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Thanks for making a high quality stick, we are sure there will be many more in Spencer's life time. A few years back I began searching for just a simple hard wood stick for hiking Geez, hundreds of places to buy from, but the majority were gaudy custom mades and ridiculously priced. Finally came across Brazos.

Louis Armstrong & The Mills Brothers - My Walking Stick / Marie (Shellac, 10", 78 RPM) | Discogs

Purchased just a free form stick and was more than pleased. Since that time I have probably purchased close to 2 dozen sticks of different varieties to ship to hiking friends and relatives all across the country. I'm a "no frills hiker", and I hike all over the country, it's the simple, dependable sticks that I prefer.

But you would think I ordered sticks that were a grand a piece by the customer service I have received. With quality and price a pretty moot point - that part is just great , it is the service that has kept me coming back. I can honestly state that not once, ever, have I had an order done incorrectly. I have contacted Eric on several occasions with questions, and he has consistently been quick to respond and answer directly what ever I've asked. I communicated with him recently, and he even remembered a pic of my granddaughter hiking with a Brazos stick that I had sent him two years ago!

And the shipping I'm amazed at how quick the turn around has been from shop to door. I've watched their biz grow to add a variety of new designs and accessories and one of a kind sticks. They stay on top every step of the way.

Hand me down my walking stick

Just hope you keep doing what you do! You've been so helpful I just had to let you know. My walking stick is a miracle. It took me no time at all to develop a rhythm and learn how to use it. It has given me back my stability and my mobility. I walked a mile today for the first time in quite some time. It is also beautiful. I'm very proud to walk with it. Thank you so much for your personal help, and for the wonderful stick that has given me back my security and my ability to take wonderful walks!!

Over the last few weeks, I have ordered approximately 10 canes from your company, and I want you to know that your woodworkers are not only craftsmen, but "artisans" in the true sense of the word. I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Brazos walking stick! It has not only met, but exceeded my expectations, and has had the unexpected additional benefit of helping to strengthen my arm.

I get more compliments on it than I would have thought. The one thing I regret is not having the budget at the time, to add a few tweaks to it - like the compass and thermometer. And, with winter coming, I have a feeling that the spiked tip would have come in VERY handy, on the ice and snow, where I've had so many falls and near-misses.

I am now wondering if those things might be retro-fitted? I don't want to and with my physical limitations, really can't be without my stick now, so I was wondering if I might simply purchase the accessories from you, and have a wood-worker friend of mine fit them on for me while I wait? I am still not in a position to afford another stick, with all of the fittings, so though, ultimately, I want to that isn't currently an option, for me I want to assure you that I love my stick, and have given the link to your site to quite a few of my friends with similar physical issues to mine - and will continue to do so, whether these additions are possible or not.

We just received the walking stick that we ordered. And it is beautiful. Your pictures on line do not do it justice. I just received my walking stick and I couldn't be more pleased. I had called customer service to get advice on what type of stick would be best for me. I received great advice and I ordered the Hitchhiker in tan twisted ash, 55". It arrived yesterday very fast! We just received the beautiful walking sticks you've so kindly donated for our students at Rocky Mountain Pathways Ranch.

These will be perfect for the educational nature walks and hikes the students take during their stay with us. The walking sticks are now headed to the ranch and once we have photos of the students using them, I'd love to share them with you and post them on your Facebook page.

Rádios que tocam The Painted Pianos

I received an Extra Size Hitchhiker in tan with my name engraved on it as a gift for being Volunteer of the Year for Westmoreland Cleanways. The stick is beautiful and feels perfect in my hand. I could not have asked for a gift more suited to my lifestyle.

My husband and I collect walking sticks from the woods and sales. Although some have been more detailed, the quality of this stick is unsurpassed. It will be with me always. It is a 55 inch Free Form Maple, which has no accessories. We were very impressed by the quality, construction and beauty of the stick, and jumped on your website to see more when we got home.

Irving Berlin:My Walking Stick Lyrics

We will definitely purchase many more of your outstanding products, both for ourselves and as gifts, in the future. In the meantime, we have a question about accessorizing the stick we purchased. Is it a possibility to ship this stick to you to add a compass, spike and engraving? We look forward to hearing from you soon and appreciate your consideration on this matter.

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Even though I don't use a cane, the craftsmanship and beauty of your canes and sticks have made me into a collector. Your stick will provide a sturdy and durable hiking companion invaluable for maintaining balance and footing on trails and through streams. Offering beautifully handcrafted walking sticks, hiking sticks, and canes in several styles and price ranges exceptionally crafted for your enjoyment.

This series features my finest sticks, allowing me to bring my fine arts skills as an artist into my work as a craftsman of one-of-a-kind walking sticks. William Eaton.

My walking stick

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