powder, including ffff for priming, can be made, and bullets cast from scrap lead. Any good quality brand for availability, quality, and cost. While rifled arms firing ball or mini-balls, or other solid projectiles, tend to have the most accuracy, I believe there is a place for flintlock smoothbore weapons other than shotguns, too.

Pistols as well as long guns. I will probably go with gauge for all of them. Archery weapons — When quiet is needed and there are no suppressors for the firearms, archery weapons come into their own. While the high tech ones have some of the same disadvantages of firearms, such as available ammunition arrows, points, nocks, shafts, and fletching more primitive designs can be home made and can be effective enough to hunt with and even for defense in some cases.

Most things can be used as a weapon, many that are innocuous enough to not get you in trouble if you carry them. A good hiking staff or walking stick, to a roll of dimes in a fist, to keys held through the fingers, and on and on and on. Any search on the internet for expedient weapons will find all kinds of examples. One particular one that I like is not an offensive weapon. It is pretty much defensive. That is a small, lightly weighted throw net. It can be carried in a pocket ready to deploy, or even in the hand, and with a flick of the arm and wrist, after lots of practice it can entangle an aggressor enough, for long enough, to do harm to them if required, or two get away.

Some can be multipurpose, but none can do everything well, and often not even passably. So I use and often carry a variety of different tools that have some type of sharpened edge, or in my terminology, Sharps, for different situations. The one that I carry daily has a simple blade, small scissors, small screwdriver, and fingernail file.

Why Southwest Missouri is Mecca for Doomsday Preppers

But it also has an LED and an ink pen. It has come in handy several times for those features. Part of my pocket EDC. I have used it numerous times for a variety of tasks. Leatherman Crater C33 pocket knife: The Crater is a compact liner lock knife that works well for normal, everyday activities.

P can opener: This is for emergencies, so I can easily open canned foods that I might find. It is also usable for a few other things, like slicing sheet plastic. Redi-edge knife sharpener: Knives are both safer and more effective when kept sharp, thus the pocket sharpener. Folding credit card knife: This is a credit card size unit with a metal blade inside.

The plastic of the card folds around and creates a handle for the blade. This is a last ditch tool for survival in case I lose all my other gear.

High Quality Survival Gear | Built To Last

But it is highly capable, with a wide variety of effective tools, with the four main blades deployable without opening the handles. Useful in both urban and wilderness areas. It is part of my field EDC, in a belt pouch. Wood saw, can opener, bottle opener, whistle, and the other normal set of a medium size SAK. It too goes on my belt as part of the field EDC. There are several good alternatives at any given time as models come and go.

Spyderco C08 Harpy: This is a wicked, smallish folding hawk bill knife with serrated blade. It is an effective defensive knife. It is also my emergency cord, rope, net, seaweed, vine, and other entangling items cutter to free myself if I wind up caught in such a situation. Useful for defense, clearing brush, building shelters, cutting wood, splitting wood, used for butchering larger game, breaking rocks, driving stakes, and other impact uses since it has a hammer head. Carried on my belt at times, or on the LBE or on the game cart when in the field. Cold Steel E-tool: This is a solid wooden handle small shovel.

Some might not consider it a sharps, but even if the edges are not made razor sharp, it is still effective for far more than just digging cat holes and defensive positions. When an axe or tomahawk or machete is not available it will do to clear brush and even cut small saplings. Not to mention it is a highly effective defensive weapon. Can also be used as a fry pan or griddle over the fire, if careful. Carried on the pack or game cart when in the field. It is not a tree feller, or firewood splitter, but it effective in clearing brush and smaller saplings. And is a wicked short sword.

It is bigger than I like for dress clothing, but does well in the field. Sometimes I carry it in my pocket, other times in a belt sheath. A general use knife for field and kitchen duty. It is also the knife in my medium sized stainless steel tin survival kit. And for the same reasons the R-1 was so successful. A clip point that makes penetration easy, enough belly for slicing and skinning game, large enough to use to do light chopping. A short serrated section on the base of the blade provides a means to cut cordage.

When used as a bayonet on my PTR or Remington when I had them, I had very intimidating tools for controlling situations that do not call for shooting. It is the last item I would give up, since it fills the major needs of many disaster and survival situations. Usually on my thigh or LBE when in the field. The Oda is suitable for both defense and utility work. With clip point it can penetrate effectively, and do small tasks. Enough belly for slicing and dicing and skinning game.

Carried on either my belt or on LBE when in the field. Dura-worx mini planting tool: Essentially a small pick mattock, this tool is highly effective in digging cat holes, defensive positions, drainage trenches, and other digging uses in hard and clay ground where a shovel just will not do by itself. More awkward than a tomahawk, it is still an effective defensive weapon. On the game cart. There are now some similar tools available from various sources. Iltis Oxhead double bit felling axe: This double bit axe has many advantages over single bit axes.

It is a felling axe, so one edge is sharped to do the felling, with the other edge set up to do the limbing. Much better than a tomahawk or hatchet for heavier work and for lighter work done for longer periods of time. Pocket chainsaw: Another useful tool. Smaller and lighter than an axe, but much more effective than the saws on the SAKs and multi-tools.

It provides a huge advantage in survival situation to construct shelters and gather firewood. In a couple of different medium size survival kits. It is a small hatchet head, with a coarse threaded eye into which one can thread a handle made from a branch or broomstick. A bit heavy for a backpack survival kit, it can easily be carried in a car kit, or on a game cart to replace a tomahawk or hatchet. Wyoming knife: This specialized field butchering tool makes dressing game in the field, especially medium to large game, much easier, less fatiguing, more efficient, safer, and less likely to puncture internal organs of the game when slitting the animal open, and skinning it.

I keep one in my hunting pack, with a spare blade. But it will work for both. I do not carry mine often, but I do add it to the gear when going on longer field trips. Pick-of-Life Ice Escape Picks: These are a set of handles with short spikes, connected with a lanyard. Carried on the outside of winter clothing when one is going to be around water, they are one of the few ways to get out of the water after going through the ice. The picks allow a person to get traction on the ice to pull through the ice, or get back on top of it. Between these multi-tools and SAK, in addition to the Surge and Survivor, I can work on most of my gear, and create things in the field and around town when I need to.

Other parts of the sharps system are other knife sharpeners in addition to the Redi-Edge pocket sharpener. These include a couple more variations of the Redi-edge, a bastard cut mill file, Lansky Blademedic sharpener, Eze-Lap paddle diamond sharpener set, and a Lansky table sharpener kit. There are several alternative sharps and other sharps I would like to add. They are more for fairly specific situations, and would not be used in everyday activities.

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Pretty much a PAW option. The handle is hollow, but there is no joint in the knife. The Bushmaster is a copy of the Brewer survival knife. Now, while it does have a pinned tang, if one looks closely, it is obvious that the tang goes much deeper up into the handle than on other hollow handle knives. Definitely not as strong as a the Wilderness Edge or the SCHF1, as long as one does not pry with the knife it should be fine, and does have quite a few features the others to not.

I hope to get both the Wilderness Edge and the Bushmaster to build survival kits around. A Mediterranean Bowie knife: Another special purpose sharps tool. I would like to have one for use in the PAW, in deep wilderness situations where carrying several of the larger sharps tools would not be doable.

The Randall R Raymond Thorpe 13" bowie knife is very similar. A 13" to 15" Mediterranean Bowie knife would fill the medium blade role. The Cold Steel Heavy Cavalry saber for both mounted and dismounted use. For those situations in the PAW when a firearm is not available or when something less immediately lethal than a firearm is needed, when one is not facing firearms.

It can also be a tool of intimidation in many situations, as well as a deadly weapon when needed. It will take training to become proficient. A good thrusting spear, such as the Cold Steel Boar Spear would be part of my gear. The thrusting spear is never thrown. However, I believe that more than melee sharps should be carried. I believe ranged sharps are necessary, both for hunting as well as defense. Around 50" long, with tapered, small leaf, or dagger point. Three to five would be carried. They would be recovered if at all possible, but should be inexpensive enough to be considered somewhat disposable.

Historically, they were one of the most effective gladiators in competitions, racking up an enviable number of wins over most of the other types of gladiators. It was a special version of a butterfly knife, with several inches of exposed blade, around 5" — 7", carried in a sheath. I have not found anyone that can make one for me, in my price range. And I would really like to have true Damascus steel for the blade clip point , and KVT bearings in black walnut inlaid brass pivot handles.

With a modern buckler and a modern notched corner tapered long shield available, and some specific body armor items, a person could take on ranged sharps weapons, melee sharps weapons, and even, to a degree, some black powder weapons. And for groups, larger shields that are advanced with several people behind each, some moving the shield and some firing ranged weapons from behind them or stepping aside and firing , could provide both defense and some offensive use, again against attackers without modern firearms, and limited black powder arms.

With some modern materials and techniques incorporated, some of the weapons and defensive items could be effective even against some modern weapons, if used correctly. Even 40 years into a very bad PAW there would still be significant amounts of smokeless powder cartridges, and black powder would already be in production for use with our now current black powder weapons, even if only flintlock type actions.