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MORNING MORGANTOWN Lyrics by Mitchell Joni

Two new businesses were on that street - the second health-food store in town and the figure salon. As I walked up awningless High Street past a store window, I noticed that light blue washable suits are again fashionable. Continuing on up the street, I noticed that all the stores downtown were still closed and quiet, though two longhaired young men were sweeping the sidewalk in front of the Monongahela Building.

But, at the bakery, where I stopped for breakfast, business was brisk.


Men in blue workshirts, women in neat black dresses, and some men wearing shortsleeved shirts and ties started the day around the U-shaped counters with the newspaper, a cup of coffee, and conversation. I ordered the No. As I sat sipping my coffee after eating, I realized that I hadn't seen any merchants rolling awnings down or "milk trucks making their morning rounds," but looking up at the cozy French provincial town on Pike's wallpaper, I was reminded simultaneously of Morgantown and another stanza from Joni's song: We'll find a table in the shade And sip our tea and lemonade And watch the morning on parade In morning, Morgantown.

I was certainly watching the morning on parade this morning, and at the same time I was realizing the cozy nature of "our" provincial town. Now as a woman in my fifties, I look to her as one strong example of how to age with dignity.

Morning Morgantown

But the only thing I have to give To make you smile, to win you with Are all the mornings still to live In morning Morgantown. What would Ruth Velasquez?

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Would their initial responses be similar to mine beautiful, peaceful, comforting, the way life should be, the way life is? Or would their responses be entirely different? I will try to find a way to ask. Posted On May 22, When morning comes to Morgantown The merchants roll their awnings down The milk trucks make their morning rounds In morning Morgantown There are birds and ferns out today, and it is quiet but for the milk trucks or otherwise that roll past on the street out front.

Two event highlights in these last days: A local book group read Sing for Me for their May meeting and invited me over for wine and other deliciousness.

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What a wonderful, thoughtful, funny, down-to-earth group of women. And they took the time to read Sing for Me. Honestly, time is so precious. I have a crush on each and every one of them for being so nice.

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