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  4. Crosby 5/8″ and 3/4″ Shackles

Similar in features to the standard dee shackles, bow shackles have a wider internal width clearance for fitting to wider, irregular shaped or multiple objects, but with a standard pin width that doesn't reduce compromise the point load B. Specifically designed for halyard applications, these shackles feature a closed eye section at the top to retain the halyard at all times and a captive shackle pin to avoid accidental dropping and loss.


The halyard retaining pin is removable to allow fitting of a pre-spliced halyard eye end, and the shackle pin is engaged by a quick action pin that requires only one quarter turn to tighten or loosen, has an anti-vibration retaining lug and a long lever head for easy one handed engagement. With lightweight formed bodies, these shackles provide the lightest weight solution for a nominal pin size, where load capacity isn't as critical.

They utilize split pin securing of the shackle pin for reliable fitting without tools. These shackles have non standard dimensional proportions allowing them to provide the most compact solution in certain specialist applications. Slotted head pins contribute to the efficient minimising of space.


These shackles provide full degree rotation for variable alignment of the two items being linked. They have convenient pin attachment at each end and some models have ball bearings for free rotation even at high loads. These items allow the alignment of two objects to be rotated 90 degrees relative to each other.

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They provide a convenient, more compact solution that has traditionally been addressed by linking two shackles. They also provide pivoting movement in two planes - about each of the pins. Standard Dee.

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As a shackle manufacturer, the Petersen quality system is ISO and aerospace AS certified giving full traceability on all stainless steel lifting shackles. Every stainless shackle is manufactured, proof load tested to 2 x WLL, marked with the proof load test number and certified at the Petersen factory in the North East of England. Petersen Stainless Rigging has been forging stainless steel shackles for over years.

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As a manufacturer Petersen have full control of the entire shackle manufacturing process. It begins by sourcing the highest quality european stainless steel drawn bar stock.

Crosby 5/8″ and 3/4″ Shackles

Drawn stainless bar is chosen because it gives the best and strongest grain structure. All Petersen Stainless lifting shackles are upset forged rather than drop forged to keep the grain flowing around the shackle head rather than splintering it.

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Keeping the long, as-drawn grain structure gives stainless steel shackles excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance and also results in the highest strength stainless steel lifting shackle in the market.