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In , three years after war with Mexico had halved that country and expanded U. Willard made several such maps, illustrating an idea popular among 18th and 19th century historians, and illustrated in many similar ways by other artists: casting history as a succession of great empires, one taking over for another.

Other visual metaphors told this story, too. The U. She helped solidify, for both her peers and her students, a narrative of American destiny and inevitability, writes University of Denver historian Susan Schulten. Willard was a pioneer in many respects, including, perhaps, in her adaptation of European neoclassical ideas about history and time in the justification of a new American empire.

Interactive Map Shows the Seizure of Over 1.

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Folks with a passing knowledge of ukiyo-e , the Japanese woodblock print art form popular in the 17th through 19th centuries, will be familiar with its landscapes, as well as its portraits of courtesans and kabuki actors. But often these prints were educational, demonstrated by these very odd anatomical prints that promote good health as it relates to our internal workings.

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Long before animated monsters warned us about our mucus-filled chests, Japanese artists like Utagawa Kunisada filled the guts of these men and women with little workers, making sure the human body worked like a functioning village or town. Inside, little men scurry about a pool wrapped in intestines, stoke a fire under the heart, all the while a scholar keeps reference materials nearby.

The two prints were meant as instructional, pointing out best health practices, and warning against overindulgence and excess. Other prints are just as inventive: a back and abdomen covered in children playing familiar games; another featuring popular kabuki actors standing in for various organs.

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Now, that is just crying out for a modern remake. The last print shows a pregnant woman whose belly contains Tainai jukkai no zu Ten realms within the body , a Buddhist idea that you can read more about here. As for their function inside the womb, that is for others of a higher consciousness to discern. You can also follow him on Twitter at tedmills , read his other arts writing at tedmills.

How to save those wet, damaged books? The question has to be asked. Above, you can watch a visual primer from the Syracuse University Libraries --people who know something about taking care of books. It contains a series of tips--some intuitive, some less so--that will give you a clear action plan the next time water and paper meet. Would you like to support the mission of Open Culture? Or sign up for our daily email and get a daily dose of Open Culture in your inbox. Each and every day we eat, we sleep, we read, we brush our teeth. So why haven't we all become world-class masters of eating, sleeping, reading, and teeth-brushing?

Most of us, if we're honest with ourselves, plateaued on those particular skills decades ago, despite never having missed our daily practice sessions. This should tell us something important about the difference between practicing an action and simply doing it a lot, a distinction at the heart of the concept of "deliberate practice. Psychologist Anders Ericsson, the single figure most closely associated with deliberate practice, draws a distinction with what he calls naive practice: "Naive practice is people who just play games," and in so doing "just accumulate more experience.

And once you have that specific goal of changing it, you will now engage in a practice activity that has a purpose of changing that. As a post on deliberate practice at Farnam Street puts it, "great performers deconstruct elements of what they do into chunks they can practice. They get better at that aspect and move on to the next," often under the guidance of a teacher who can more clearly see their strengths and weaknesses in action.

The only way to make progress is to operate in the learning zone, which are those activities that are just out of reach. But striking that balance presents challenges of its own, challenges that have ensured a readership for writings on the subject of how best to engage in deliberate practice by Ericsson as well as many others such as writer-entrepreneur James Clear, whose beginner's guide to deliberate practice you can read online here. The video above on Ericsson's book Peak: How to Master Almost Anything explains his view of the goal of deliberate practice as to develop the kind of library of "mental representations" that masters of every discipline — golfers, doctors, guitarists, comedians, novelists — use to approach every situation that might arise.

Developing those mental representations requires specific goals, intense periods of practice, immediate feedback during that practice, and above all, frequent discomfort. Everyone enjoys mastery once they attain it, but if you find yourself having too much fun on the way, consider the possibility that you're not practicing deliberately enough.

Get Out and Exercise.

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These images capture the daily lives of overlooked people groups, like the Bedouin hunters of Syria, as well as the lives of regular people before conservative regimes swept into power around the region and wiped away traces of modernization and the personal, religious, creative, and sexual freedoms we see represented. Enter the Arab Image Foundation's digital archive here , and learn more about how these photographs have been digitally preserved at The Iris.

Visit a New Digital Archive of 2. They are alive poems. You were my beloved and hated twin. She went on to publish several books of poetry and nonfiction and win multiple prestigious awards while also performing poetry across the country and playing saxophone with her band Poetic Justice. One of the first firms to move to the suburbs, they decided to purchase a parcel of land along the railway in Garden City to house their subsidiary Country Life Press, and a new station was built especially to serve them in This helped them to develop distribution channels that revolutionised the publishing industry — families that had previously only had access to newspapers and magazines suddenly started bringing books into their homes.

Initially producing 6, books per day, that figure had grown to , books by , at which time Doubleday was the largest publisher in the US, with annual sales of over 30 million books. The advert pictured below explains how members were asked to commit to at least six books a year the introductory first three costing only 10c in total , while the flyer above kindly shared by krakencrafts via flickr shows how members were able to swap out the monthly featured book for a variety of alternate selections or order additional books, if they were so inclined.

Now-grown children whose families collected the books for them recall using stickers with the names of the books on them to make the orders when they sent them in. Bad news first — whilst this series is beloved by many and collections look adorable on the shelf, most book club editions are typically valued quite poorly by collectors, and JDE books are no exception to this mind you, this is of course excellent news for collectors, as you can easily build up a lovely looking collection of nostalgia without breaking the bank.

The good news for sellers is that books with dust jackets are much more uncommon and can certainly command higher prices if they are in good condition. However, by far the most valuable books in the series are those earliest releases, which are really quite rare presumably because the subscriber base started out much smaller , and collectors may well be willing to part with a decent amount of cash to be able to complete their collection for these scarce volumes.

People who collect variant copies are also likely to be interested in and willing to pay more for the early editions of any books which were later reprinted, since they have different cover designs, and sometimes even different illustrators. Most of the others were sourced from private collections, with a few of the low resolution pictures of very rare items snagged from online auctions. Junior Deluxe Editions.

Junior Deluxe Editions - Publishing History. Junior Deluxe Editions Black Beauty.

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What are my Junior Deluxe Editions worth? Complete list of Junior Deluxe Editions.

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You can sort the list below by title, author, year, etc. Happy hunting! Buck Joseph E. Andrew Lang Jim Spanfeller For more beautiful editions of the fairy books by Andrew Lang see the Folio Society Fairy Book collection and also the original bindings - both sets are completely stunning! Louisa May Alcott C. Powers OR Two variants with illustrations by different artists.

Barrie Nora S. Arthur Conan Doyle Richard M. Frank Baum Leonard Weisgard Share this: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A Wrinkle In Time. Abe Lincoln Grows Up. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Variant editions with different illustrators.

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Variant editions with different illustrators. Aesop's Fables Uncommon. Alice in Wonderland Variant editions with different illustrators. All the Mowgli Stories. An Old Fashioned Girl. Andersen's Fairy Tales. Animal Stories: Tales of the Old Plantation. Around the World in Eighty Days. At the Back of the North Wind. Big Red.

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The Big Wave and Other Stories. Black Beauty Variant editions with different illustrators. Doubleday precursor. The Black Stallion. For more beautiful editions of the fairy books by Andrew Lang see the Folio Society Fairy Book collection and also the original bindings - both sets are completely stunning! Captains Courageous. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Christmas Stories. Daniel Boone: Wilderness Scout.

Davy Crockett. Don Quixote of the Mancha Rare. Eight Cousins Variant editions with different illustrators.