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The aim of this study was to elucidate the feasibility of the chemical activation of BASh in order to obtain two types of activated coal AC. The final products were investigated for their different physicochemical characteristics: angle of repose, ash, differential screening calorimetry, etc. In the case of CAa, the modeling of the adsorption kinetic of methylene blue MB, as well as of adsorption isotherms, was also performed. The activation mode seemed to affect unequally the different physicochemical characteristics of both the obtained coals.

In addition, the activated shell showed an interesting capacity for MB adsorption , estimated at Method of Study. Examples of Results. Given the outlook for hydrocarbon depletion, three primary energy sources could enable supplies to be diversified, i. These primary energy sources can rarely be used directly and must be converted into energy carriers such as electricity, hydrogen, substitute natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons derived from coal, etc. The nature of future gas carriers and their position in the national energy balance must be examined within the framework of an overall energy pattern.

Many of the potential conversion processes are often interrelated through their production and consumption. Likewise, seasonal variations in consumption make it necessary to design production plants for peak demand or to create large-scale storage facilities. Ebooks and Manuals

An initial model taking these interactions into consideration. Interfacial adsorption of insulin - Conformational changes and reversibility of adsorption. The adsorption of human insulin to Teflon particles was studied with respect to conformational changes and the reversibility of adsorption was examined by total internal reflection fluorescence TIRF.

Adsorption isotherms for the adsorption of human insulin indicated high affinity adsorption , even. What else? After revisiting my memory as PhD student and the First Brazilian Adsorption meeting I will review the basic concepts involved in adsorption processes and then La piraterie sur le web. CERN Multimedia. A Simple Adsorption Experiment. The study of adsorption phenomenon is one of the most relevant and traditional physical chemistry experiments performed by chemistry undergraduate students in laboratory courses.

In this article, we describe an easy, inexpensive, and straightforward way to experimentally determine adsorption isotherms using pieces of filter paper as the adsorbent…. Radioactive nuclide adsorption. Purpose: To improve the efficiency of a radioactive nuclide adsorption device by applying a nickel plating on a nickel plate to render the surface active.

Constitution: A capturing device for radioactive nuclide such as manganese 54, cobalt 60, 58 and the like is disposed to the inside of a pipeway provided on the upper portion of fuel assemblies through which liquid sodium as the coolant for LMFBR type reactor is passed. The device comprises a cylindrical adsorption body and spacers. The adsorption body is made of nickel and applied with a nickel plating on the surface thereof.

The surface of the adsorption body is unevened to result in disturbance in the coolant and thereby improve the adsorptive efficiency. Kawakami, Y. Full Text Available Shale gas is an effective gas resource all over the world. The evaluation of pore structure plays a critical role in exploring shale gas efficiently. Nitrogen adsorption experiment is one of the significant approaches to analyze pore size structure of shale.

Shale is extremely heterogeneous due to component diversity and structure complexity. Therefore, adsorption isotherms for homogeneous adsorbents and empirical isotherms may not apply to shale. The shape of adsorption -desorption curve indicates that nitrogen adsorption on shale includes monolayer adsorption , multilayer adsorption , and capillary condensation. Usually, Langmuir isotherm is a monolayer adsorption model for ideal interfaces; BET Brunauer, Emmett, Teller adsorption isotherm is a multilayer adsorption model based on specific assumptions; Freundlich isotherm is an empirical equation widely applied in liquid phase adsorption.

In this study, a new nitrogen adsorption isotherm is applied to simultaneously depict monolayer adsorption , multilayer adsorption , and capillary condensation, which provides more real and accurate representation of nitrogen adsorption on shale. In addition, parameters are discussed in relation to heat of adsorption which is relevant to the shape of the adsorption isotherm curve.

The curve fitting results indicate that our new nitrogen adsorption isotherm can appropriately describe the whole process of nitrogen adsorption on shale. Eosin is one of the dyes commonly used in the industry and has the potential to cause pollution of the water environment. The Eosin pollution treatment methods used in this study was the adsorption method using humin fraction obtained from the peat land comes from Kalimantan. Sur des erres de jazz. In this study, competitive adsorption of albumin and IgG immunoglobulin G from human serum solutions and protein mixtures onto polymer surfaces is studied by means of radioactive labeling.

By using two different radiolabels I and I , albumin and IgG adsorption to polymer surfaces Exploring protein adsorption by combining analysis of competitive adsorption from complex solutions Our study shows that proteins can adsorb in a multilayer fashion onto the polymer surfaces Hybrid adsorptive membrane reactor.

A hybrid adsorbent-membrane reactor in which the chemical reaction, membrane separation, and product adsorption are coupled. Also disclosed are a dual-reactor apparatus and a process using the reactor or the apparatus. Co adsorption in kaolinite. Adsorption of metal ions in clay minerals has been used as an alternative to water and effluents treatment.

Kaolinite is a clay mineral that presents low specific surface area and exchange ion capacity. Nevertheless, structural modifications can be achieved by means of acid or thermal activation. Results showed that the optimized parameters are pH 6 and contact time of 30 min. Chromium acted as a competitive ion, zinc does not appear to have affected adsorption while iron seems to have favored it.

Souza, Eliel S. Structure sensitivity in adsorption. The structure sensitivity of CO adsorption on different flat, stepped, kinked and reconstructed Pt surfaces is studied using large-scale density-functional calculations. We propose a model to explain this behavior, and use it to discuss more generally the origin of structure sensitivity in heterogeneous catalysis It is generally known that in recent years oceanographers in all countries have denoted great attention to studying the dispersion routes and speed of movement of radioactive decay products in oceanic waters.

At the same time the form, degree and extent of contamination of oceanic waters by fission products has been investigated. It is clear that scientists are becoming more and more interested in living organisms as a factor responsible for the transport and distribution of radioactive substances in water. Ketchum and Y. Bowen discuss the concept of 'biological transport' and make an interesting attempt to define it in mathematical terms and to collate it with research on 'physical transport'. The term 'biocirculation' has come into use.

It is evident that this factor cannot be left out of account as a means of transport or system of adsorption. The great volume of suspension formed of mineral substances and not containing living organisms is characterized by its relatively low mobility, and the bacterial and phytoplankton bodies constitute a vast adsorption surface Tables 1 and 2.

The ocean water column contains a vast quantity of matter in suspension, including living organisms bacteria, phytoplankton and zooplankton and components not containing living organisms bioseston and abioseston. Quantitative determination of all the seston enables its role as an adsorption surface and as a mechanism of vertical and horizontal biocirculation to be evaluated.

En meme temps, on fait des recherches sur la forme, le taux et l'etendue de. Experiments with the SUR training reactor. This paper contains a compilation of various experiments using the SUR - reactor for training purposes, which have been widly proved in practical work at the School for Nuclear Technology of the Karlsruhe Research Center. A review on adsorption refrigeration technology and adsorption deterioration in physical adsorption systems.

Wang, D. As one kind of environmentally friendly refrigeration, the adsorption refrigeration has attracted many attentions in resent decades. This paper introduces the researches of adsorption refrigeration systems with the commonly used working pairs, advanced adsorption cycles, heat and mass transfer enhancement and attempts of adsorption refrigeration applications.

Poor heat and mass transfer problem is a bottleneck to prevent the improvements of the adsorption refrigeration technique. Two ways to enhance the heat and mass transfer are discussed in this paper. The adsorption deterioration of adsorbent, another obstacle to physical adsorption refrigeration applications, is also pointed out.

And the possible reasons and the possible methods are analyzed. Adsorption of uranium on halloysite. Adsorption of uranium U VI from aqueous solutions on halloysite type clay was studied as a function of amount of adsorbent, initial concentration and pH. The mean energy of adsorption was calculated as 5.

Lagergren and Bangham equation has been used for dynamic modelling of process and the rate constants of adsorption of uranium on halloysite type clay were calculated at , and K. In order to explain the mechanism of adsorption reaction, the rate constants were calculated at high and low uranium concentrations. Adsorption reaction was studied at , , , and K for halloysite type clay and also thermodynamic constants have been calculated. The results show that the adsorption reaction was endothermic and more spontaneous at high temperature.

Oil will continue to dominate the world energy scene between now and the year , but its relative share will gradually be reduced. It will probably continue ta play the role of price setter for energy. The price of natural gas is currently linked to that of fuel oil, but its cost price depends on various factors such as the costs of exploration, transportation, management of the network and storage, all of which must be taken into consideration in seeing that investments are profitable. Most of the cool produced in the EEC is not competitive, and this situation can hardly be expected to undergo a total change in the future.

Outside of Europe. Regenerative adsorption distillation system. There is provided a regenerative adsorption distillation system comprising a train of distillation effects in fluid communication with each other. The train of distillation effects comprises at least one intermediate effect between the first and last distillation effects of the train, each effect comprising a vessel and a condensing tube for flow of a fluid therein.

The system further comprises a pair of adsorption -desorption beds in vapour communication with the last effect and at least one intermediate effect, wherein the beds contain an adsorbent that adsorbs vapour from the last effect and transmits desorbed vapour into at least one of the intermediate effect. Pockmarks off Big Sur , California. A pockmark field was discovered during EM multi-beam bathymetric surveys on the lower continental slope off the Big Sur coast of California. The field contains???

To investigate the origin of these features, piston cores were collected from both the interior and the flanks of the pockmarks, and remotely operated vehicle observation ROV video and sampling transects were conducted which passed through 19 of the pockmarks. The water column within and above the pockmarks was sampled for methane concentration.

Piston cores and ROV collected push cores show that the pockmark field is composed of monotonous fine silts and clays and the cores within the pockmarks are indistinguishable from those outside the pockmarks. No evidence for either sediment winnowing or diagenetic alteration suggestive of fluid venting was obtained. Concentrations of methane, dissolved inorganic carbon, sulfate, chloride, and ammonium in pore water extracted from within the cores are generally similar in composition to seawater and show little change with depth, suggesting low biogeochemical activity.

These pore water chemical gradients indicate that neither significant accumulations of gas are likely to exist in the shallow subsurface??? Taken together the data indicate that these pockmarks are more than yr old, are presently inactive, and contain no indications of earlier fluid or gas venting events. All rights reserved. Physical adsorption and molecular dynamics. Some aspects of noble gases adsorption except He on graphite substracts are reviewed. Experimental results from this adsorption are analyzed and compared with molecular dynamics calculations.

Adsorption studies in a fluorinated atmosphere; Etude de l' adsorption en atmosphere fluorante. This CEA report deals with the adaptation of conventional or non-conventional apparatus to the measurement of the physical and chemical adsorption of corrosive fluorine-containing gases. Various techniques are reviewed, in particular: - thermogravimetry; - volumetry; - use of radio-active tracers; - calorimetry; - hertzian spectroscopy; - infrared spectroscopy.

In each of these cases, problems of corrosion call for the use of special techniques which require the extensive use of pure nickel and aluminium or certain of their alloys. Diagrams of the apparatus and some examples of applications are given, together with some details of the performances obtained and of the main drawbacks. Differentes techniques sont passees en revue, en particulier: - la thermogravimetrie; - la volumetrie; - l'utilisation de traceurs radioactifs; - la calorimetrie; - la spectroscopie hertzienne; - la spectroscopie infra-rouge.

Dans chacun des cas, les problemes de corrosion conduisent a une technologie specialement adaptee et utilisant tres largement le nickel et l'aluminium purs ou certains de leurs alliages. Des schemas d'appareils et quelques exemples d'application sont proposes, ainsi que quelques precisions sur les performances obtenues et les principaux defauts. Abassin, J. Full Text Available There is considerable interest in the use of foam-forming surfactants for mobility control in gas flooding enhanced oil recovery processes.

The success of any such process is strongly affected by the rate of propagation of the surfactant through the reservoir. A sound understanding of surfactant adsorption on rock surfaces at reservoir conditions is therefore essential. This paper describes a model for the evaluation of adsorption during flow of surfactant solutions through porous media.

The adsorption term in the flow equation is expressed in terms of the surface excess which proves to be more generally applicable than, for example, the Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Adsorption isotherms of three types of commercially available foam-forming surfactants are determined from core flooding data at different temperatures and brine salinities. Sulfate adsorption on goethite. Recent spectroscopic work has suggested that only one surface species of sulfate is dominant on hematite.

Sulfate is therefore a very suitable anion to test and develop adsorption models for variable charge minerals. The authors have studied sulfate adsorption on goethite covering a large range of sulfate concentrations, surface coverages, pH values, and electrolyte concentrations. Four different techniques were used to cover the entire range of conditions. For characterization at low sulfate concentrations, below the detection limit of sulfate with ICP-AES, the authors used proton-sulfate titrations at constant pH.

Adsorption isotherms were studied for the intermediate sulfate concentration range. Acid-base titrations in sodium sulfate and electromobility were used for high sulfate concentrations. All the data can be modeled with one adsorbed species if it is assumed that the charge of adsorbed sulfate is spatially distributed in the interface. The charge distribution of sulfate follows directly from modeling the proton-sulfate adsorption stoichoimemtry sine this stoichiometry is independent of the intrinsic affinity constant of sulfate.

The charge distribution can be related to the structure of the surface complex by use of the Pauling bond valence concept and is in accordance with the microscopic structure found by spectroscopy. The intrinsic affinity constant follows from the other measurements. Modeling of the proton-ion stoichoimetry with the commonly used 2-pK models, where adsorbed ions are treated as point charges, is possible only if at least two surface species for sulfate are used.

Estilos estructurales del Subandino Sur de Bolivia. En el presente trabajo se estudiaron los diferentes procesos I - The production of aromatic hydrocarbons from n-hexane and natural gasoline over Pd loaded ZSM-5 zeolite in a tubular reactor was achieved under the suitable conditions at deg. C, and 0. Under these conditions, n-hexane and natural gasoline conversions were found to be II - Wet catalytic air oxidation of phenol over a commercial active carbon was studied in a three phase fixed bed reactor under mild temperature and oxygen partial pressure.

Exit phenol concentration, COD, and intermediates were analysed. Oxidation of phenol was significantly improved when increasing operating temperature, oxygen partial pressure, and liquid space time, while up or down flow modes had only marginal effect.

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A complete model involving intrinsic kinetics and all mass transfer limitations gave convenient reactor simulation. Fundamentals of high pressure adsorption. However, theoretical puzzles in high-pressure adsorption hindered the progress of application studies. Therefore, the present paper addresses the major theoretical problems that challenged researchers: i.

Ideology and methods to tackle these problems are elucidated, which lead to new insights into the nature of high-pressure adsorption and progress in application studies, for example, in modeling multicomponent adsorption , hydrogen storage, natural gas storage, and coalbed methane enrichment, was achieved. Traps for phosphorus adsorption. However, since it diminishes the activity of to the reaction mixture it should be located upstream of the NoX catalyst, i. Diffusion Influenced Adsorption Kinetics.

When the kinetics of adsorption is influenced by the diffusive flow of solutes, the solute concentration at the surface is influenced by the surface coverage of solutes, which is given by the Langmuir-Hinshelwood adsorption equation. The diffusion equation with the boundary condition given by the Langmuir-Hinshelwood adsorption equation leads to the nonlinear integro-differential equation for the surface coverage.

Guided by the numerical results, analytical expressions for the upper and lower bounds of the exact numerical results were obtained. The upper and lower bounds were close to the exact numerical results in the diffusion- and reaction-controlled limits, respectively. We examined the validity of the two simple analytical expressions obtained in the diffusion-controlled limit. The results were generalized to include the effect of dispersive diffusion. We also investigated the effect of molecular rearrangement of anisotropic molecules on surface coverage.

First principles study of NH3 molecular adsorption on LiH surfaces. The adsorption of NH 3 on LiH crystal surfaces was studied by first principles method. It is found that chemical adsorption happened mainly when NH 3 molecules are on the LiH crystal surfaces. The interaction between NH 2 and the neighboring Li, H are ionic. The covalent bonds are formed between N and H atoms in NH 2. The covalent bonds are formed between H and H atoms in H 2. Copper adsorption in tropical oxisols. After adsorption , two consecutive extractions were performed to the samples which received mg L-1 copper.

Surface samples adsorbed higher amounts of Cu than the subsurface, and exhibited lower Cu removed after the extractions, reinforcing the influence of the organic matter in the reactions. Cu adsorption was significant in the subsurface horizons of the Oxisols, despite the positive balance of charge, demonstrating the existence of mechanisms for specific adsorption , mainly related to the predominance of iron and aluminum oxides in the mineral fractions. In these samples, Cu was easily removed from the adsorption sites. RH demonstrated a higher capacity for the Cu adsorption in both horizons.

Adsorption and collective paramagnetism. Adsorption and Collective Paramagnetism describes a novel method for studying chemisorption. The method is based on the change in the number of unpaired electrons in the adsorbent as chemisorption occurs. The method is applicable to almost all adsorbates, but it is restricted to ferromagnetic adsorbents such as nickel, which may be obtained in the form of very small particles, that is to say, to ferromagnetic adsorbents with a high specific surface.

While almost all the data used illustratively have been published elsewhere this is the first complete review of the subject. The book is addresse. Source: Observatoire d Source: Observ Ou est-ce une preuve quand un pilote tire sur un ovni et maintient son histoi Shale gas is an effective gas resource all over the world.

The shape of adsorption -desorption curve indi Oligocene cetaceans from Baja California Sur , Mexico. Abstract Baja California Sur has an important Cenozoic marine fossil record which includes diverse but poorly known Oligocene cetaceans from Mexico. Here we review the cetacean fossil record including new observations from materials that elucidate the evolution of the Neoceti in the Pacific basin. The specimens belong to the paleontological collection of Mu Controverses sur les sucres [Controversies about sugars.

New developments for localized adsorption. Using the diagrammatic expansion, new developments for localized adsorption are found. It is proved that the correlations in the system, in the absence of the attractive site potential, and the periodicity of the sites play a fundamental role in the adsorption phenomena. El los Sur buscando al Sur. Adsorption Desalination: A Novel Method. The search for potable water for quenching global thirst remains a pressing concern throughout many regions of the world. The demand for new and sustainable sources and the associated technologies for producing fresh water are intrinsically linked to the solving of potable water availability and hitherto, innovative and energy efficient desalination methods seems to be the practical solutions.

Quenching global thirst by adsorption desalination is a practical and inexpensive method of desalinating the saline and brackish water to produce fresh water for agriculture irrigation, industrial, and building applications. This chapter provides a general overview of the adsorption fundamentals in terms of adsorption isotherms, kinetics, and heat of adsorption.

It is then being more focused on the principles of thermally driven adsorption desalination methods. The recent developments of adsorption desalination plants and the effect of operating conditions on the system performance in terms of specific daily water production and performance ratio are presented. Design of a large commercial adsorption desalination plant is also discussed herein. Adsorption facility and adsorption vessel for radioactive carbon dioxide. If 14 CO 2 gas-containing gases to be adsorbed are pressurized and sent to a packaging adsorption means, CO 2 ingredient in the gases to be adsorbed is adsorbed or absorbed, and remaining gases are passed through and sent out to downstream.

CO 2 adsorption or absorption of the packaging adsorption means is judged by monitoring the state of the remaining gases, and if it is normal, remaining gases are sent further to downstream and processed. If abnormality is found, a gas feedback system is operated, and CO 2 removing gas is sent again to the packaging adsorption means, in which CO 2 gases are adsorbed or absorbed again repeatingly. With such procedures, in a case where C 14 nuclides having a long half decay time are supplied in the form of 14 CO 2 gas, they are efficiently adsorbed or absorbed in the packaging system to improve removing and storing property of 14 C nuclides.

Carbon nanomaterials for gas adsorption. Research in adsorption of gases by carbon nanomaterials has experienced considerable growth in recent years, with increasing interest for practical applications. Many research groups are now producing or using such materials for gas adsorption , storage, purification, and sensing. This book provides a selected overview of some of the most interesting scientific results regarding the outstanding properties of carbon nanomaterials for gas adsorption and of interest both for basic research and technological applications.

Topics receiving special attention in this book include storage of H, purific. Hydrogen purification by periodic adsorption. Barg, Christian; Secchi, Argimiro R. E-mail: cbarg enq. The periodic adsorption processes have been widely used for industrial applications, mainly because it spends less energy than the usual gas separation processes, like the cryogenic distillation.

The largest commercial application of periodic adsorption processes is the pressure swing adsorption PSA applied to hydrogen purification. Although its wide use in the chemical and petrochemical industry, there are no reports in the open literature about complete modeling studies of a complex commercial unit, with multiple adsorbents and multiple beds and several feed components. This study has as objective the modeling, optimization and dynamical analysis of an industrial PSA unit for hydrogen purification. Protein Adsorption in Three Dimensions. Recent experimental and theoretical work clarifying the physical chemistry of blood-protein adsorption from aqueous-buffer solution to various kinds of surfaces is reviewed and interpreted within the context of biomaterial applications, especially toward development of cardiovascular biomaterials.

An overview of the protein- adsorption literature identifies some of the sources of inconsistency among many investigators participating in more than five decades of focused research.

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A tutorial on the fundamental biophysical chemistry of protein adsorption sets the stage for a detailed discussion of the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein adsorption , including adsorption competition between two proteins for the same adsorbent immersed in a binary-protein mixture. Both kinetics and steady-state adsorption can be rationalized using a single interpretive paradigm asserting that protein molecules partition from solution into a three-dimensional 3D interphase separating bulk solution from the physical-adsorbent surface.

Adsorbed protein collects in one-or-more adsorbed layers, depending on protein size, solution concentration, and adsorbent surface energy water wettability. The adsorption process begins with the hydration of an adsorbent surface brought into contact with an aqueous-protein solution. Surface hydration reactions instantaneously form a thin, pseudo-2D interface between the adsorbent and protein solution.

This inflated interphase subsequently undergoes time-dependent minutes-to-hours decrease in volume VI by expulsion of either-or-both interphase water and. Strong Selective Adsorption of Polymers. A scaling theory is developed for selective adsorption of polymers induced by the strong binding between specific monomers and complementary surface adsorption sites. By "selective" we mean specific attraction between a subset of all monomers, called "sticky", and a subset of surface sites, called " adsorption sites".

We study strong selective adsorption of both telechelic polymers with two end monomers being sticky and multisticker polymers with many sticky monomers between sticky ends. Turistas hispanohablantes en Corea del Sur. Water adsorption on goethite: Application of multilayer adsorption models. Adsorbed water on the surface of atmospheric mineral dust has recently been shown to significantly affect the ability of mineral dust aerosol to act as cloud condensation nuclei. The goethite surface area and particle size was determined using BET analysis and with N2 as an adsorbate and scanning electron microscopy, respectively.

Water content was determined using Beer's law and the optical constants for bulk water. BET fits to experimental data provide parameters of monolayer coverage, while the FHH and Freundlich isotherms provide insights into multilayer adsorption mechanisms. Adsorption parameters and experimental results will be presented.

An adsorption isotherm equation for nonideal pure component adsorption based on vacancy solution theory and the Non-Random-Two-Liquid NRTL equation is found to be useful for predicting pure component adsorption equilibria at a variety of conditions. The isotherm equation is evaluated successfully Ultra Low Concentration Adsorption Equilibria. Specifically this work focuses on novel experimental and modeling methods to characterize and predict at ultra-low chemical vapor concentrations the protection afforded by adsorption -based vapor filtration systems Potential Theory of Multicomponent Adsorption.

We developed a theory of multicomponent adsorption on the basis of the potential concept originally suggested by Polanyi. The mixture is considered as a heterogeneous substance segregated in the external field emitted by the adsorbent. The same standard equation of state, with no additional fitting With this approach, few parameters are needed to correlate pure component adsorption isotherms. These parameters may be used to predict adsorption equilibria of multicomponent mixtures without additional adjustment.

A connection between Numerical algorithms are suggested for evaluation of the segregated state of the mixture in the potential field of adsorption forces. Comparison with experimental data shows good agreement Adsorption kinetics of surfactants on activated carbon. A study on the adsorption of both cationic and anionic surfactants using activated carbon as well as the investigation of the adsorption isotherms and adsorption kinetics has been conducted.

Adsorption of amylase enzyme on ultrafiltration membranes. A method to measure the static adsorption on membrane surfaces has been developed and described. The adsorption follows the Langmuir adsorption theory. Thus, the static adsorption consists of monolayer coverage. The static adsorption is expressed both as a permeability drop and an adsorption resistance. From the adsorption isotherms the maximum static permeability drops Adsorption of antibiotics on microplastics.

Microplastics and antibiotics are two classes of emerging contaminants with proposed negative impacts to aqueous ecosystems. Adsorption of antibiotics on microplastics may result in their long-range transport and may cause compound combination effects. Scanning Electron Microscope SEM and X-ray diffractometer XRD analysis revealed that microplastics have different surface characterizes and various degrees of crystalline.

Adsorption isotherms demonstrated that PA had the strongest adsorption capacity for antibiotics with distribution coefficient K d values ranged from 7. Relatively low adsorption capacity was observed on other four microplastics. Comparing to freshwater system, adsorption capacity in seawater decreased significantly and no adsorption was observed for CIP and AMX. Our results indicated that commonly observed polyamide particles can serve as a carrier of antibiotics in the aquatic environment. Regard sur les Lazarets en Terre Canadienne. Adsorption refrigeration technology theory and application.

Gives readers a detailed understanding of adsorption refrigeration technology, with a focus on practical applications and environmental concerns Systematically covering the technology of adsorption refrigeration, this book provides readers with a technical understanding of the topic as well as detailed information on the state-of-the-art from leading researchers in the field.

Introducing readers to background on the development of adsorption refrigeration, the authors also cover the development of adsorbents, various thermodynamic theories, the design of adsorption systems and adsorption refri. Counterintuitive to expectations and all prior observations of adsorbate-induced surface segregation of the more reactive alloy component the one forming the stronger bond with the adsorbate , we show that CO adsorption at elevated pressures and temperatures pulls the less reactive Cu to the sur Counterintuitive to expectations and all prior observations of adsorbate-induced surface segregation of the more reactive alloy component the one forming the stronger bond with the adsorbate , we show that CO adsorption at elevated pressures and temperatures pulls the less reactive Cu The results, which are expected Full Text Available Ursula K.

Study of various decontamination processes for evaporation concentrates; Etude de differents traitements de decontamination sur des concentrats d'evaporation. Centre de Production de Plutonium de Marcoule. Dans ce but, la fixation sur des produits mineraux, la precipitation sous forme de sels insolubles ou l' adsorption sur des coprecipites ont ete envisagees. Dans le cas de la fixation des radioelements par des produits mineraux d'origine naturelle ou synthetique a pouvoir absorbant eleve tels que: argiles, diatomees, silicates synthetiques et alumines, 48 produits ont ete experimentes.

Les traitements classiques ont ete experimentes. A biological oil adsorption filter. Pasila, A [University of Helsinki Finland. A new oil adsorption method called adsorption filtration AF has been developed. It is a technology where by oil residues can be cleaned from water by running it through a simple filter made from freeze treated, dried, milled and then fragmented plant material.

By choosing suitable plants and fragmentation sizes it is possible to produce filters, which pass water but adsorb oil. The aim of this study was to investigate the possibilities of manufacturing oil adsorbing filter materials from reed canary grass Phalaris arundinacea , flax Linum usitatissimum L. The oil 80 ml was mixed with de-ionised water ml and this mixture was filtered through 10 or 20 g adsorption filters. Fine spring harvested hemp fibre diameter less than 1 mm and reed canary grass fragments adsorb g of oil per gram of adsorption material compared to g of water.

Adsorption filtration is thus a novel way of gathering spilled oil in shallow coastal waters before the oil reaches the shore. Adsorption studies on Pt Using a platinum monocrystal sample with a contonuous stage density, the adhesion coefficient for O 2 and the reaction probability for CO were determined as a function of stage density and oxygen cover by measuring the oxygen cover and its time behaviour.

The study of vibrations of adsorbed CO showed that CO is bound in linear form on two different adsorption sites. The adsorption of acetylene was studied at K and K. The frequencies of the C-H stretching and flexural vibrations as well as the C-C-H bonding angle were determined.

Theoretical insight of adsorption cooling. This letter proposes and presents a thermodynamic formulation to calculate the energetic performances of an adsorption cooler as a function of pore widths and volumes of solid adsorbents. The simulated results in terms of the coefficient of performance are validated with experimental data. It is found from the present analysis that the performance of an adsorption cooling device is influenced mainly by the physical characteristics of solid adsorbents, and the characteristics energy between the adsorbent-adsorbate systems.

The present study confirms that there exists a special type of silicagel having optimal physical characteristics that allows us to obtain the best performance. Fast gas adsorption measurements for complicated adsorption mechanisms. After each pressure change he measured the adsorbed mass three times and calculated its equilibrium value at the new pressure. In the present paper, we discuss the applicability of this. A ground water treatment process is proposed involving two cgemical processes: adsorption and oxidation.

Adsorption of an organic compound onto granulated activated carbon GAC containing iron conveniently results in immobilizing and concentrating contaminants from the ground w Toutefois, les responsables des Le lancement canadien du Rapport sur les politiques alimentaires Une nouvelle ouverture sur le monde pour les femmes CRDI Gestion des agroecosystemes sur le mont agou en zone forestiere Recherche en partenariat sur la transition nutritionnelle et les Des pratiques culturales influent sur les attaques de deux ravageurs Taxes sur les cigarettes en Tanzanie.

A natural zeolite was employed as adsorbent for reducing of malachite green from aqueous solution. A batch system was applied to study the adsorption of malachite green in single system on natural zeolite. The adsorption studies indicate that malachite green in single component system follows the second-order kinetics and the adsorption is diffusion process with two stages for malachite green.

Malachite green adsorption isotherm follows the Langmuir model. Full Text Available A natural zeolite was employed as adsorbent for reducing of malachite green from aqueous solution. Lignes directrices canadiennes sur la rhinosinusite chronique. Quelques commentaires sur les personnages de fiction. Some commentaries about fiction charactersPutting into form a number of observations and developing an analysis on the status of fiction characters, the author draws on resources coming from history, literature, semiotic, logic et narration. What is that particular life lived by fiction characters that enable us to consider them as being more real than real characters, and to experience the feelings that they experience, even though we know that they do not exist?

How do these characters exist? The questioning centres on the nature of the emotional flux which flows from the reader towards the fictional characters thus giving them value, and on what it is which is projected from real life towards the novel and which is capable of sweeping up the reader who, without having particularly intended to do. This result will allow to put the thermodynamical basis for a rational design of different process units devoted to dioxins removal. Adsorptive storage of natural gas. The present status, theoretical limits and operational problems are discussed.

Natural gas NG has a considerable advantage over conventional fuels both from an environmental point of view and for its natural abundance. All these will restrict its use. Compressed natural gas CNG may be a solution, but high pressures are needed up to 25 MPa for use in natural-gas fueled vehicles, and the large cost of the cylinders for storage and the high-pressure facilities necessary limit the practical use of CNG. Alternatively, adsorbed natural gas ANG at 3 - 4 MPa offers a very high potential for exploitation in both transport and large-scale applications.

At present, research about this technology mainly focuses on: to make adsorbents with high methane adsorption capacity; to make clear the effects of heat of adsorption and the effect of impurities in natural gas on adsorption and desorption capacity. This paper provides an overview of current technology and examines the relations between fundamentals of adsorption and ANG storage. Surfactants used to enhance remediation of soils by soil washing are often lost in the process.

Neither the amount nor the cause of this loss is known. It is assumed that clays present in the soil are responsible for the loss of the surfactant. In this papere, adsorption prope Immunoglobulin adsorption on modified surfaces. Preservation of biological functioning of proteins during immobilisation is of special interest in various biomedical and biotechnical applications. In industry physical adsorption of immunoglobulins IgGs onto solid surfaces is still the predominant immobilisation procedure because it is. Thermodynamic Properties of Chromium Adsorption by Sediments The adsorption of Chromium from aqueous solution using river Watari sediment as an adsorbent was modeled.

The influence of initial pH, solution temperature, adsorbent and adsorbate concentrations on the adsorption efficiency was investigated using batch equilibrium assays. From the results obtained for the adsorption Competitive Adsorption of Chloroform and Bromoform Using The results obtained were checked with Freundlich adsorption isotherm model. Based on the model, adsorption capacity of Calgon F and Norit GCN were found higher for bromoform than chloroform. Calgon F Environmentally benign working pairs for adsorption refrigeration.

This paper begins from adsorption working pairs: water and ethanol were selected as refrigerants; 13x molecular sieve, silica gel, activated carbon, adsorbent NA and NB, proposed by authors, were selected as adsorbents, and the performance of adsorption working pairs in adsorption refrigeration cycle was studied. The adsorption isotherms of adsorbents NA and NB were obtained by high-vacuum gravimetric method. Desorption properties of adsorbents were analyzed and compared by thermal analysis method.


The performance of adsorption refrigeration was studied on simulation device of adsorption refrigeration cycle. After presentation of adsorption isotherms, the thermodynamic performance for their use in adsorption refrigeration system was calculated. The results show: 1 the maximum adsorption capacity of water on adsorbent NA reaches 0. Quelle connaissance autre que scientifique nous propose-t-elle? From aggregative adsorption to surface depletion. Adsorption of a short-chain nonionic amphiphile C6E3 at the surface of mesoporous silica glass CPG was studied by a combination of adsorption measurements and mesoscale simulations.

Intriguingly, as the concentration is increased further, the surface excess of the amphiphile begins to decrease and eventually becomes Adsorption from solutions of non-electrolytes. Adsorption from Solutions of Non-Electrolytes provides a general discussion of the subject, which has so far been given little or no attention in current textbooks of physical chemistry.

A general view of the subject is particularly needed at a time when we wish to see how far it will be possible to use theories of solutions to explain the phenomena of adsorption. The book opens with an introductory chapter on the types of interface, aspects of adsorption from solution, types of adsorption , and classification of systems.

This is followed by separate chapters on experimental methods, adsorption. Presentation of the health impact evaluation study of atmospheric emissions of a major coal combustion installation; Mise a jour de l'etude d'evaluation de l'impact sur la sante des rejets atmospheriques des tranches charbon d'une grande installation de combustion. In the framework of a working group on the major installations, a study has been realized on a today coal combustion installation. The direct risk by inhalation and the risks bond to indirect exposure of atmospheric releases were analyzed.

The calculation method is explained and the uncertainties are discussed to present the results. Fibrinogen adsorption on blocked surface of albumin. We have investigated the adsorption of albumin and fibrinogen onto PET polyethylene terephthalate and glass surfaces and how pre- adsorption of albumin onto these surfaces can affect the adsorption of later added fibrinogen. For materials and devices being exposed to blood, adsorption Albumin is often used as blocking agent for avoiding unspecific protein adsorption onto surfaces in devices designed to handle Information about topography and coverage of adsorbed protein layers has been obtained using AFM Atomic Force Microscopy analysis in liquid.

Our studies show that albumin adsorbs in a multilayer Investigation of adsorption performance deterioration in silica gel—water adsorption refrigeration. The adsorption deterioration must greatly impact the performance of the silica gel—water adsorption refrigeration system. In order to investigate the adsorption deterioration of silica gel, many different silica gel samples were prepared according to the application surroundings of silica gel in adsorption refrigeration systems after the likely factors to cause such deterioration were analyzed.

The specific surface area, silanol content, adsorption capacity and pore size distribution of those samples were tested and the corresponding adsorption isotherms were achieved. In terms of the experimental data comparisons, it could be found that there are many factors to affect the adsorption performance of silica gel, but the pollution was the primary one to decline the adsorption capacity.

In addition, the adsorption performance of the deteriorated samples after being processed by acid solution was explored in order to find the possible methods to restore its adsorption performance. Hydrogen Adsorption on Nanoporous Biocarbon. Wood, M. The structural analysis shows that the carbon is highly microporous and that the pore space is highly correlated micropores do not scatter independently. Random and cooperative sequential adsorption. Irreversible random sequential adsorption RSA on lattices, and continuum "car parking" analogues, have long received attention as models for reactions on polymer chains, chemisorption on single-crystal surfaces, adsorption in colloidal systems, and solid state transformations.

Cooperative generalizations of these models CSA are sometimes more appropriate, and can exhibit richer kinetics and spatial structure, e. This is the case even for the saturation "jammed" state of models where the lattice or space cannot fill completely. However exact analysis is often possible in one dimension, and a variety of powerful analytic methods have been developed for higher dimensional models.

Here we review the detailed understanding of asymptotic kinetics, spatial correlations, percolative structure, etc. Random sequential adsorption of cubes. Random packings built of cubes are studied numerically using a random sequential adsorption algorithm. To compare the obtained results with previous reports, three different models of cube orientation sampling were used.

Also, three different cube-cube intersection algorithms were tested to find the most efficient one. The study focuses on the mean saturated packing fraction as well as kinetics of packing growth. Microstructural properties of packings were analyzed using density autocorrelation function. ATP-sensitive potassium channels K-ATP channels play a key role in adjusting the membrane potential to the metabolic state of cells.

SUR modulates channel gating in response to the binding of nucleotides or drugs and Kir6. The activity of K-ATP channels varies with their localization. Three residues E, I, L located in the linker region between transmembrane domain 2 and nucleotide-binding domain 2 of SUR 2A were previously found to be involved in the activation pathway linking binding of openers onto SUR 2A and channel opening. Sur : uma minoria cosmopolita na periferia ocidental Sur : a cosmopolitan minority on the western periphery. This article explores the conditions and dispositions that enabled the emergence of the magazine Sur and the formation of the cultural group of the same name.

It sets out the criteria for a periodization that takes into account, along with material factors, the shifting historical and cultural circumstances experienced by the publication over its year life-span The text highlights some of the main ideological and aesthetic themes to have filled the magazine's pages. It describes the original project and the transformations introduced by its chief editor, Victoria Ocampo, as well as the changes in the relations and problematics of the intellectual field.

Full Text Available In this paper the possibility of cadmium removal from aqueous solutions by adsorption onto modified montmorillonite clay is investigated. Modified montmorillonite adsorption capacity increases at higher pHs suggesting adsorption occurs as a result of surface precipitation and HDTMA complex formation due to the fact that the original negatively charged montmorillonite is now covered by a cationic layer of HDTMA.

Adsorption isotherms generated followed a Langmuir isotherm equation possibly indicating a monolayer coverage. Anionic selectivity of the HDTMA modified monmorillonite is particularly advantageous in water treatment applications where high concentrations of less adsorbable species are present, and the lack of organoclay affinity for these species may allow the available capacity to be utilized selectively by the targeted species. The adsorption of some dyes on samples of bead cellulose obtained in the Unit of Research-Production "Cuba 9"was studied.

Methylene blue, alizarin red and congo red fitted the adsorption isotherm of Langmuir. Experiments carried out to release the methylene blue occluded in the cellulose beads gave a kinetic behavior of zero order. The study of cytochrome C adsorption was included to test a proteinic material. Crosslinking of bead cellulose was performed with epichlorohydrin decreasing its adsorption capacity in acidic or alkaline solution. Hausse des taxes sur le tabac et politiques de lutte antitabac au Rapport annuel au Parlement Loi sur la protection des Rapport statistique sur la Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels.

Nom de l'institution :. Commission des Nations Unies sur les produits indispensables aux We analyse adsorption of a multicomponent mixture at high pressure on the basis of the potential theory of adsorption. The adsorbate is considered as a segregated mixture in the external field produced by a solid adsorbent. This equation asymptotic adsorption equation, AAE is a first order approximation with regard to the distance from a phase envelope Derechos y justicia y el movimiento social en internet 5 de agosto de BL 04 La Bible nomade [Publ.

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