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  1. FILM; Venice in a Time of Film Fever
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This is not the elegant scene Thomas Mann envisioned, but Mann later spent some years in Hollywood, so he might have understood the spectacle that the 50th Venice Film Festival became.

FILM; Venice in a Time of Film Fever

His presence fit perfectly into the new profile of the festival, a day event that ended two weeks ago: Venice as a Cannes wannabe, full of Hollywood glitz. And it suggests the primary purpose of film festivals today. Once, they seemed to be about making discoveries; now they are about launching films commercially. Like most film festivals around the world, Venice is in the midst of a severe identity crisis.

Cannes has been making noise which no one takes seriously so far about moving from spring to fall to attract splashier movies. The grandly-named Toronto Festival of Festivals, which ended last week, has become important mainly because it is so big; if you show films, something wonderful is bound to turn up. It has been overshadowed by the hazy memory of its glory days, when every year seemed to bring another Truffaut or Godard masterpiece. But longing for the new New Wave is misplaced, for those undiscovered gems are probably not out there.

The New Wave and the year-old New York Film Festival were born around the same time, in a different era: when movies were cheaper to make, national identities were more distinct, the entertainment media were smaller.

Il fuggitivo - The Fugitive () robbyrs, amygybokihyd.tkisub-MIRCrew

Today movies are the ultimate global village, and film festivals are slowly adjusting to that change. Venice, however, had to do something fast. Known as an artistic festival, it had fallen into a state so dull that no one outside Italy paid much attention to it. Yet the centerpiece of the festival was a high-minded meeting about authors' rights, billed as an "International Authors' Symposium," that turned into a cross between a Fellini-esque circus and a bad day at the United Nations. On a profound level, Venice's floundering effort to invent a fresh identity is a representative example of the crisis many festivals are going through.

The jury's decision echoed that of Cannes.

The Fugitive

This equivocating hints at the absurdity of awards. More importantly, the winners indicate how the same films are recycled from one city to another, leaving a festival little room for surprise, much less a distinctive profile. On a more frivolous level, Venice is worth noticing as a carnival all its own. The Venetians have a long history of byzantine politics and cultural chaos, and the rest of the world will never catch up.

This is "Film Festival, Italian Style," and it is like no other. A highlight of this year's festival was the presentation of a special Golden Lion for career achievement to Mr. Spielberg, followed by a screening of "Jurassic Park. There he stood, wearing black tie and holding a red velvet box, which opened to reveal the golden lion itself -- an ornate statue with a 's look that undeniably reveals this festival's Fascist roots.

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Suddenly a man's voice yelled, "Steven! He raced around shouting jokes in Italian that the audience found hilarious. Spielberg, who had been speaking through an interpreter, looked slightly befuddled. Then he posed for photographers, one hand holding his Golden Lion, the other poised on top of the big plastic egg. In the midst of this tackiness, Mr. Spielberg's short acceptance speech included one disarmingly honest line: "I can't believe I'm on the stage, because most of my movies wouldn't meet the criteria for a film festival.

If Mr. Spielberg can make the megahit "Jurassic Park" one year and the ultra-serious "Schindler's List" the next, if Martin Scorsese can move from "Cape Fear" to "The Age of Innocence," film festivals will shift along with them. The Venice Film Festival was so dominated by Hollywood commerce, it was inevitable that a deep, resentful strain of anti-Americanism would emerge. She formerly served as headmaster of the Conservatorio Francesco Venezze in Rovigo.

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    David Brooker Mie pupille 3. The anonymous text is based loosely on Canto 16 of Tasso's epic poem Gerusalemme liberata, Helen Verney Di gelosia il timore 2. The cantata opens with a short narration set as a remarkable accompanied recitative, the FLUTE bass line being suppressed and violin arpeggios alone indicating Armida's desperate pursuit of Rinaldo. It is fairly typical of the simpler kind of cantata, the singer representing a young man reflecting Per te mi struggo, infido 0.

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