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He has a bully boy mentality and does not know how to hold a civil conversation and resort to use his fist and putty mouth. He threatened to beat Tinubu up and impregnate her on the floor of the Senate and he boasted that nothing will happen! Why this man is still allowed to walk free?

He has no respect for women.

It is typical of him. Biologically, it is even impossible to impregnate Mrs.

try not to laugh challenge

Well, that says it all. It is about time that all lawmakers, actually anyone holding public office should undergo psychological testing. An attack on one woman is an attack on all women. If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality- Desmond Tutu.

The last couple of days, the hashtag: Black Life Matters, continue to capture the mood of millions of disenfranchised and marginalised blacks in America and the movement has extended to Europe and beyond. It is a known fact,that being black means you are more likely to be assaulted, stopped and killed by the police than the general white population. In reality, the lives of the black people in America is anything but a dream, it has been a con and one sold to millions of people over the centuries. The movement is a direct response to the virulent anti-Black racism that permeates American society but not particular to the USA but around the world.

Dinosaur experts will undoubtedly continue to investigate and debate the point, especially given that dinosaurs took forms ranging from pigeon-size, feathery raptors to foot, long-necked titans. What was the biggest dinosaur?

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But picking out a clear winner is confounded by quirks of evolution and the fossil record. Instead of just getting bigger on a straight trajectory through the entire Age of Dinosaurs, titanic sauropods evolved multiple times. This has given paleontologists a slew of contenders from different sauropod groups that lived in different places and in different time periods. Length estimates for the largest of these — such as Supersaurus , Diplodocus , Argentinosaurus , Futalognkosaurus and more — all come out around to feet or so, with variations in weight depending on the reconstructions.

That means paleontologists have to rely on smaller, more complete cousins of the giants to come up with size estimates, and these figures are often revised as researchers unearth new fossils. With so many huge dinosaurs topping out at around the same size, we need more complete fossils for a definitive size check. And given how many times hefty sauropods evolved, along with the amount of fossil outcrops that are yet unexplored, the Big One could still be awaiting discovery.

How did dinosaurs mate?

Dino trouble

Every dinosaur started life by hatching from an egg. That much we know for sure. Even the basic sexual anatomy of dinosaurs is a bit of a mystery. They must have had a cloaca, a single orifice for the urinary, excretory, and reproductive tracts shared by birds and crocodiles. Despite early ideas that bizarre structures primarily evolved for functions like defense or temperature regulation, paleontologists have largely tossed out these notions and focused instead on the social implications of looking so garish.

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The horns and frill spikes of dinosaurs like Styracosaurus , some paleontologists suggest, evolved as species-specific signals that allowed dinosaurs to easily identify members of their own kind. Other experts disagree, suggesting that the various bits of armor, crest and horn were sexy structures that evolved as billboards meant to impress mates. Both scenarios might have had roles to play, but for now paleontologists are actively debating why so many dinosaurs looked so strange.

Did dinosaurs hunt in packs? Much of the tension in the movie Jurassic Park relied on the idea that raptors were clever girls able to hunt in packs. Bonebeds with multiple dinosaur carnivores are even more problematic. These assemblages tell us about the deaths and burials of the dinosaurs, but are frustratingly unclear on whether those animals formed a social group or an unrelated gaggle that was fighting over a food source.

Transfer Trouble (Dino F.C.)

Which dinosaurs roamed the night? One of the most common tropes in descriptions of the Mesozoic world is that small, snuffling mammals eked out a living in the Age of Reptiles because the little beasts were active at night, when dinosaurs slumbered. In terms of their daily schedule, one study suggested that a set of delicate bones in their eyes — called sclera rings — held telling evidence for both the anatomy of the eye and pupil that would have let in light.

Based on these clues, the study suggested small predatory dinosaurs such as Juravenator and Velociraptor were most likely active at night. But a follow-up comment argued that sclera are not actually very informative for determining when dinosaurs were active. How did dinosaurs learn to fly? Dinosaurs undoubtedly learned to fly. We can see them do so today as swallows, hawks and other birds take to the air. But how did dinosaurs along the bird branch gain this exceptional ability? An early armored dinosaur lacked the weaponized tail of a famous cousin, but it made up for it with a good-enough sense of smell.

An early armored dinosaur that lived in what is now Texas lacked the weaponized tail of a famous cousin, but it made up for it with a sense of smell that found food and sniffed out trouble.

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The dino, Pawpawsaurus campbelli, lived around million years ago, and researchers have reported their findings on the first-ever CT scans on the animal's skull. Dinos Built For Combat: Photos. The famous cousin was Ankylosaurus, the one with the sheet of thick bone running along its back, culminating in a club at the end of its tail - the better to swat away its foes:. Pawpawsaurus lived some 35 million years before that sturdy-backed creature. It was armored similarly — bony plates along its back and even on its eyelids - but, alas, it had no club on the end of its tail.

All hope was not lost, however. It turns out the animal may have gotten by with a little help from its nose.

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The CT scans allowed the researchers to use software to reconstruct the Pawpawsaurus' skull and then study its sense of hearing and smell. They found that Pawpawsaurus didn't have a sense of smell as sharp as Ankylosaurus, but it was good enough to get by — better, say the researchers, than some other predators of its day.

The researchers noted the key contribution of CT scanning technology in their study. Pawpawsaurus' brain case had never before been studied in such detail and the scans drew a picture of the animal's sensory pluses and minuses. That may have helped Pawpawsaurus bellow out a lower range of vocalizations, improved its sense of smell, and cooled the inflow of air to regulate the temperature of blood flowing into the brain.

Pawpawsaurus lived million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. It was first identified from a skull found in north Texas. Many dinosaurs were built for combat, with fighters consisting of plant-loving herbivores, as well as meat-craving carnivores, suggests a new study. The paper, published in the Journal of Zoology, strengthens earlier theories that body spikes, horns and other impressive dinosaur features could do serious damage to others.