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The Mailbox, - Every delivery day, 83 year-old Lethe waits at her mailbox for the mailman to arrive.

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John Tanner freely gave all he had, giving us an example of generosity and consecration in serving the Lord. The sometimes amusing frustrations and anxieties of adolescent courtship are depicted as a young man attempts to secure a date with his dream girl.

Johnny Lingo bargains his dowry for a bride, paying an exorbitant dowry and causing a sensation on the island. Being an expert trader, he knows the value of things—especially self-esteem. Thomas, who once doubted, beholds the power, majesty, and love of Jesus Christ.

Faith in Christ will help individuals resolve personal challenges. This asset is not available for download. It is for Church use and online viewing only. See the Media Library usage page for more information. Jesus tells the parable of the good Samaritan to illustrate the commandment to "love thy neighbour as thyself. PreS-Gr 2 —The characters of this brief, rhyming tale head to school on their very first day. Cartoon illustrations feature their wide-eyed excitement for learning, frustration as they try to work independently for the first time, and cubbies filled with enough wood, cardboard, screws, nails, glue, and clamps to satisfy their every experiment.

Led by their teacher Ms. Drill, the tools practice safety and skills, working first alone and then learning together to explore the value of cooperation. Text includes a bit of onomatopoeia—the sounds of constructing a toolbox—while speech bubbles highlight a busy conversation. Paul, Miranda. The Great Pasta Escape. K-Gr 2 —What would happen if the pasta at the factory suddenly realized that instead of going to a super market place they were going to be dinner instead? A miracle Angel Hair to the rescue.

And, finally, a good plan involving teamwork, in which they are all shipped to Super Awesome Island, a very super place indeed. And of course, the whole story is all wrapped up with noodle puns galore. Intellectual bow tie pasta wears glasses, laid back Mac aroni has a bandana and shades, and Wagon Wheel Rotelle sports a cowboy hat and boots. All of the noodles have arms, legs, and extremely expressive faces, which, despite what you might be thinking, totally works.

Add in picture thought bubbles, great colors, excellent detail the pasta have shadows! Includes a visual glossary of pasta shapes. ReynoldS, Aaron. Creepy Pair of Underwear! Finally, Jasper successfully buries the underwear in a deep, deep hole. After he digs up his original pair, Jasper spends his whole allowance and festoons his room with an entire collection of creepy green underwear.

Salvadore, formerly at District of Columbia Public Library. Rissi, Anica Mrose. The children wear concerned expressions and there are large bites missing from furniture and a math book. What is going on? Suddenly the problem becomes clear. Everyone except Mr. Obviously the class was not overreacting when they said Bruno was trouble, but how will they get their teacher back?

Perfect for classroom read-alouds and lessons on problem-solving or pets. Valentine, Madeline. I Want That Nut! PreS-Gr 1 —Friendship can be wonderful, but it is not always predictable. When a very large, beautiful nut unexpectedly lands in their play space, Mouse and Chipmunk secretly covet it, and the result threatens their close relationship. Back and forth, each steals the treasure from the other and spends individual playtime with the nut, until the rightful owner makes his claim.

Illustrations of digitalized watercolor and pencil portray Mouse and Chipmunk each participating in a variety of activity with the nut, such as reading, playing in the grass, sitting down to tea, having a game of tic-tac-toe, napping, and taking part in a private dance party. Images that vary in size from full-page illustrations to small cells accentuate the cartoon action, expertly drawn and designed to keep the action moving as tails fly off the page with each snatch. Speech bubbles highlight humorous text—a running conversation about possession of Nut, ending with an eventual admission of guilt on both sides as a shared substitute treasure brings Chipmunk and Mouse back together.

Young children may identify with Mouse and Chipmunk and how their yearning to possess something can overshadow what is truly important. VERDICT A first buy for all libraries, especially schools emphasizing social-emotional relationships, this book quietly introduces the topics of sharing and friendship by example, echoing the voice of young children. Alexander, Kwame with Mary Rand Hess.

Looking for answers, he heads to Ghana, where he begins to heal. This novel in verse reverberates with the energy of spoken word poetry. Though the writing is at times slightly unpolished, it perfectly captures the teenage voice. Blade is all highs and lows, veering sharply from the intoxicating embrace of first love and lust to feelings of heartbreak and alienation. Some conflicts are wrapped up too neatly and others are forgotten entirely, but the authentic character development and tone will strike a chord with young adults. Blake, Kendare. One Dark Throne. Gr 8 Up —Following up on the events of Three Dark Crowns , Blake brings the queen triplets to their fates as they fight for their lives.

While the teen queens deal with suitors and advisors, they must also grapple with the reality of their tasks in killing one another for the ultimate throne. When Katharine seems to gather strength, Mirabella and Arisonoe must determine whether they can work together or if they even should.

The author takes the cursed sisters to new exciting heights with a driving plot. Readers will appreciate the epic payoff of the first novel in this second installment. The present-tense style throughout underlines the drama of the plot. The large cast of characters may seem overwhelming at times, but each is characterized skillfully.

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Though Blake describes some violence, the gore is minimal, making this appropriate for a broad range of ages. VERDICT Dark indeed, and exploring themes of loyalty, this is a thrilling sequel with everything from action to romance to entice readers. A strong purchase for YA fantasy shelves. Public Library. Lu, Marie. Gr 8 Up —A highly engaging and incredibly exciting science fiction novel for young adults. Emika Chen is a bounty hunter living in a futuristic New York City.

Emika has a juvenile record and spent time in the foster care system after her father died. She is struggling to pay her bills, and is banking on getting enough from the next bounty to settle up with her landlord. In the midst of her troubles, Emika gets involved in Warcross, a virtual reality video game played by nearly everyone. Players put on virtual reality glasses and can play others, build their own worlds, and keep memories there. There is a huge tournament where the best players from around the globe come together as teams to compete for the ultimate prize.

When Emika tries stealing a valuable item in the opening ceremony, she glitches into the game and finds immediate fame.

Good News India : A programme based on motivational and inspirational news

With this fame comes a job offer from the young Hideo Tanaka, creator of Warcross. He flies her to Japan on his private jet, and he asks for her help to find someone who is threatening the game.

Emika is also a skilled hacker, so she accepts. The author adeptly weaves together exciting video games scenes, virtual reality, and romance. The great plot twist and cliff-hanger ending clearly leaves room for a sequel. Theo, Sasha, Jude, and Parker are now expelled from school for all the wrong reasons.

God Wins: Heaven, Hell, and Why the Good News Is Better Than Love Wins by Mark Galli

Throughout this investigation, the teen uncovers more than he anticipated. With all of this fragile information at their disposal, the group of expellees needs to figure out what to do with their newfound knowledge. This fast-paced and suspenseful young adult novel is full of humor, romance, loss, and enlightenment.

This book contains some mild language and mature situations. A good purchase for young adult shelves.

Little Boy

Reynolds, Jason. Miles Morales: Spider-Man. As an Afro—Puerto Rican teen attending an elite boarding school in Brooklyn, Miles is not only fighting crime but also navigating a complicated adolescent world. He must work hard in his classes while trying to make a move on his beautiful activist classmate. His Korean American best friend wants Miles to use his superpowers to hustle on the streets.

But when his dreamworld and reality begin to blend, the teen realizes that all parts of his life are connected and the mystery begins to unravel. He must not only fight the dark forces threatening his world and loved ones, but also the darkness within himself. This is not your typical superhero tie-in book.

Reynolds has crafted a rich, developed portrait of complex teen life while addressing issues of racism in the modern world with his characteristic warmth and humorous touches. Give this to teens looking to make the leap from comics to novels, or any other readers interested in superhero action set in an urban landscape.

Rush, Jennifer. Little, Brown. Out of fear, she tamps down her magic until an annual kindled reunion, where tension between the Black Devils and a rival gang, the Deathstalkers, flares explosively. Readers have to work pretty hard to keep track of a too-packed cast, each character overflowing with many different magical abilities. Aside from the glaring problems, Rush still manages to weave a compelling sensual tapestry around a crew of gorgeous, Jack Daniels—swilling magicians, making this a darkly charged page-turner for older fantasy fans.

Sutherland, Krystal. As Esther comes to trust Jonah, they work together to overcome her fears, one by one, by facing them directly. Lobsters, graveyards, and heights are a few of the anxieties they tackle together, with Jonah filming the process and, unbeknownst to her posting it to YouTube. Esther, Jonah, and her family are complex and lovable characters fighting their individual demons. Woven throughout is a subplot concerning death incarnate that somehow manages to lighten the tone of the novel. Harper, Charise Mericle.

Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

Crafty Cat and the Crafty Camp Crisis. First Second. Gr —Birdie has a secret: whenever she gets in a fix, her imaginary alter ego, Crafty Cat, swoops in and crafts her way out of any and all difficulties.

Library of Devotional Stories

This is a sweet, imaginative tale with plenty of heart. The characters are quirky and amusing but relatable, and most kids will enjoy seeing Birdie cope with the familiar ups and downs of school life. Flowers and clouds continue to come to life around Birdie to encourage her and move the story line forward, and there is more color overall: a welcome choice. Directions for seven of the crafts depicted in the book are included. Hatke, Ben. Mighty Jack and the Goblin King. ISBN ; pap. The duo are separated and must battle their own monsters, helped along the way by even more winsome and fantastical creatures than in the first volume.

The strong character development gives this swashbuckling, imaginative tale an air of authenticity. With each page-turn, Jack and Lilly become more well rounded and complex, and the villains become ever more daunting. The artwork is bright but never garish. Panels are incredibly action-packed but have fairly simple backgrounds, moving the plot along deftly and keeping the focus on the protagonists. Charming, spot-on dialogue personalizes the various creatures. Highly recommended for libraries where the first installment is popular. Doeden, Matt. Doeden has produced a solid winner with this historical account of the annual event.

Beginning with the meeting of representatives from 11 professional football teams in in Canton, OH, he examines the disorganized circumstances surrounding the formation of the National Football League. Some decades later, Super Bowl I was born in , drawing 62, fans. Images consist of numerous, captivating photographs. Supplementing the text is a listing of team and individual records.