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  2. Department of Nutritional Sciences - University of Toronto
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The Nutrition and Medical Sciences major is designed to focus on building a strong science foundation focused in biology, physiology, and chemistry.

The integration of science and nutrition through the Nutrition and Medical Sciences major will successfully prepare you to pursue an advanced degree in nutrition, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, or other related health professions. If preparing for an advanced degree, students can access the Center for Health Profession Studies for further advisement and peer mentorship.

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The option to combine the Nutrition and Medical Sciences and the Nutrition and Dietetics major is available to students who want to conduct nutrition research or apply to a dietetic internship. Depending upon the advanced degree, Nutrition and Medical Sciences graduates can achieve careers as a physician, physician assistant, dentist, pharmacist and physical therapist. This major can also lead to a career in laboratory research in pharmaceutical or food industries, local and state public health departments, the government, or academia.

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Department of Nutritional Sciences - University of Toronto

Welcome to the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition A world-class environment to create opportunities to develop knowledge that will promote good health and better treatment of disease. Rowett Institute Working on some of the big human health issues of our time, including food inequalities, food security and obesity.

Institute of Applied Health Sciences Working on hospital based clinical disciplines, population health, health services research and health economics.

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Institute of Medical Sciences Working on cutting-edge biomedical subjects aimed at understanding how the human body functions. Students will learn all about the relationship between our health and diets, and the dietary changes needed for therapeutic relief of disease and illness. In partnership with.

Food as Medicine - Free open online course - Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food

Why Upskilled? Online and campus with flexible study Nationally accredited qualifications Dedicated support for each participant.

I found that the ability to work at your own pace was very appealing. This allowed my busy schedule to be accommodated. This course equips individuals with the intensive knowledge required to facilitate consultations with clients in the Nutritional Medicine field. The qualification provides units that covers training in areas such as the biological and social sciences, human nutrition, nutritional science, and public health nutrition. Work experience or formal qualifications you have may count towards your course.

Master in Nutritional Medicine

If you have previously undertaken study at a recognised institution or have some relevant work experience, you might gain credit towards specific units in a course; shortening the time you have to study. Students undertake up to hours of practical work placement over the course of their degree, which means you graduate with not only a qualification but also invaluable professional experience - equipping you to be work ready.

After completing this course, you could explore some of the following outcomes. The Bachelor of Health Science Naturopathy consists of three levels of subjects, each with core units of competency to complete each level. Show all subjects. Flexible payment.

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