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What you like will start surfacing. When it comes to remodeling, even if you have a small kitchen, perhaps you can take advantage of adjoining spaces. Maybe a passthrough or opening up one wall would make the whole area work as a multipurpose cooking-dining-family room. One trend is the unfitted kitchen, featuring freestanding, furniture-like cabinetry to create a personal look.

A mix of materials, colors and counter heights all work for an eclectic feel. Other areas of choice involve flooring, lighting, range and oven styles, sink styles and materials and the ever-growing number of faucet choices. Splurge one place and cut back another. Create an island from an old table or a pantry from an armoire. If you can, do some of the work yourself to cut costs. Shop carefully. If you buy direct, your materials costs might be significantly lower. Let those who bid on your project know which materials you plan to purchase.

Pay for expertise. An architect or kitchen designer can keep you from making mistakes that cost more than their fees. Compromise intelligently. Choose good labor over expensive materials. A good cabinetmaker, carpenter or decorative painter can make even mundane materials look great. The logs served as ballast for ships that carried gold, coal and iron ores from California refineries back to South Africa, where they had been mined.

They had been shipped to California between and because South Africa did not have the facilities to refine them. The logs that piled up from the ships were used in South Africa for construction, mainly as support for warehouse roofs in Durban. But those warehouses are coming down, and the wood is being exported for use in furniture. Douglas fir once was considered throwaway wood in South Africa, but has since become highly prized.

The Wooden Duck, a Berkeley furniture manufacturer specializing in using recycled wood, is expecting a shipment in May. In the process, the muscle-paralyzing substance has become one of the most profitable products for Allergan Inc. Botulinum toxin causes botulism and is a favored tool of bioterrorists. The cult Aum Shinrikyo dispersed a strain of it in aerosol form in several failed attacks in Japan in the early s.

Botox already has regulatory approval to treat certain spasmic disorders. Davis, a Los Angeles TV producer in her early 30s who smoothed her brow with her first treatment last week. Men and women of all ages have made Botox injections the most popular cosmetic medical procedure in the nation since , even though the procedure falls in a gray area and may produce side effects such as swelling or numbness.

Allergan submitted clinical trials of cosmetic Botox last year to the FDA, which is now in the final stages of its review process. The Irvine, Calif.

Genealogy Records and Family and Personal Papers Collection Descriptions

But analysts say Allergan already has a multimillion-dollar ad campaign ready to launch soon after winning approval. In a cosmetic treatment, a doctor injects Botox into the facial muscles that cause wrinkling. The drug blocks a substance called acetylcholine that transmits signals from the brain to the muscle, paralyzing the muscle. With aging baby boomers reluctant to part with their youth, no serious competition on the market, and only 10 percent of the U.

In cities such as New York and Los Angeles, Botox is already the talk of beauty parlors and cocktail parties. Last year, the Midwest accounted for nearly 10 percent of procedures, the West Coast 36 percent and the north Atlantic coast, including New York, 32 percent, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The procedure was most popular among the crowd, which accounted for just over half of all patients using Botox for cosmetic purposes in Paul Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills, expects a slight increase in business if the FDA approves the process.

He said he has already performed a few thousand Botox procedures and interest has been growing in the past few months. The sessions also give prospective patients a chance to see how the treatment is done. The treatments do not come without side effects, which can include bruising or nausea.

Critics complain Botox also erases facial expression. In less than one percent of cases though, a patient may get a droopy eyebrow or eye lid for a few weeks, he said. Nassif and other doctors are finding secondary benefits from Botox, such as relief from neck pain and certain types of headaches. The drug also prevents excessive sweating on palms or under armpits. Allergan wants to expand Botox sales in other markets, too. The company is also currently seeking FDA clearance to market the drug to treat tension headaches and migraines.

Lawrence suggested the possibility at a meeting with student leaders Wednesday afternoon, in response to a request by BHS senior Sean Dugar, who asked that students sit in with administrators to decide which classes might be stripped next year as part of the move from a seven- to a six-period day.

The meeting was the second in a series of gatherings between Lawrence and students focused on the budget. Parents and students have repeatedly raised concerns that the shift could lead to sharp cuts in the arts, African-American studies and other electives. Lawrence has argued that, while there will be some cuts, they will not be drastic.

A recently completed study by former BHS computer science teacher Peter Bloomsburgh, who has often been tapped as a district volunteer for his statistical and technological expertise, suggests that the proposed schedule for next year will probably not require heavy cuts in electives. The Bloomsburgh study also examined class sizes at the high school.

The report concluded that, when traditionally small special education and ninth-grade English classes are removed from the equation, the average class size is Earlier this year a district analysis suggested that the average class size at BHS, while funded at a ratio of 29 students to one teacher, is actually closer to , in part because the high school has allowed students to take more than their allotment of courses. The Board of Education voted on Feb. BHS students who attended the Wednesday meeting intend to come up with their own budget-cutting proposals and present them to the superintendent in a subsequent meeting.

Lawrence, in an initial meeting with students last week, warned that a media presence would alter the discussion. For the environment, recreation and the future of inter-Bay transportationZ. For many reasons, the proposed ferry terminal at Gilman Street is a top priority site for new service in the Bay Area. Residents here have ranked traffic congestion as the number one problem facing the region. Another critical aspect of ferry service is how important they become during disasters.

We saw evidence of how essential ferries were after the Loma Prieta Earthquake -- without ferry service, the East Bay would have been isolated for months from San Francisco while the Bay Bridge was being repaired. New Yorkers also rediscovered the value of their ferry service after the World Trade Center disaster -- ferries were [and are] the only viable transportation system still functioning after their downtown area was devastated by terrorists.

Because the state is currently planning the Eastshore State Park, this is a golden opportunity to coordinate the Bay Trail. With a new. This means that unless a person is a racetrack patron, this large shoreline area most of Albany's and a large part of Berkeley's is off-limits to the public. Bicycle riders, pedestrians, and Eastshore State Park users would then gain easy access to all parts of the Park as well as to other recreational areas in the Bay such as Golden Gate Recreation Areas, Angel Island, PacBel Park and downtown San Francisco to name just a few destinations.

The life of an independent musician can be hectic, but in between releasing an album, booking a tour, rehearsing and working a day job, Eileen Hazel finds time to laugh even if it is at her own expense. On April 4 at 8 p. This is a theme that easily lends itself to angry rants or melancholy ballads, but Hazel earnestly conveys the tortured emotions felt by the subjects without resorting to melodrama or bombast. This perspective permeates the entire album. The songs are imbued with an optimistic confidence that no matter how the subject feels at the moment, everything will turn out for the best.

The lighthearted resilience displayed by the subjects in several of her songs is evident in Hazel as well. Arriving in the Bay Area 10 years ago as a traveler from Minnesota who played bass in folk rock bands, Hazel endeavored down several different creative paths. She learned to play acoustic guitar and the Appalachian dulcimer, and from to , she performed on stilts with the troupe Women Walking Tall. In December of , buoyed by encouragement from her friends, Hazel decided that what she had to say was important enough to share with a larger audience. In July of the following year, she entered the studio for her first lesson in recording.

Instinctively a live performer, Hazel had to adjust to a setting in which her movement was restricted and every note had to be perfect. Hazel, who was not used to playing guitar sitting down and having three microphones flanking the instrument, joked that sometimes the hardest challenge was merely staying still. Hazel credits Lisa Zeiler, her producer and former guitar teacher, with helping her to enjoy the process. Now a published musician, Hazel faces a new challenge — promoting herself.

For a woman who is given to self-reflection and lighthearted humor this is no simple task. If she is fortunate, then perhaps one day she can devote herself to music full-time and maybe even hire someone to do the grunt work. But, for now Eileen is enjoying her newfound burdens, and she has plenty of reasons to smile. Hideo Date; Mar.

Ducksan Distones Jazz Sextet; Music starts at 8 p. Aurora Theatre, Addison St. A mystery-comedy dinner show at The Madison about a murder at the home of Satin Moray, a club owner and self-proclaimed socialite with a scarlet past. Dinner is included in the price of the theater ticket. Directed by Patrick Dooley. Check museum for times. Ardency Gallery, Broadway, Oakland, , gallery aol. Pro Arts, Ninth St. Photolab Gallery, Fifth St. Berkeley Art Center, Walnut St.

Julien Designs Shattuck Ave. Call ahead for hours. Atelier 9, Ninth St. The Coffee Mill, Grand Ave. Lawrence Hall of Science, Centennial Dr. Prices vary. Known particularly for its playful devil figures, Ocumichu pottery also presents fanciful everyday scenes as well as religious topics. Black Oak Books Feb. Gathering Tribes Mar. University of Creation Spirituality Mar. Word Beat Mar. Hand and Lu Pettus; Mar. Fellowship Hall, Cedar St. Trains run Sun. Rides: Sun. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Fridays - a.

Call ahead to make reservations. University of California, Berkeley. A 20 foot by 40 foot replica of the fearsome dinosaur made from casts of bones of the most complete T. Rex skeleton yet excavated. When unearthed in Montana, the bones were all lying in place with only a small piece of the tailbone missing. The Pteranodon lived at the same time as the dinosaurs. Holt Planetarium Programs are recommended for age 8 and up; children under age 6 will not be admitted.

Using a simple star map, learn to identify the most prominent constellations for the season in the planetarium sky. Daily, p. Daily 10 a. Centennial Drive, UC Berkeley, , www. Lawrence Hall of Science Mar. Through May Mon. Centenial Dr. It will reopen in early Send arts events two weeks in advance to Calendar berkeleydailyplanet. Standing in solidarity with Israeli and Palestinian women to urge an end to the occupation and push the peace process forward. Berkeley held the Wildcats without a goal until the final minute of the third quarter, holding possession for the majority of the game and keeping shooters away from goalie Marc Bloch.

The drought was a combination of complacency and weariness after a barn-burner of a game against St. Ignatius on Tuesday, an loss. Great teams play their best regardless of who their opponent is. The Berkeley offense looked solid early in the game, getting goals from Sam Geller and Schooler in the first quarter. Julian Coffman scored on a long bouncer 48 seconds into the second quarter for a lead, and the Wildcats shot themselves in the foot with four second-quarter penalties, keeping them on defense for most of the half. Ignatius, but they are unquestionably a better team for playing in two close games against good opponents.

A day after learning they had won the prestigious Peabody Award, staff and students at the Berkeley-based, youth-run media outlet were still excited in Thursday interviews with the Daily Planet. The awards, selected by a national advisory board of professors, media critics and others, generally recognize specific shows or news productions. NPR, for instance, won an award for its Sept. But the Youth Radio award recognizes the entire organization, which provides high school students in the area with media training and internships, and produces shows and commentaries for National Public Radio, KQED and The San Francisco Chronicle, among others.

Ward said the organization, which targets low-income youth, provides young people with an after-school alternative. Jaime Talley, internship and college bound counselor for Youth Radio, added that the organization allows young people to tell their own stories, in their own ways, to a national audience. I feel that it was long overdue. Surmiche Vaughn, a senior at Berkeley High School who has an engineering internship at Youth Radio, also had high praise for the organization.

The organization currently has space in two buildings owned by Berkeley developer Patrick Kennedy, one at Shattuck Street and another at University Avenue. Kennedy plans to demolish the Shattuck building in 6 months and create a new structure, and the University Avenue lease runs out in October. But, she has concerns about cost and availability of space in the city.

Kennedy said he is eyeing a couple of downtown properties, but has no specific plans in the works. How appropriate that Mr. He seems to have gone up the same river which leads to the conclusion that the answer to less-well-armed savagery is to exterminate the brutes and take all they mistakenly thought was theirs. Her photojournalism trips to the Middle East hotspot brought her into a Pakistani machine shop where people can make their own rifles and pistols. Monaco first stepped into Afghanistan in as a recent UC Berkeley graduate during her post-grad global wanderings.

She returned, in , with a camera, a National Endowment for the Arts grant and a mission to document the Afghan people during the Soviet invasion. She headed for Peshawar, about 30 miles across the border in Pakistan, where journalists and photographers were then herded.

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Crossing into Afghanistan was dangerous, often impossible. In Peshawar, said Monaco, she met with the Mujahideen, a conglomeration of Afghan tribes who fought the Soviets for 10 years. They brought her in a closed truck to secret locations inside Afghanistan. She still is not exactly sure where she was when she took photos of the Mujahideen cradling their automatic rifles and standing proudly on top of captured Soviet tanks.

She returned in after the Soviets retreated out of the area, before the Taliban came to power. It was a period of internal skirmishes and unrest among the Kabul government and regional tribes. Monaco said she saw no significant changes in the way the people lived. Many of her black-and-white photos are as carefully composed as formal portraiture, often using the hazy, high-altitude light of the mountain region to bring out the subjects standing against the stark landscape. Her color photos add a note of vibrancy to the otherwise monochrome environment: the deep blue of tea canisters arranged on the dirt floor of the tea shop, the red meat in an open-air butcher shop, and the stretch of crisp blue sky hovering above an old bus trundling across a dusty mountain road.

Catherine George

Although she was at the war zone, she was not allowed to the front lines or into the camps. Her sojourns into "secret locations" were guarded excursions with the Mujahideen who did not let her out of the truck until she arrived at the camp. She said she saw a lot of great shots pass her by outside the moving truck. The Afghan culture has a rule about women alone. Monaco said she has not been back to Afghanistan since She said she is afraid of the Taliban, which had ruled the country from until very recently when U. The Taliban, Monaco said, had banned photography.

They managed just 16 kills, 13 of them from junior Robin Roach. Down , they fought back to within two points at , thanks to three kills by Roach and some Oiler hitting errors. But two bad passes in a row took away any chance for Berkeley to tie the score, and they went down quietly.

The third game was much the same. Up , they gave up six straight points and never got back in the game. Unreinforced masonry, disaster support for businesses, preparedness for schools and terrorism are the four priorities to be presented to the City Council in April in the final draft of a report hammered out by the Disaster Council Wednesday night. The report was originally designed as an action item for the City Council and included specific monetary figures for different programs.

But the decision to change it to an informational item — because members wanted to expedite its progress through the typically crowded City Council agenda and because they thought it was too late in the budget process to get money — created some disagreement about how specific the Disaster Council should be in its requests. She said she thought that putting in concrete numbers would make it more likely that the City Council would grant their request.

But member Eileen Hughes pointed out finding appropriate figures for sections currently without would require a lot of legwork and the deadline for submitting their report to the City Clerk for the April 23 packet was fast approaching. She also pointed out that they had intended to issue a report in the fall, in time for budget considerations, but the events of Sept. Other members of the Disaster Council thought that specific figures were unnecessary because they did not want to get into a numbers game with the city.

The other main topic of discussion for the Disaster Council Wednesday night was disaster preparedness in schools. Martha Jones said that she still thinks that Berkeley schoolchildren are not well prepared for disasters. Jones said she had coordinated with the Red Cross to provide curriculum and training for kindergarten through eighth grade in a program like its partnership with schools in San Leandro, San Lorenzo and Alameda. Jones said that she did not write this program into the current report because she did not think the money that was budgeted for last year would be available this year, given the recession.

Other Disaster Councilmembers agreed that they should bring the issue to the attention of the Berkeley Unified School District, but were cautious about doing so because advising the BUSD on how to spend its money might be outside their jurisdiction. The BUSD is financially and administratively separate from the city. Our relationship with the School District is only as individuals.

They also agreed to send a copy of their final report with a cover letter to the superintendent and Board of Education after April The priorities report does not mention anthrax, though Latino groups in the Bay Area received what they thought was anthrax in the mail two weeks ago. But the Disaster Council was interested in learning more about bioterrorism and hoped to get a speaker on the topic in May or June. Approval for the use permit, staffing, purchase of property from East Bay Municipal Utility District, and design of the facility should come before the City Council in late May or early June.

The Albany City Council at its general meeting Monday night appointed councilmember Alan Maris to serve on a community advisory committee that would look into building a terminal on the border of Albany and Berkeley, near Golden Gate Fields. They said that it could eliminate almost a lane of commuter traffic from the Bay Bridge. But ferry service would need a subsidy. Finding ferry parking might be a problem. Pollution might be a problem, but new technologies, such as bio-diesel, could be pollution-free. That makes it a rarity in almost every aspect. Most media criticism, especially that published in journals, is directed toward a professional audience and unlikely to engage any but die-hard news buffs.

The few TV shows that analyze media performance are of the talking-head genre that favor a quick pass at the hot topic du jour. And when it takes on controversial fare it is forthright and evenhanded. EST Thursday on PBS check local listings , which includes a segment on how broad the scope of college sports reporting should be. The focus is on two Fresno Bee writers covering ethical violations by Fresno State basketball players under famed coach Jerry Tarkanian. The program opens with the most timely segment, an examination of the relationship between the press and the Pentagon and its effect on coverage of the war in Afghanistan.

But many journalists find it unwarranted in light of past war reportage. Increased funding would allow for more episodes, said Polin. Money aside, the challenge is to find stories that are revelatory and colorful enough for television, he said. That, according to Jones, reflects a dilemma all journalism faces. Horowitz, a student at Head Royce High, was named to the All-American team for finishing in the top six in the one-mile race at the meet.

She has committed to run for Duke University next season. Only one Golden Bear, Shawna Adkins, participated in the two-day event, and she closed out the first portion of the heptathlon in third place with an overall score of He tied for second on the shot-put, tossing a throw of Adkins performed well in all four events, clocking a In shot put, the Golden Bear tossed Gates was placed on the first team for the second consecutive year. He was also a second team choice as a sophomore in Smith garnered honorable mention status for the.

Mills and Boon, 1970's - Film 6942

On the court, Gates started 14 games for the Bears in and averaged 5. He also ranked second on the team in both. Smith, an undeclared major, saw action in 14 games for Cal this year, averaging 1. Today is Good Friday, March 29, the 88th day of In , victorious forces led by Gen. Winfield Scott occupied the city of Vera Cruz after Mexican defenders capitulated. In , Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage.

They were executed in June In , Army Lt. William L. Calley Jr. Calley ended up spending three years under house arrest. In , a jury in Los Angeles recommended the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers for the Tate-La Bianca murders. The sentences were later commuted. One year ago: James Kopp, the fugitive wanted in the slaying of Dr. Barnett Slepian, a Buffalo, N. Kopp is fighting extradition to the United States. A chartered jet crashed near Aspen, Colo.

Eugene McCarthy is Comedian Eric Idle is Composer Vangelis is Singer Bobby Kimball Toto is Olympic gymnast Kurt Thomas is Actor Christopher Lambert is Model Elle MacPherson is Rock singer-musician John Popper Blues Traveler is Actress Lucy Lawless is Country singer Regina Leigh Regina is Country singer Brady Seals is Tennis player Jennifer Capriati is Four years ago, McFadden got a restraining order against Hogan, claiming he had an explosive temper.

He blamed his stepchildren for causing the breakup. Autopsy results indicated that year-old Melanie Willis tried in vain to fight off Hogan after he killed her two brothers, Stanley, 15, and Stuart, 14, who were both in bed. Her body was found in the hallway outside her bedroom. She had been shot twice, once in the head, Cmdr. Mark Pazin said. Hogan shot Michelle last, striking her in the upper torso, killing her instantly.

He had worked as a private investigator in Merced. McFadden, a veterinarian, thanked friends, the people she works with at Valley Animal Hospital and even strangers across the country who have sent messages of support. He was Wilder died Wednesday night at his home, said George Schlatter, a producer and longtime friend. Schlatter said his friend of 40 years had been in failing health in recent months and he believed Wilder had been suffering from a bout with pneumonia.

And I was a fan all that time. James L. He knew what he wanted. His wry commentaries on the dark side of authority, love and fame influenced many contemporary filmmakers such as Cameron Crowe, Steven Soderbergh and Curtis Hanson. I learned more from him than anyone else. His films were notable for their clever dialogue and an overlay of cynicism and betrayal. The ultimate trick is to convince, persuade. After beginning his film career in Europe, Wilder came to Hollywood in knowing words of English. Unsure in English — he spoke with an accent after six decades in America — he always needed a writing partner.

From then on, Wilder produced his own films. Jack Lemmon played an underling who lends his apartment to company executives for trysts with secretaries. Despite the failures, Wilder was still working on film projects in his 80s. He never lost his wonderment at the magic of movies. The boy haunted theaters that played American films, and admired early stars like William S. Hart and Tom Mix. And he had such panache in his whole lifestyle. Wilder, a Jew, fled to Paris; his mother, grandmother and stepfather died at Auschwitz.

A first marriage to California socialite Judith Iribe ended in after nine years; they had a daughter, Victoria. In , Wilder married a former starlet and band singer, Audrey Young. For many years they lived in a spacious penthouse apartment in Westwood, surrounded by works of Picasso, Miro and other masters.

The bodies were discovered slumped over in a circle Tuesday night by a group of passers-by who had come to Bonny Doon Beach, about seven miles north of Santa Cruz, to watch the sunset. Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of a suicide pact among the three, Allyn said. There were no signs of a struggle and the bodies did not appear to have been moved. A suicide note has not been found, Allyn said. Records show Leippe and Bachman shared an apartment in Littleton, Colo.

The apartment manager said they all moved out about two months ago. She said Leippe was an honor student, and that neither had been disciplined for misconduct at the school. White also attended the school, but left after her junior year. Coroners performed autopsies on the two women Thursday, Allyn said. They were set to perform the third autopsy on Friday. The public has free access to the horseshoe-shaped, privately owned beach, which is known for nude sunbathing and rave parties — a rave was set to take place at the beach Wednesday night.

Authorities are called there periodically on reports of drug use, sexual assaults and violence. The snowpack was at percent of an average year at Echo Summit near Lake Tahoe, where department officials physically checked the snow Thursday. Ninety-five automated remote sensors showed the snowpack at percent of normal across the northern Sierra, 94 percent in the central Sierra and 82 percent in the southern Sierra. Overall, the snowpack was at 92 percent of an average year. The department expected that might be increased slightly by the time the manual survey is completed, Cohen said.

The higher levels in the northern part of the state should help refill Folsom Lake, a part of the federal Central Valley Project, and help even more at Lake Oroville, a part of the State Water Project. The State Water Project last week raised its projected water deliveries from 45 percent of normal to 55 percent of normal. Some watersheds like the Kern River are very dry in the southern Sierra, Cohen said. That part of the state has seen just a third of its usual precipitation this winter.

Though Southern California faces droughtlike conditions, metropolitan water officials expect to make up the deficit with groundwater, Colorado River water and water reclamation without serious impact on consumers. In addition, mountainsides usually coated with snow are already bone dry, prompting fire officials to begin adding staff and equipment in San Diego, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The Pacific Northwest is also having a wetter winter than last year, however, easing fears of another regional hydroelectricity shortage. SAN DIEGO — Drivers across the nation are digging deeper into their wallets to cover rising gasoline prices, which have leapt an average of 23 cents per gallon over the last month — the most dramatic change in more than a decade.

There is not a whole lot you can do. We all need gas. The rise is fueled by a combination of factors, analysts say, including a recent decision by OPEC and other oil producers to hold down production, and the traditional spring rise in demand as driving time increases with the warming weather. The four-week leap is the sharpest seen by the Energy Information Administration, the statistical branch of the Department of Energy, since it began keeping records in I have to deal with it.

Based on current trends, motorists should expect to see per-gallon prices rise another 5 cents to 15 cents over the next several weeks, he said. David Underwood, an Atlanta electrician who puts about 24, miles a year on his pickup truck, passes the added costs on to his customers. But cab drivers in many areas are unable to pass on the costs due to government control of their rates.

How far prices will climb exactly is uncertain, said Carol Thorp, spokeswoman for the Auto Club of Southern California. Perhaps Americans who canceled travel plans last year due to high gas prices or Sept. Bill Potts, a retired banking supervisor, filled his Chevy Blazer at a Costco store in Chula Vista, taking advantage of its discount prices. His family is being careful to consolidate errands into one trip, and no longer takes pleasure drives through the mountains. John Young of St. Louis grumbled about the climbing prices as he filled up his minivan in Chicago after a family vacation trip.

Antonio Solares, 26, has to fill up his Ford Escort every other day for the commute between his home in Tijuana, Mexico, and his job in northern San Diego. My son, who owns his own car, seems to take pleasure in showing off the power of his engine by spinning his wheels upon takeoff. He says it's harmless fun. I say he is burning rubber and costing himself money. He argues that it's not measurable, but I can see the rubber on the street, so it must be measurable. Can you help me win this argument by telling me how much rubber is actually destroyed every time he "burns rubber" and what it is costing him in tire life and dollars?

TOM: According to our calculations, Allan, he's burning 0. And at a cost of 1. RAY: My brother just made all that up. We have no idea what it's costing him to do this, but of course you're right, Allan.

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It's prematurely wearing out his tires. But the truth is, the tires are the least of his worries. TOM: Right. He's hammering the clutch, the transmission, the timing chain or belt, the CV joints — basically every piece of the drive train. Number 1! RAY: So you might want to slip one of those pamphlets into his latest copy of Maxim.

Box , Orlando, FL TOM: Every piece of his drive train is taking a beating when he burns rubber. All of those parts are going to wear out sooner than they otherwise would, and he's going to have to pay for their replacements. RAY: And we have a name for this, Allan. It's called "justice. With the recent economic downturn and less work to do, my co-workers and I have found ourselves sitting around our cubicles wondering about various trivial matters.

Today, an argument erupted between myself and Scott, in the cubicle next to mine, about how long it takes to make a new car. I argue that they can easily crank out a new pickup truck from start to finish in one day, with the only exception being the time it takes for the painting process. He argues that it takes a couple of days to build a car or truck. Now, keep in mind that this is obviously a different question from how many cars come off the assembly line in one day.

We need an answer, and you are our only hope. RAY: It's not an easy question to answer, Drew, because a lot of the parts are preassembled -- like the engine, for instance. But in terms of "putting it together," you're more right than Scott is, Drew. TOM: From the beginning of the assembly line to the end, when the vehicle drives off under its own power, it takes between 17 and 31 hours, depending on the efficiency of the plant.

RAY: The most recent statistics are for , and they show that Nissan is the fastest builder, with an average of Honda is next, at TOM: Ford is the fastest domestic manufacturer, with a GM is next, with RAY: Manufacturers are always trying to reduce the time they spend making each vehicle, because that makes the vehicle cheaper to build. TOM: But remember, fastest does not necessarily equal best quality.

I mean, my brother and I might be able to build a vehicle in 12 hours. But it would fall apart even faster! I have been a do-it-yourselfer for many years now. None of the cars I presently own has anti-lock brakes. I have noticed in my shop manuals that for cars with ABS, they always refer to "special equipment" needed to bleed the brake systems. Does this mean that I won't be able to work on my brakes anymore? Does the word "special" mean "expensive"? RAY: Actually, you'll still be able to work on your brakes, Dave. Most of the brake parts are exactly the same; the pads, discs and calipers are exactly what you're used to.

TOM: The only difference would be if you opened the hydraulic system. While most cars with ABS can be bled the normal way -- by opening up the bleeders and pumping the brake pedal -- some ABS-equipped cars can be hooked up to a special read: expensive machine and be bled "automatically. And that's a nice convenience — especially if you're working alone.

TOM: But even on the cars we've seen where this is an option, it's not required. So you can still bleed them the old-fashioned way if you want to. RAY: Of course, there might be some cars with ABS that can't be bled normally, but we have yet to see one in our shop. TOM: So don't give up, Dave. I'm confident that -- in the comfort of your own driveway -- you have everything you need to screw up an ABS-equipped car just as easily as a non-ABS-equipped car. This included carpet, ceramic tile, laminate flooring and countertops.

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Also, all the latest and greatest additions and changes in colors, styles and textures in everything from wallpaper to wainscot were demonstrated. Many natural hardwoods — in both classic and exotic species — now offer gleaming prefinished urethane surfaces that intensify grain and provide high scratch-resistance and abrasion-resistance for extended wear.

Improved staining, new colors and deeply distressed and hand-scraped wood surfaces were also eye-catching design tools. A host of new flooring concepts are giving traditional wood floors a serious run for their money. These range from engineered woods and unusual hybrid-composite products to new high-pressure plastic-laminate surfaces like those on your kitchen or bath countertops — only 10 times tougher.

They look just like wood planks, stone or ceramic tiles. One of the more intriguing new entries is bamboo flooring. Bamboo floors are extremely beautiful and are harder than oak or maple. Because it is a form of grass rather than cut from trees bamboo is ecologically desirable as a readily renewable resource. Another surprise is the strong emergence and growing use of cork flooring. However, the biggest buzz was centered on new glueless flooring systems. Whether natural wood planks, parquet tiles or the newer laminate, bamboo or cork flooring, each individual piece is engineered with a tongue-and-groove design that snaps together.

This is a nice feature if you want to replace a damaged piece. Another interesting offshoot: renters can now enjoy the beauty of a wood or wood-look floor and then take it along when they move. They offer a wide range of glueless snap-together wood-look laminate paneling systems for both walls and ceilings. Custom recessed lighting and designer accent strips also are offered. Another long-awaited flooring innovation finally has been perfected and now is being offered to homeowners. Combining the latest in HPL high-pressure laminate surfaces with new tight-fit glueless snap-seam technology, a Belgian manufacturer has added a PVC plastic base and matched tight-fit edge moldings to make a truly waterproof system.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are another product with a new look. Designer surfacing now ranges from deep texturing and high-definition relief tiles to hand-painted designs and pieces with a rugged, aged appearance. Both floor and wall offerings include many new shapes — allowing both intricate and exotic design combinations — and many new tiles and trim pieces with spectacular metallic surfaces.

Today, flooring is being cut and crafted into patterns, designs and inserts never before imaginable. Computer-controlled lasers, routers and precision water jets can now re-create virtually any image, in various forms from cutting to engraving , in just about any flooring material that exists. Bowl cleaners are strong, dangerous chemicals, so use them with eye-and-skin protection and plenty of ventilation. Once the water stains are gone, apply a coat of car wax to all the surfaces in the shower.

Doing so will make cleaning a breeze the next time. How many families are you having over to the vegetable garden this summer? You have to plan their seating arrangement, you know. An example of a plant family is the mustard family, which includes among its members cabbage, broccoli, collards, and brussels sprouts. With their similar, pungent flavor, you might have guessed that they were relatives.

All members of the mustard family have flowers with four equal petals in the shape of a cross. Another prominent family that you will undoubtedly have over this summer is the pea family, which also includes beans, and, if you step over to the flower garden, lupines. Step onto the lawn and you step on another member, clover. The small flowers of another family, the carrot family, all arise on stalks that radiate out from a common point atop a thicker stalk, resulting in a flat-topped or rounded cluster.

Except for dill, which we grow for seeds and leaves, we miss the flowers of carrot, parsley, celery, parsnip and other members of this family because we grow them only for their roots or leaves. Five equal flower petals characterize one of the most-loved families in the garden, the nightshade family. World famous members of this family include potato, tomato, eggplant, and pepper. More than just number and shape of petals characterizes a plant family. Cucumber, squash, and melon flowers also have five, equal petals, but the flowers are either male or female.

Nightshade flowers all have both male and female parts. Why all this ado about plant families? Because members of a plant family usually share common pest problems. As examples, clubroot disease attacks the mustards, blight attacks the nightshades, and parsleyworms chew on leaves of the carrot family. Except where it is sufficiently mobile, you can starve out a pest by not planting a family member in the same place more often than every three years.

So if you plant a member of the carrot family at a particular location this year, plant a member of a different plant family there for the next two years. No need to banish carrot or parsley from the garden. Just plant them somewhere else — actually, in two different places — over the next few years.

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SAN JOSE — Two startups that were in need of cash, but had ambitious goals to revolutionize the delivery of home entertainment, have decided to merge. Some additional funding also will come from cable company Charter Communications, which was an investor in digeo and also is controlled by Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp. The new company will be named digeo with dual headquarters in Kirkland and Palo Alto. Allen, who is currently the chairman of digeo, will be the chairman and major shareholder of the combined company. The companies said merger discussions arose in recent months as both startups sought additional funding.

The companies saw that their missions were nearly identical: to give television viewers easy access to a new world of entertainment, information, communications and commerce. Their products — a set-top box platform that would act as a gateway for TV programming, video, music and the Internet and be distributed to multiple televisions in a house — even had some of the same components. No layoffs of the employees at digeo and the at Moxi are planned. The combined development teams will unveil their new, joint products in May at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association trade show.

News of the merger did not surprise analysts, since the financial troubles of both startups were the subject of widespread speculation recently.

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  4. Perlman, who also founded WebTV and made millions from its sale to Microsoft, had guided Moxi from its stealth two-year development under the name of Rearden Steel through its glitzy unveiling in January at the Consumer Electronics Show. Analysts say the companies bring complementary strengths to the table: Moxi, with its powerful new set-top box design, and digeo, with its relationships and deals with Charter and the two leading set-top box makers, Motorola and Scientific Atlanta.

    Neither company probably would have succeeded if it had stayed on its own, said Josh Bernoff, industry analyst with Forrester Research. In an unusual move against a company by one of its own directors, Hewlett claimed the investment arm of Deutsche Bank originally voted 25 million shares against the deal, but switched 17 million at the last minute after HP threatened to take future business away.

    The lawsuit asks the Chancery Court in Wilmington, Del. HP and Compaq are incorporated in Delaware and the votes are being counted there. Spokeswoman Judy Radlinsky refused further comment. A Deutsche Bank representative did not return telephone messages seeking comment. It also leaves the future of the two companies in limbo. This just makes their jobs that much easier.

    Hewlett said the vote was too close to call. Official certification of the vote is expected to take weeks, while an independent proxy counting firm verifies each vote. HP and Hewlett also can challenge whether the proper people signed certain ballots. There have been cases in which the court disallowed proxy votes it found were improperly cast, he added.

    As of Dec. Originally, Hewlett said, Deutsche money managers submitted their proxies against the merger. But on March 15, four days before the shareholder vote, HP opened up a multibillion-dollar line of credit, with Deutsche Bank among the financiers. Such deals are lucrative for banks. Hewlett believes the lobbying was so intense that HP chief Carly Fiorina delayed the start of the shareholder meeting to await word from Deutsche Bank.

    HP has said the meeting was delayed so investors could have time to reach the auditorium from distant parking lots. The Sunnyvale-based company also said that it continues to expect a first quarter loss of 26 cents to 28 cents a share. The company still anticipates a pro forma loss before deferred stock compensation and restructuring charges of 23 cents to 25 cents a share. Endwave employed about workers on Feb. It expects to see a positive effect on its cash burn rate and improvement in overall operating results in the third quarter.

    Approaching the five-year anniversary of his death at the age of 75 on April 1, , his memory, like his beloved bookstore, is still very much alive and well. He plunged the toilet. Half have been then longer than 10 years, and several longer than twenty. The former Mrs. Moskowitz, who recently passed away, was also known for her generosity. As the news sunk in, it was met by a spontaneous outpouring of grief. Frew watched from the Shambala window as flowers and offerings sprang up in front of the shop on Telegraph.

    They were members of the Berkeley Naked Art Players, performing an elaborate mourning dance to the gurgling drones of a didgeridoo. And his friends, family, staff and customers held a memorial on Telegraph, closing off the street in his honor. In Moscowitz gave Shambala a small space in his original bookstore, and in gave it the start up money to expand into its own space next door. Shambala later went on to become one of the country foremost publishers of Buddhist books.

    Sophomore Walker Toma was particularly impressive, striking out five in his two innings of work, and seniors Lee Franklin and Raymond Pinkston both looked fairly solid in their rare stints on the mound. I had to use my practice cleats out there. Pinkston threw the final inning, shaking off a shot off of his kneecap by the first batter he faced to induce a double-play ball and strike out the final batter. After suffering an elbow injury early last season, Riesenfeld has gone through two surgeries and is just now getting his arm strength near percent.

    That should help me get over the tentativeness on my throws. The Berkeley offense dinked and dunked its way to 15 runs in four innings, getting just two extra-base knocks out of 14 hits. They also drew three walks from Richmond starter Don Fountila and were the beneficiaries of four Oiler errors, as well as several other shaky defensive plays. The Library Gardens project is designed with an eye toward pedestrian safety inside and out. This is not the case.

    The Kittredge Street Parking Garage Hinks will be demolished this summer, and replaced immediately thereafter with a new 3-level garage, which will be safer and more efficient for parkers, pedestrians, as well as for the neighborhood. For 10 years, I have been on the sidewalks of Kittredge, Milvia and Shattuck in the mornings, at noontime, and after school lets out, in and around the students.

    We are very concerned about student safety, as well as the safety of other visitors in the downtown area. Kids will be kids. But, our drivers in and around the downtown drive very safely. They move slowly and carefully. For years, students left the campus at the gateway on Milvia, at the foot of Kittredge. Only recently has this gateway been closed due to construction and now, temporarily, the students are walking up Allston to the downtown.

    Of the 3, students who attend Berkeley High, every noon, 1, go into Civic Center park - 1, stream up to Shattuck. Students in and around the downtown are an everyday occurrence. Visitors who drive in the downtown are well aware that they need to move slowly and carefully. And they do. This has been a common occurrence before, during and, we expect, after construction. But this drop-off traffic on Milvia and Allston has nothing to do with the parking garage. There are no drop offs of students near the garage entrances. Recently, parents petitioned the Council to paint a loading zone on the curb on Milvia to accommodate this practice.

    Many drop offs still occur near the intersection of Bancroft and Milvia, near the gyms. The student drop off traffic in the morning is distant from cars entering the garage. The garage morning traffic consists of many YMCA members who come to the downtown for an early workout. There have been no morning accidents.

    Other traffic in and around the garage consist of the post office trucks who back in and out of the loading dock at the rear of the main post office that faces Kittredge Street. Post office drivers are very cautious and courteous. There have been no incidents. The Library Gardens project is very much in sync with the neighborhood.

    The area consists of bold, strong, robust buildings that stand shoulder-to-shoulder in civic urban life. The neighbors in the apartments across the street have welcomed the project. This information helps us design a better experience for all users. To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy.

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