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The entire atlas has been streamlined and updated with new content, including 38 videos that complement the concise step-by-step guidance in the text. The book begins with five chapters on vascular and microsurgical instrumentation and equipment, clipping versus coiling, aneurysm surgery techniques, the pterional approach, and minimally invasive approaches. Disease and procedure-specific chapters are organized by three sections: aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage, vascular malformations, and ischemic and other cerebrovascular disease.

Interventional Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery - Swedish Neuroscience Institute

Every chapter includes salient tips on patient selection and procedural indications, preoperative information and tests, patient positioning, operative nuances, and postoperative complications. Key Highlights Nearly high-quality color illustrations detail impacted anatomy and procedures The latest techniques for treating a full spectrum of aneurysms, such as ophthalmic segment, supraclinoid internal carotid artery, middle and anterior cerebral artery, basilar and posterior cerebral artery, and others Treatment of vascular abnormalities including arteriovenous malformations, superficial and brainstem cavernous malformations, arteriovenous fistulae, Moyamoya disease, and more Neurosurgical residents will benefit from the firsthand knowledge shared by international masters, while veteran neurosurgeons will glean invaluable insights on cutting-edge endovascular techniques to enhance clinical practice.

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Neurosurgical Operative Atlas Vascular Neurosurgery 2008

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Surgical Treatment of Extratemporal Epilepsy 7. Hypothalamic Hamartomas 9. Anatomic Hemispherectomy Peri-insular Hemispherotomy Technical Aspects of Callosotomy Responsive Neurostimulation for the Treatment of Epilepsy Ablative Procedures for Movement Disorders: Pallidotomy Stereotactic Surgery for Depression Pediatric Functional Neurosurgery Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia Open Surgical and Percutaneous Radiofrequency Cordotomy Neurosurgical Interventions for Neuropathic Craniofacial Pain Sympathectomy Pumps for Pain and Spasticity Trigeminal Ganglion Stimulation Index.

A state-of-the-art guide to evolving functional neurosurgery approaches from world-renowned innovators. Functional neurosurgery focuses on improving the lives of patients with epilepsy, movement disorders, pain, and psychiatric illnesses.

Neurosurgery | Neurosurgical Operative Atlas: Vascular Neurosurgery

These approaches focus on reducing or eliminating seizures, alleviating pain, decreasing abnormal movements or lessening debilitating symptoms associated with specific psychiatric disorders. Allan D. Wolfla and Daniel K.

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Resnick, is an excellent text in operative neurosurgery. The aim of this book is to provide a broad overview of neurosurgical operative principles through primarily a pictorial but also a descriptive approach to surgical spine and peripheral nerve disorders. The book is intended primarily for neurosurgeons at all levels of training as well as junior to senior faculty and community-based neurosurgeons.

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It would also be very useful for orthopedic and plastic surgery colleagues in areas of specialty overlap. It is primarily a reference text, which would allow a surgeon to review some of the pertinent and more common operative approaches; and to reacquaint him or herself with some of the operative anatomy, including nuances of each approach. Certainly, the field of neurosurgery has transformed in the last 20 to 30 yr with new approaches, but in particular new techniques and some of these are addressed in this textbook. An example certainly would be the book chapter on minimally invasive lateral retroperitoneal, transpsoas approaches to the lumbar spine.

The organization style and book size are very convenient and concise for this type of a textbook. It would be an excellent resource to keep in the office for reference when the appropriate surgical case comes up. It is a difficult task to cover all of spine and peripheral nerve surgery, but the authors have done a very reasonable job covering some of the more common areas. Certainly, peripheral nerve, which forms the last section of the book, part V, is approximately pages and is well written and broad based and covers the area of nerve injury including novel nerve transfer techniques.

This is, again, an excellent text for those interested in having a modern reference source in spine and peripheral nerve surgery. The current text is recent as it represents the updated third edition.