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Registration Number: Version 1 of 3 to was submitted prior to the Lobbying Act coming into force on July 2, Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

NationStates | Dispatch | The Dominion of Gaiaterra

Date Modified: Top of Page. Important Notices. Information about Lobbyist and Corporation.

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And we hereby agree to accept the several provisions, payments and reserves of the said treaty, as therein stated, and solemnly promise and engage to abide by, carry out and fulfil all the stipulations, obligations and conditions therein contained, on the part of the said Chiefs and Indians therein named, to be observed and performed; and in all things to conform to the articles of the said treaty as if we ourselves and the bands which we represent had been originally contracting parties thereto, and had been present and attached our signatures to the said treaty.

SIR,-We hereby authorize you to treat with the various bands belonging to the Salteaux Tribe of the Ojibbeway Indians inhabiting the North-West Territories of the Dominion of Canada not included in the foregoing certified copy of articles of treaty, upon the same conditions and stipulations as are therein agreed upon, and to sign and execute for us and in our name and on our behalf the foregoing agreement annexed to the foregoing treaty.

This Memorandum of Agreement made and entered into this twelfth day of September one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five, between Nicholas Chatelaine, Indian interpreter at Fort Francis and the Rainy River and acting herein solely in the latter capacity for and as representing the said Half-breeds, on the one part, and John Stoughton Dennis, Surveyor General of Dominion Lands, as representing Her Majesty the Queen through the Government of the Dominion, of the other part, Witnesseth as follows Whereas the Half-breeds above described, by virtue of their Indian blood, claim a certain interest or title in the lands or territories in the vicinity of Rainy Lake and the Rainy River, for the commutation or surrender of which claims they ask compensation from the Government.

Bells on the Peace Tower the voice of Canada

And whereas, having fully and deliberately discussed and considered the matter, the said Half-breeds have elected to join in the treaty made between the Indians and Her Majesty, at the North-West Angle of the Lake of the Woods, on the third day of October, , and have expressed a desire thereto, and to become subject to the terms and conditions thereof in all respects saving as hereinafter set forth.

It is now hereby agreed upon by and between the said parties hereto this agreement, however, to be subject in all respects to approval and confirmation by the Government, without which the same shall be considered as void and of no effect , as follows, that is to say: The Half-breeds, through Nicholas Chatelaine, their Chief above named, as representing them herein, agree as follows, that is to say That they hereby fully and voluntarily surrender to Her Majesty the Queen to be held by Her Majesty and Her successors for ever, any and all claim, right, title or interest which they, by virtue of their Indian blood, have or possess in the lands or territories above described, and solemnly promise to observe all the terms and conditions of the said treaty a copy whereof, duly certified by the Honourable the Secretary of State of the Dominion has been this day placed in the hands of the said Nicholas Chatelaine.

And whereas the said Half-breeds desire the land set forth as tracts marked A and B on the rough diagram attached hereto, and marked with the initials of the parties aforementioned to this agreement, as their reserves in all eighteen square miles , to which they would be entitled under the provisions of the treaty, the same is hereby agreed to on the part of the Government. Should this agreement be approved by the Government, the reserves as above to be surveyed in due course.

Registration - In-house Corporation

Provencher, and Simon J. Dawson, of the one part, and the Saulteaux tribes of Ojibewas Indians, inhabitants of the country as defined by the Treaty aforesaid. Notice This website will change as a result of the dissolution of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. Escort to Lieut.


Signed by S. Provencher, Esq.

Signed at Fort Francis, the day and date above mentioned, in presence of us as witnesses: A. Odlo is the leading international Sports Performance Brand. The World Architecture Festival is dedicated to celebrating, sharing and inspiring outstanding architecture.

2151 Jamieson Avenue

The IALD Awards recognise lighting projects that display high aesthetic achievement backed by technical expertise. Since December , over 4.

The Lux Awards recognise lighting projects and companies that are leading innovation and change. Wangjing Soho has received the Zhan Tianyou Award for engineering.

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