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  4. Almost $20,000 was paid in ransom to free kidnapped hostages, court told
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When an ex British Intelligence officer learns his niece has been kidnapped in London there is hell to pay. This story starts off fast and grabs you on page one and keeps you turning pages to the end. They went to America to deal with a large Iraqi terror cell, and suffered a heavy price in the process. They had barely been home long enough to heal from a multitude of injuries when Murphy and the team learn that the team leaders niece has been kidnapped.

Based on years of experience in British Intelligence and MI5 they knew the multi-million dollar ransom would not bring her back alive. If they were to ever see her alive again they were going to have to find her and take her back. This is a hard hitting Novella that will deliver like only a Michael Murphy Novel can.

Reviews from Goodreads. This is one of the biggest moral issues around today. To make things worse, if anyone takes a side on the argument, every one hates them, and I mean every one. But I will throw my neck out there and say that if there is a chance to get hostages back on our terms, we should try. If not, then we do what we can to shift things to our favor.

Yes the government should pay the ransom because think of it like this. If it was your mother, brother, father, sister, or any family then you would want them to come home and be safe. And believe it or not but there is someone who loves them at home. The situation with hostages is a very difficult thing to monitor.

On one hand, everyone wants the hostages back as soon as possible, but on the other, giving into the ransom can make other terrorists keep hostages.

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It is an incredibly hard decision, and I do not know what is best. I do, however think that it is not best to storm the hostage stronghold, because that will most likely lead to the hostages being killed. I think that the best way to handle this situation is to work through the fortifications systematically, not speedily. Though if this is not handled correctly, the hostages will surely be killed. I believe that the policy of not negotiating with terrorists is a sound one.

I think that countries should pay ransom if it is not a threat to its security.

Lil Tecca - Ransom (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

If a citizen that was abducted then the ransom should be paid but if it was a government official it should not not be paid. For the sake of the lives of the population of the country, the official should be rescued but without the ransom.

Ransom Free Money

The official if abducted for ransom would not need to give the kidnappers any important iformation however, if the kidnappers wanted both then the right response would be to hunt them down. Well depending on the circumstances of how it happened and how you can resolve it situation, but if paying ransom is the only solution to getting the civilian or civilians back safely I think the country should pay to get the people back. But I get what they are saying that if they keep continuing to pay ransom they will believe the kidnappers will believe they can get away with it, but if you are able to get the civilian back safely they could help the government with information to capture the kidnappers.

I think that countries openly paying ransom to terrorists would just encourage more kidnappings. However, the U. This topic has torn me in different directions. Of course, we should work extremely hard to retrieve captured Americans, but on the same note, paying them would only bring with it more kidnappings. Using military force on the terrorists is even more dangerous, and we should not condone such a thing.

You are putting several lives on the line for just one life.

Almost $20,000 was paid in ransom to free kidnapped hostages, court told

I really have no solid solution on the subject. I think that refusing to pay ransom to free hostages is understandable. It gives the terrorists power because you let them win. I do not feel that countries should negotiate ransoms or the trading of prisoners with terrorists. Under the right circumstances, an exchange might be useful.

Paying ransoms does fund kidnappers in the long run.

They usually ask for exorbitant amounts of money in exchange for a person who might have meant nothing to the situation at hand such as a photojournalist. If they do pay for the release of the person, what do they get in return? Another journalist who knew the risks of going into a place with high levels of danger? Or maybe another soldier who is basically giving an eye for an eye if they lose their life. The families of the abducted should be responsible for the actions and reprocussions caused by them.

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That may sound cold but as the United States has said before, we do not negotiate with terriosts. We need a backbone against them, if we keep paying ransom then they will continue to kidnap more and more. It causes the terrorists to think that they are able to kidnap whoever they want from other places, just so they can get money for returning the person home safely.

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Yes, it may be risky to not have a ransom option, but I think it is worth the risk. What the U. Someone will always suffer in this type of situation, but the thoughts for a situation like this need time to be figure out. Yes, We help fund their organization which is bad. If we keep funding their Organization they will not stop kidnapping they will keep on going. They are bring us the U. Jut because it the journalists choice to go over seas to do their job. I think that they shouldnt pay the terrorist because thats just telling them that if they kidnap more people they will just get more money and that the the american gov is weak.

I dont think we should pay them. It could fund them to the point where they are dominant over more countries. It could lead to more kidnaps because they could just want more money. I would want to do more raids because we could capture our captives and save them.