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I am not a scary book or movie person. First of all, where are you as you answer these questions? What inspired you to write Verity? I can narrow it down to a couple of things.


Heath my husband is very concrete in his thoughts and I wanted to use that piece of him to inspire a character in this book. But the idea for Verity came to me as my mother and I left the theater earlier this year.

We had seen a scary movie and I left disappointed because I hated the ending. I thought the first half of the movie was brilliant, but then when the paranormal aspect was introduced, I was let down. Real life situations—things that can actually happen to you—is what scares me. I was complaining to my mother about how I was hoping the movie would end with it being something that could possibly happen to me in real life. When I got home, I started writing an outline. Several hours later, I had completed the outline for Verity. Has your mind always been so twisted and you were just hiding it?

My mother and sister have been waiting for me to step outside of romance for a while. I do strange things, like watch car crashes on youtube to relax before falling asleep every night. It was only a matter of time before my actual personality was reflected in a book. Were you worried about how a different genre would be received by your readers? I was hoping at least some of my readers would support me and read the book, but I have been blown away by response to Verity.

Absolutely stunned. Do you have any special ways you celebrate the holidays? Not really. I just like to relax and spend time with my family. What are some of your most special and memorable holiday gifts and memories? As I said above, I prefer not to receive gifts. I think what I dislike about it is the attention and people watching me as I unwrap. Which is probably the reason my favorite Christmas memory is my favorite.

There were two sheets under the tree and she pulled away the sheets and our gifts were all laid out, unwrapped. I loved it! Have you done any reading lately? What are some recent recommendations? I started it at 9 pm last night and read until 2 am. Have you been binge watching anything great? As far as binge watching, though…I have a short attention span. If I start something with more than one season, I feel overwhelmed and look up spoilers online and then never finish.

I think this is why I mostly write standalones. I move on extremely fast from stories. What music are you currently into? But I recently started listening to Hobo Johnson. His songs are so unique, like a mixture of a band with slam poetry. Can I have a Chrismukkah Confession? I never believed in Santa. I thought it was such a silly concept. Thanks so much and have a very happy holiday! To enter, leave a comment below. If you share on socials, comment with the user name you posted under and you will be counted for another entry.

Follow Me Here! Join our Facebook Group. Colleen Hoover is a brilliant writer! I love when authors stray from the norm! Thanks Ana for your good review! Absolutely loved it! You can come to your own conclusion at the end. I absolutely loved this book! I devoured it in a few hours. Great review and interview. I would love to get my hands on this!

Started reading, then had to stop for ARCs but dying to get back to it! I cant wait to read this one! Colleen Hoover is an amazing writer and I always look forward to her books. Amazin writer… and woman as well. This book intrigues me a lot. I shared your interview here. I love everything Colleen and Verify is no exception. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Award-winning author Eliza Victoria mixes magic with the mundane in this special concoction of 16 short stories.

A girl meets a young man with the legs of a chicken. A boy is employed by a goddess running a pawnshop. A group of teenagers are trapped in an enchanted forest for days. A man finds himself in an MRT station beyond Taft, a station that was not supposed to ex Award-winning author Eliza Victoria mixes magic with the mundane in this special concoction of 16 short stories.

A man finds himself in an MRT station beyond Taft, a station that was not supposed to exist. A student claims to have seen the last few digits of pi. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Edition Language. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about A Bottle of Storm Clouds , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about A Bottle of Storm Clouds. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

Oct 25, K. Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K. Shelves: horror , fantasy , pinoy , ya. My other Halloween read this year. I picked this one up because I'd like to try a newer and a local book. Also, a friend really liked this. For a new author, Eliza Victoria, this is already a great output. The cover is really nice. The stories are mostly worth reading especially for fans of horror, supernatural and fantasy. They are just not my cups of tea. Some of the narratives are confusing maybe because I wa My other Halloween read this year.

Some of the narratives are confusing maybe because I was not really interested? My reactions to each of the stories typed right after reading a story or a chunk of stories: 1 Salot. Then the second half is about a supposed-to-be a dead man who is referred to as salot cursed but later turns out otherwise. Engaging start yet the ending is blurry. I also liked the modern version of Mariang Makiling.

This one even went further: Mariang Makiling in business suit!


BTW, the title of the collection seems to have been taken from this story. The man should exchange his bottle of storm clouds with a cool pair of sunglasses from another ancient local fairy. The idea of having a portal and having duplicates of yourself in another "dimension" has been used and popularized by the Matrix trilogy. So, I did not enjoy this story plus the unclear narration is disengaging. I only got a hint that made me understand what's going on when the boy said that he is the city. Then it got engaging and interesting and I like it in the end.

There is something in Eliza Victoria's writing that alienates or annoys me. Not sure yet what is it. Sometimes it is her train of thoughts and the use of phrases or incomplete sentences. I am not sure why I find it annoying. There are terms that I do not understand, e. The story is half-interesting, half-boring. I am just trying to finish this book now. These are fantasy stories peppered with human emotions. In the first half of the story, the fantasy is built and towards the end there are events that can grip on your heart and can make you sympathetic for the characters.

In this story is the death of the daughter and both the parents and the brother, who ignores the sister's loan, feel guilty. The mother thinks the mermaids in the river took away her daughter. Take away the emotion and this deserves a single star. Not sure if that is the intent but it is again confusing. I enjoyed some of the parts though. So, this is still okay. Proof that I am not trying to discredit this book.

What I really liked about this story: the information about Pi yes, that mysterious number. A must read if you are not informed. Well appreciated, Eliza Victoria! However, I like the use of the actual events that happened in Manila several years back.

Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann - Reading Guide - Books

It made the setting easy to imagine while reading. Who is who? Who is dead and who is alive? Is that what the story wants to tell me? Hmmm, maybe next time. However, this 11th story is about a father-daughter relationship so I liked this one. It seemed a well-crafted long short story.

However, I read this close to midnight last night and I was very sleepy. When I tried rereading just now, I just did not interest me anymore. I know 2 stars is quite unfair but I could not make me like this. It is again quite confusing but the level of confusion is enough for a worthwhile read. Nicely written. However, like most of the stories in the collection, I don't think I will take time for me to forget these stories.

They are good to stay in my mind for only few days. Opps, this also has a historical backdrop like Especially including your departed loved ones? The people in the town love it! Overall, I liked this book. It's just that I don't think this is my genre and so I will definitely forget most of the stories in a year or two.

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35 Pressing Questions I Had During 'Fifty Shades Freed'

Unique, imaginative and totally intriguing, A Bottle of Storm Clouds will take you to a familiar and bizarre world at the same time. Every short story has it's own dash of fantasy, magic, sci-fi and magical realism. Eliza Victoria did a good job in blending and balancing the reality and fantasy in this book. Anyway, I didn't like every short story in this collection. Some are just okay. Some are just so confusing.

Maybe because of the wordy? Some didn't make sense or should I Unique, imaginative and totally intriguing, A Bottle of Storm Clouds will take you to a familiar and bizarre world at the same time. Some didn't make sense or should I say, I just don't get it. Nonetheless, I still liked the majority of it. Because some stories shocked me or frustrated me with the reveals; some stirred emotions within me and some are just totally fascinating, I am in tears lol. And even they are open-ended and brought a lot of questions after.

I won't review every short story. I will just give my rating with each of them. Here they are: Salot - 3. View all 5 comments. Oct 17, Monique rated it really liked it Shelves: , filipino , metafiction , fiction , occult , fantasy , short-stories , retellings. Originally posted here. A very satisfying read. Confession: I had no idea that this book existed nor have I heard of the author before my wonderful bookish friend Tina marked it as her currently-reading book sometime last November, perhaps earlier.

And then, the author herself rated one of my favorite Mitchell novels, Cloud Atlas , with 5 stars over at Goodreads, which popped up on my feed through Tina. So on my next trip to the lone bookstore that is not a bargain bookstore at the next-door mall, I was elated to find a copy of A Bottle of Storm Clouds: Stories at the Filipiniana shelves.


Needless to say, I bought it right away. A Bottle of Storm Clouds: Stories is, obviously, a collection of short stories on Filipino myths, history, culture pop or tradition , etc. If you have read that book or are at least familiar with it, then you would know what to expect in A Bottle of Storm Clouds. It was a wonderful retelling of Philippine folklore which featured Alunsina and Maria Makiling shame on you if you're Filipino and you don't know who they are!

She loves to shop and when I say love I mean with a capital L. Any girl who reads the book will easily relate herself to Rebecca. So get your hands on them as soon as possible. This book is perfect for a little late night reading. If you are from Islamabad you will find them at Saeed Book Bank. In Lahore they are available at Variety Books. I don't recommend the movie. ANA - Passionate about beauty, cooking, baking, reading and giving my little baby boo tons of hugs and kisses. A twenty something crazy girl who just refuses to grow up.

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