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Warum Ehefrau Nr. Heute, im Jahr , muss sich feministisches und homoerotisches Auf- Begehren nicht mehr in Kellern und Dachkammern verstecken. Die gelernte Konditorin kreiert essbare Kunstwerke. Und Essen spielt dabei eine Rolle. Ich verbinde verschiedene Materialien miteinander. Was inspiriert dich? Welche Schokolade ist deine Lieblingssorte? Obwohl es da ja verschiedene Varianten gibt. Es kommt, wie beim Kaffee, darauf an, wo die Bohne herkommt und wie sie verarbeitet wurde. Gesehen bei Illustriert wurde dieser vom schwulen Comedian Matteo Lane. Auch die anderen Kandidatinnen der Staffel kommen in der Story vor.

Die Leuchtelemente sind durch kaum sichtbare Kabel mit einem Kontroller verbunden, den man am Hinterkopf befestigen kann. Erfunden wurden sie von zwei Amerikanern, die im Juni eine Kickstarter-Kampagne starteten, um Eingenommen haben sie krasse Und die Queen wurde mit einem Blumenmeer in ihrer Lieblingsfarbe Gelb empfangen. Um kein anderes Hotel ranken sich so viele Mythen wie um das Adlon. Einmal wollte ein Gast auf keinen Fall eine Badewanne in seinem Zimmer haben und bat darum, sie auszubauen.

Kaiser Wilhelm II. Dann kam die Wende — und das Adlon stand wieder. Irgendwo spielt ein Klavier. Es wirkt ein bisschen wie eine Zeitreise. Das Gestaltungskonzept der Suite sei inspiriert von vornehmen Privatwohnungen der er Jahre. Leise huscht ein livrierter Page vorbei. Blicken Sie hinter die Kulissen des Grandhotels Adlon. Sehen Sie den ganzen Film unter: www.

Luong, who was a pharmacist in Canada before writing the novel Naked Berlin, considers a scenario where PrEP is prevalent but condoms are less common. Is international anal sex without a condom really OK, and what does it mean for us in Germany? Germany has one of the lowest infection rates in Europe, but despite safer sex campaigns, 2, people are infected each year. PrEP can reduce this. Emmanuel Danan, one of the founders of prepjetzt. Many stories of men on prepjetzt.

In healthcare, the best evidence is an analysis of all studies, called a metaanalysis. The meta-analysis from Dr. A column of international perspectives on queer Berlin by expats on rotation Sarah M Harrison is a writer living in Berlin since I guess the law grew on me. Writing about it now, I don't find presumption of paternity as outrageous as it did at first. If a couple happens to become pregnant with the use of a sperm donor, it makes a lot of sense.

It prioritizes choice and agency over biology, and such a preference seems beautiful to me. Germany has allowed for the registration of same-sex partnerships, providing most of the rights of a heterosexual marriage, since But unlike married heterosexual couples, registered same-sex partners were not allowed to adopt children, an exclusion that 80 percent of Germans disagreed with.

Even Angela Merkel, who voted against the same-sex marriage bill, believes that homosexual couples should be able to adopt children. And soon they will. Cue the glitter and confetti! But, like, what is the deal with presumption of paternity? By way of extension, one might easily presuppose that same-sex marriages will be covered by a comparable parenthood provision. Yet, shockingly, they will not be.

Unlike its heterosexual counterpart, if a married lesbian couple becomes pregnant with the use of a sperm donor, the non-birth mother will not be privy to any presumed parental rights. She may apply to legally adopt the child and, just as she would before the new marriage bill, be subject to interviews, fees and background checks.

Even in the event that she already lives with the birth mother and child, the family will be required to open their home for inspection by a social worker. If presumed paternity is then not about biology, and it clearly is not, why does it not apply to parental rights of the parties in a same-sex marriage? Condoms reduce the risk, but do not eliminate it completely.

Frequent testing is important to reduce transmission of an STI to a partner. These other STIs are curable, but their resistance is growing. About half of all gonorrhoea cases are through men who have sex with men via oral and anal sex. One drug is no longer used due to resistance. Curing gonorrhoea now requires two antibiotics, because resistance to either one of the antibiotics is common, but never both. Well, rarely both. More infections enable them to evolve faster. For now, gonorrhoea is curable, but affordable PrEP in Germany is only available through patient-advocacy groups that help patients acquire medication from India, Swaziland, or Thailand that is first routed to the UK, then Germany.

These are not the same pills that are stocked in German pharmacies, and although generic drugs are available, the monthly cost is euros, so finding cheaper drugs from abroad is the only option for most PrEP users in Germany. For men with an international background, this may seem like no big deal, but drug manufacturers in the EU must comply with good manufacturing processes and generic drugs are tested to be equivalent to the branded drug.

Mythos — Realität — Repräsentation — Rollendruck

Drugs from non-EU countries could be as good, or perhaps the tablet will not dissolve as well as the branded one, leading to varying levels of medication in the body. This would reduce the effectiveness of PrEP. It should be made widely available in Germany and should be part of safer-sex practices. English elsewhere Opening commentary: p.

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Harm reduction: p. Make your own harness: p. Folsom tips: p. Calendar of events: pp. AA for queers: p. September startet. Besser so! Runs through Oct. The juicyfruity club night at Ohm for queer hiphop fans turns three tonight.

Generaldebatte "Soziale Stadt" des Stuttgarter Gemeinderats

The result is a blend of dance, song and live music that welcomes interaction from the audience. Tokyo, AkrobatikShow. Modern acrobatics. Traditionelle Rituale werden wiederbelebt und zelebriert. Talk show in drag. International dance festival St. International dance festival. Meeting place for hairy men. Open Stage mit Shredder. Third anniversary of the queer party series focusing on the best new hiphop tunes. Entry till midnight Stahlrohr 2. Hosting this big celebration of the scene will be Herrin deluxe pictured and Gitti Reinhardt.

Heute feiert der stylishe Laden seinen Geburtstag und haut deshalb jede Menge Specials raus. Happy Birthday! The steamy location is celebrating their birthday today with plenty of specials lined up, including a cake buffet at and a barbecue at Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Tickets Comedy talk show. Classical concert St.

Berlin community award: best bar, best drag queen. Get lost in the concrete temple for contemporary electronic dance music. Einlass bis Tie or get tied up Lab. Wolfgang Cortjaens. Crime comedy. Classical concert. Tatort Public Viewing. Cruising bar. Karaoke-Abend, Host: Supernoa. The Sunday gay party establishment. Mask rental available, mask during summer optional Stahlrohr 2. Kultur Mo In this review, he combines classical music, acrobatics, burlesque and comedy with help from renowned international guests upon the stage of the legendary Wintergarten.

All in heels, of course! Drama, in Spanish. Mi Geburtstag feiert. Impersonators of icons such as Madonna, Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury will sing the hits with a live band, offering a cross-section of pop-music history. The place to be for hairy men. His masterpiece Goodbye, Dragon Inn, about an old cinema in Taipeh known as a cruising spot, will be screened tonight, with English subtitles. Info day. Christoph Loeben, Kestner-Museum Hannover. The focus of this class is the development of a kind and nurturing attitude towards yourself. Darkest Sexparty in Town! Ages till midnight, thereafter no limit.

Casual trashy gay bar night. This rather straight midweek techno party attracts a lot of gay people as well. Casual dress code. Taste the Rainbow! Taste the rainbow! Kostenlose und anonyme Schnelltests in nur 30 Minuten! Donnerstag, Open meeting. The Hobby indulges in pop music. Party igniting Thursday nights with brilliant electro tunes by alternating DJs.

Naked with mask, Lab. Entry till Heute: Hendrik Rungelrath. Drag show. Popular 80s-style gay cruising bar. Exclusively for HIV positive men, prior regristration necessary: www. The housey gay party hosts the official Folsom weekend kick-off. Monthly sex party Lab. The 13th annual Folsom Europe street festival features the new addition of a stage program.

Check p. Now celebrating her 15th birthday, the bar is one of the few remaining gay hotspots in Prenzlauer Berg. The crew and all the regulars will be partying tonight, while Pet Shop Bears and Carmen 16 provide the tunes. Denn sie singt live und das ziemlich gut. Gaststars sind Kaiser und Plain. Musical Galerie Studio St. What sets her apart from many queens is that she sings live, and quite well at that. Quiz night. Karaoke night. House, Retro, Pop. House, Techno. Exhibition opening Fuggerstr. Official Folsom party. The hedonistic club keeps the party vibe going till Monday morning. The Sunday gay party.

Disko, dress code: naked, jock, mask. Club with huge darkroom area. Mo Every Monday through Oct. Lecture and discussion. Di The Flying Pussies are stepping in to change that! Starting this month, their series will offer events every Tuesday, with a changing theme each week.

Tonight is geared toward those who are curious, inexperienced or new to the L-Team. The new adaptation starring a less campy Pennywise pictured opens the annual Fantasy Filmfest Sep. Relaxed bar night. Music Workshop. Olympia Bukkakis and a guest, talk show in English. Mit werken vom Iwajla Klinke, Goodyn Green u. Drama in English. Techno, Electro, Pop. Expect flawless lip-synching and sick dance moves. Eine Spurensuche. Oliver Altenkirch. Rope workshop in English. The open discussion group in Kreuzberg continues to give older gay and bisexual men the opportunity to meet, converse and support each other.

Their anniversary celebration is this evening, including a barbecue and a belly-dancing performance by Antonio Rodriguez pictured. Sittengeschichte eines Naturmysteriums, , Symposium mit Ashkan Sepahvand u. DJs sind u. Zu erwarten sind perfektes Lipsync und sickening Dance Moves. Message to the Future, Vernissage.

Masculinities — Maskulinitäten

Stage thriller Galerie Studio St. Play St. Your favorite music by request Erna P! Neighbourhood Character, trust. Techno, Tech House. Men only. Der lange Spree-Spaziergang bis zur Insel der Jugend lohnt sich also mehr denn je. Zur Abschiedsparty haben sich u. After 12 years, the famous lesbian party Mermaids is going into retirement — so the trek to Insel on the Spree is worth it now more than ever. After the book presentation, DJ Sivi Wonder will help switch gears into party mode. Guided tour in English.

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  6. Von Boris Charmatz. Im Anschl. You can choose either the five- or the ten-kilometer run. The starting point is at Luftgarten in Tempelhofer Feld. Samstag Thriller play Galerie Studio St. Acid, Electrotechno, NuTrance, Progressive. Wright, Rahaan, Fred P u. Get lost for contemporary electronic dance music. Organisiert und konzipiert von der Performancegruppe Henrike Iglesias. Book presentation. BDSM party, mixed-genders Lab. In Finnish. Vom It runs from Sep.

    Tonight is the second of two shows by Peter Frost pictured and the group Le Frau, honoring the forgotten matriarchs of Berlin and the world. The gay. The host and his guests will look back at a quarter-century of Quatsch Comedy Club, his awardwinning TV show shot live in the lower level of the Friedrichstadt-Palast. In English. Sauna and cruising for guys through age Now, six years later, the ex-Gossip singer is back in her comfort zone of guitar-based stompers. Following the release of her first full-length album, Fake Sugar, the plus-size fashion icon is now touring Europe.

    Das Ganze wird fett mit einer Releaseparty im SO begossen, wo u. Gemma Ray live auftritt und Karina Qanir auflegt. Helmut Schuhlen. Cristiane Starck, Frankfurt am Main. Modern circus. Das schwache Herz — wie kann ihm geholfen werden? German hit song night in the sleazy sex club. Dance your Soul out, Tanzworkshop. The mutant club kids of Janus infiltrate Berghain with queer sounds.

    Release party of the new. Entry till midnight. Slave market. DJs sind: Modeopfer, Prof. Cheddar u. German card game tournament. Foto nun schon zum Mal organisiert. Techno, House. Dance performance. Bars men only, DJ Will Delight. Show: Kaey u. Get lost in the concrete tempel for contemporary electronic dance music. Coffee and screening of the election. Costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. The hedonistic club. Maske, Leihmasken vorhanden, mask rental available, entry till Sonja Schelper and Uta Schwenke pictured will speak about what we can learn from this feminist network with branches in eleven countries.

    The tinseltown legend and gay icon is embodied by Katharine Mehrling pictured in a story that combines addiction, tragic love and one big comeback, capping the end of a hectic career. In German. Meet: Mr. That's because the bookers invited Homopatik founder Mr.

    Ties for one of his adventurously sprawling DJ sets. Considering the club's days may be numbered now that their rent has been doubled, why not give it a shot? Comedy in English. Mini music festival. In English and German. Begleitung willkommen, Einlass bis Sex party for women, men accompanied by a woman are welcome. Ties, DJ-Set von Mr. Ties die ganze Nacht. Regular bar night. Die infizierte Prothese — was tun? Heute spielt er live in Berlin. Abysmal Thoughts shows a gay psyche trying to rid itself of Christian indoctrination, with dark humor and 80s pop signifiers along the way.

    Catch the concert tonight. But first, a screening of the queer documentary Mein wunderbares Westberlin, and at , a big party. Ab Party. Queer climbing group. Link arms and sway from side to side! Divergent party tunes, open to all genders. Philou Louzolo. Party for nostalgic 90s enthusiasts. Fetish party with young meat Lab. BDSM play party, men only. On her new album They Dance in the Dark, she explores trip-hop, synthpop and rave sounds.

    Tonight's release concert will offer a combination of electronics, tabla, dancers and visuals. The bizarre beginning of this stage piece sparks a humorous, profound and, at times, sensual dialogue about the meaning of life between the characters, played by Marcus Zollfrank pictured, L and Franz Lenski R. Stand-up comedy show,. Idil N. Baydar aka Jilet Ayse Ghettolektuell Electrotechno, NuTrance, Progressive. Entry for mares till , stallions enter between My name is Montag im Monat Begine u Doppelkopfrunde, 1. Montag im Monat Begine u Literaturrunde, 2.

    Montag im Monat Begine u Philosophiestammtisch, 2. Montag Begine u Politikstammtisch, 4. Frauen zw. Montag im Monat. Alcohol is the most socially acceptable and easily attainable drug, so it can be difficult to tell when you have a real problem. Do you drink to face up to stressful situations? Do you ever forget what happened after a night of drinking? If so, you might want to get support. Dienstag Spinnboden. Dienstag Schwulenberatung u Meeting der Anonymen Alkoholiker. Mi Mietrecht, 20 Uhr Zivil- u. Mi Strafrecht Regenbogenfamilienzentrum u Offener. Queer BerlinBrandeburg, jeden 3.

    Mittwoch im Monat. Donnerstag Lambda e. Donnerstag im Monat Begine u Feminismus wagen! Freitag im Monat Spinnboden. Schwarze Frauen in Deutschland, jeder 4. Freitag im Monat. Samstag im Monat, mit Voranmeldung Spinnboden. Lesbenarchiv u Twens, Freizeitgruppe, jeden 1. Samstag Spinnboden. Sonntag Lambda e. Sonntag Kirche am Lietzensee u Gottesdienst, jeden 4. Mit dabei: Goodyn Green. Avi Berg: Cataract Vernissage am Das Ergebnis: ein selbstreferenzielles, vielschichtiges und multiperspektivisches Experiment.

    Oft aber verschwimmen in seinen Aufnahmen die Geschlechtergrenzen. AHA A , Monumentenstr. A , Brunhildstr. A , Kluckstr. D , Sonnenburger Str. C , Adalbertstr. Lesbenarchiv D , Anklamer Str. C , Sanderstr. Elisabeth-Kirche D , Invalidenstr. Bars Alaska Bar C , Reuterstr. A , Leberstr. Hof, Tel: 69 51 96 50, h Reizbar B , Motzstr.

    Diesmal ist es Queen Victoria Judi Dench , die sich ganz entgegen ihres eisernen Rufs mit einem indischen Bediensteten anfreundet. Der amerikanische Kaffeeliebhaber Cory Andreen veranstaltet vom 1. Ich trinke zu Hause seit Jahren keinen Kaffee mehr. Ich teste jeden Tag sehr viele Kaffees, aber wie bei einer Weinprobe wird dabei der Kaffee ausgespuckt. Worauf sollte man besonders achten? Beim Kaffee sind viele Infos auf der Verpackung meistens ein gutes Zeichen. Infos: www. Ehrenamt gesucht? Bei der Berliner Aids-Hilfe e. Informationen zu unseren Einsatzbereichen gibt es unter www.

    Wir freuen uns darauf, Dich kennenzulernen. Mi um 19 Uhr. Jeder Gay-Akademiker ist eingeladen. Jeden vierten Freitag im Monat ab im Sonntags-Club e. Greifenhagener Str. Was begeistert dich an deinem Job? Was bringt dich an deine Grenzen? Gemeinsam aufregen, abregen und anregen. Komm vorbei!! Halbzeit drehen auf. Bring Deine eigenen Ideen ein, alles ist drin. Komm einfach mittwochs ab Rentner, NR, schlank, sportl.

    Tel: federstrich! Konzert, Diskussionen, Party uvm. Jeden 2. Mittwoch des Monats, 19h im Sonntags-Club e. Jeden Di ab 19 Uhr im Sonntags-Club. August um 19 Uhr im Ulrichs oder melde dich bei anette. Infos zum Ulrichs unter www. Habe kein Managergehalt, aber liebe Katze. Fahre Rollstuhl u. Mein Hund u. Kiga13 freenet. Bin auch selbst kreativ. Bitte melden. Email: naturliebe63 gmx. Lasst uns gemeinsam Radeln um den Plauer See am Mail an lilaze web. Jeder ist einzigartig. Wer kommt mit? Karate bei Gaysha!

    Dojo Shin Gi Thai in der Reichenbergerstrasse Wir freuen uns auf euch! Alle Infos unter www. Suche neue Freunde und Bekannte zum Ausgehen, Urlaub, etc. Bin Akademiker, Anfang Neuer Kurs mittwochs Einzelanmeldungen willkommen! Schaut euch bei kostenlosen Probestunden um. Mehr Infos unter 90 00 oder www. Meldet euch mit euren Ideen und Interessen, und wir gucken gemeinsam was geht.

    Am 09 September startet unser neuer SV Kurs! Wir vermitteln realistische, effektive und angemessene SV Techniken. Jetzt anmelden unter www. Vereinbarung o. Voranmeldung nicht erforderlich, aber empfohlen um Wartezeiten zu vermeiden:. Ich kann innerhalb von 8 Wochen, beginnend mit dem Belastungsdatum, die Erstattung des belasteten Betrages verlangen. Dabei gelten die mit meinem Kreditinstitut vereinbarten Bedingungen. KontoinhaberIn: Kreditinstitut :. Wie antworte ich auf eine Kleinanzeige? Bitte die Antwort im inneren Umschlag mit Chiffre-Nr.

    Handicap Selbsthilfegruppe: Jeden 2.

    Publications for year - Zurich Open Repository and Archive

    Di im Monat, Spinnboden o. Ausstausch, Kennenlernen und Perspektiven teilen. September im Sonntags-Club, Greifenhagener Str. Tel: , Anrufe von 9 bis 20 Uhr. Zu guten Bedingungen. T 18 97 H Lust zweigleisig zu fahren? Bei uns geht das! Meist Abenddienste im Service und Tresen. Alles weitere im Interview. Ab sofort. Bewerbung an matthias. Bitte Mail an: wolfgang. Zuschriften an: maxe-bln web. Bewerbungen an: geigesurologie gmx. Spangenberg oder info magazzino. Kurze Bewerbung an vf-tpb vodafonemail. Wir, 2 transsex. Chiffre: Un- od.

    Dirk , info dirkson. Dann bitte melde dich! Bis Angebote an Manfred 80 35 oder majubuga gmail. Wolf www. Verstaubtes Instrument zuhause? Auf der Suche nach Anregungen? Komme gerne bei Ihnen zu Hause vorbei. Graham , sensible. Bei ausgebildetem Sprachlehrer, Muttersprachler. Preiswert und erste Stunde gratis. Steuerkanzlei Christine Lachmann, EMail: chr. Zimmer Zirkuswagen Bauwagen Heuherberge Zelten. Lesben in. Sinnliche med. Lerne eine entspannende Shiatsumassage zu geben. Auch Einstieg zur GSD-anerk. Kostenfreier Infoworkshop Keine SMS!

    Nur Mo-Mi ab Freue mich auf dich: selinasom hotmail. M, , verschmust, sucht M der sich an der Kleidung befriedigen will u. Tel Dann schreib mir mit Bild: MaSco mail. Ich bin gespannt auf Dich! Fon: Welcher junge Mann bis 30 will nackt von mir erzogen werden und mit mir leben. Bin 53 Jahre jung und sitze im Rollstuhl. Freund, Partner v. Suche Maso, der mir Blowjobs anbietet, evtl. Blowjob gerne gegenseitig. Ruf mich an: Bitte ruf an: Ich suche dich! Du: junger mann bis 35J.! Freizeit, m. Herz, Hirn u. Humor, NR, sauber, zuverl. Niveau, belesen, m.

    Interesse an Kultur, Natur u. NN, bitte m. Bild -ern. Bin ebenfalls Rentner. Freue mich auf deine Antwort. Ich spreche deutsch, muss aber noch mehr lernen. Du solltest aus Berlin sein. Bitte keine Sexangebote. Bitte melde dich bei Interesse mit Bild. Chiffre: Du bist zw. Gregory; Singer, Hal J.

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    Consequently, the prospects for the freedom and independence of the media cannot be considered outside this context. This article provides initial insights into the factors that facilitate and constrain the ability of one the most influential media — television — to be an instrument of demo cracy. From the s, engineers of the European soul, with the European Broadcasting Union EBU playing a central part, resorted to a variety of technologies and genres: simultaneous live broadcasts in Eurovision, news exchange, later satellite television, highbrow drama and popular entertainment notably with the Eurovision song contest.

    Even when they reached an audience, these attempts failed with respect to their main aim, as they were based on a false, deterministic view of television as a medium and on a dated, communicative view of the nation where media have the power to shape collective identities.

    The case focused on is the debate on immigration and integration in the Netherlands between and The empirical analyses are based on a computer-assisted content analysis of both parliamentary documents and newspaper articles. Results show bidirectional causal relationships between media and parliament. In the case of salience only long-term influence relationships are found, while framing influences follow an interesting pattern: an increase in the use of a frame in one arena leads to an increase in the other arena only if this frame has already been used regularly in the latter arena.

    External events have more considerable and consistent impact on issue salience and framing in both arenas. While pay television has driven the initial uptake of Digital Television DTV in Europe, saturation of the pay television market in terms of penetration may be occurring. Attention was focused on the free-to-view market and with the launch of a number of free-to-air services e. This paper argues that PSBs have played a significant role in enhancing consumer interest in digital services and making the target of prompt analogue switch-off across Europe in seem achievable. This paper is divided into two parts.

    The first part investigates the recent historical past with respect to the making of policy, drawing on the analytical framework of policy cycles. Why has the British government given the BBC a lead role in the move towards digital transmission, and how does this decision link and interconnect with other interweaving policy debates surrounding the BBC licence fee and Charter renewal?

    In a media environment, increasingly driven by commercial considerations, what are the key policy motivations for entrusting a publicly funded institution with a lead role in the digital era, and what have been the main challenges and policy dilemmas in doing this? Part two considers how the BBC has responded to government policy initiatives. What are the key building blocks of its digital strategy and just how comfortably do these sit with its public service remit?

    For digital means much more than just broadcasting, demanding responses to changes in the way that audiences are likely to interact with content in future. Yet, in positioning itself as a content provider, whose content will be available on demand on myriad future platforms, the Corporation is increasingly impinging on what commercial operators believe is their future route to profitability. It examines if and how the three models are related and what potential relationships between them tell theorists and researchers about the effects of mass media.

    As an introduction to this effort, this essay provides a very brief review of the three effects and their roots in media-effects research. Based on this overview, we highlight a few key dimensions along which one can compare, framing, agenda setting, and priming. We conclude with a description of the contexts within which the three models operate, and the broader implications that these conceptual distinctions have for the growth of our discipline.

    A number of different themes emerged in the texts and excerpts analyzed here, most prominently that of English monolingualism as potentially compromising American national security and economic competitiveness. Several texts also focused on a great paradox: tremendous American linguistic diversity and widespread English monolingualism in the United States. Perhaps the most interesting theme that emerged was what the author terms wistful regret: Americans reflecting with considerable melancholy on how they saw the hegemony of English as inhibiting their incentive and opportunity to become multilingual.

    The goal was to determine whether media usage variables — typically not used in health segmentation studies — add predictive power in determining health behaviors and attitudes. The results of the analysis showed an increase in the ability to predict health behaviors such as aspirin use, vitamin use, diet, and exercise, and suggest that there is predictive value for including media variables as part of the segmentation process.

    Implications for public health education and campaign planning are discussed. The Carnival Campaign was broadcast on television and radio between February 16 and March 3 and targeted young women, between 13 and 19 years of age, a social group that previously had registered a growth in the number of cases of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases STDs.

    The Ministry hired Kelly Key, a Brazilian pop singer, to deliver the campaign messages. One of the objectives was to empower the girls and encourage them not to be ashamed to buy condoms and to demand that their partners use them. The article presents the results of a national survey conducted with 1, adolescent women, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Health.

    The results show that campaign materials reached the main target public and that they were very positively received. The media campaign included airing two public service announcements PSAs on Chinese television and radio stations and publishing the same message in Chinese newspapers during Seven-hundred-ten faceto-face interviews were conducted with women who were recruited from various settings in the city of San Francisco to evaluate the impact of the campaign.

    Survey participants were asked to describe the content of the PSAs. The study findings support that a media campaign utilizing PSAs is effective in improving knowledge of breast health guidelines, teaching Chinese women how to BSEs , and increasing breast health practices.

    Health issues appearing in magazine advertisements and articles presented messages in challenge formats, while brochures and posters from largely nonprofit and government groups depicted health issues in stigma formats. Some health topics appeared most often in challenge formats including cancer, heart disease, and scoliosis , while others appeared in stigma formats including tuberculosis, hepatitis, smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases [STDs]. Findings suggest that media depictions of health differ, and the implications of stigma and challenge formats are discussed.

    As suggested by the term itself, mobile television involves the coming together of two different industries, telecommunications and broadcasting. To illustrate these aspects, the article considers the Italian case representing one of the main developed mobile television industries on the European level. Advertisers are struggling to understand changes in audience media use and to changes in attention paid to commercial messages, the author argues. In order to maintain relevance, media firms need to lead the way in helping advertisers understand and adjust to the changes.

    First, we determine the retail prices paid by viewers and advertisers to a monopoly platform when there are externalities between these two markets. We compare the prices that an unregulated platform would establish with the welfare maximizing prices. Second, we obtain the access charge that an independent programmer should pay to a television platform for using one of his channels. Results show that although firm-level characteristics are relevant, transaction-specific and regulatory factors are even more important.

    Not surprisingly, the attitude of the transaction-whether hostile or friendly-is a key factor, as are the method of payment and the percentage of control sought by the acquirer. Although overall diversity increased, the traditional newspapers decreased their content diversity. The new newspaper offered a higher level of content diversity than traditional newspapers, which differentiated themselves by becoming more specialized.

    Der folgende Beitrag geht diesen und anderen Fragen nach. Die neue Rechtslage bringt allerdings wegen der schwierigen und teilweise misslungenen Abgrenzung zwischen dem Telekommunikationsrecht und dem Recht der Telemedien erhebliche Rechtsunsicherheit. Zudem wird die wettbewerbsrechtliche Relevanz des Keyword-Advertising untersucht. Sie sind aber in rechtlicher Hinsicht wirkungslos. Daher kann auf sie verzichtet werden. Specifically, this study investigated whether or not animated superheroes were portrayed in gender-role stereotypical ways.

    Coders analyzed 70 characters from hours of recorded programming. Surprisingly, the researchers found few instances of traditional gender-role stereotyping. First, no main order effect of image-issue and positive-negative scenes is found. Second, interaction effects have been observed so that those stories with positive image and negative issue scenes elicit more positive attitudes toward the candidates and higher voting intention than those stories with negative image and positive issue scenes, regardless of scene order.

    This approach has dominated political communication literature on war and the media for over a generation. The war with Iraq, however, provides a major challenge to conventional wisdom. A multidimensional measure of emotion pleasure, arousal, dominance was used. A total of 1, individuals were coded. The results demonstrate that emotionality was stereotyped to some degree, particularly in relation to women, ethnic minorities, and senior citizens.

    Specifically, African Americans were depicted as excited whereas Asian Americans were seen as calm. Women were portrayed as happy and teens were shown as sad. The results support the social construction of emotion and suggest that the news media play a role in framing and constructing emotional meaning with regard to different subgroups in American society. Concentrating on the economics of television documentaries, it considers the way in which memory can be manipulated to signal national and historical differences.

    This issue is explored through the vantage point of a particular mode of television production, international co-productions. Making this documentary was only possible after funding from separate sources had been secured, with the quid pro quo of each funding source being given the right to use the produced footage to construct its own version of the final product.

    • Friends In Low Places.
    • Atlas of Skin Cancers: Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment!

    Analysing the production process of this television documentary, the study shows that making the tri-versions programme on the Arab-Israeli war became a kind of a war: a war over competing memories, a war over interpretation and, finally, a war over representation. It argues that broadcasting needs to be understood within the terms of communication per se with specific tools designed for that dedicated purpose. Such circumstances can lead to an affirmation of nationhood by foregrounding civil society rather than the state or organized politics: media representations turn the resilience of everyday interpersonal relationships into a conspicuous national value, and ultimately into a myth of national character.

    Analysing an extreme instance of news discourse in crisis conditions Israeli television coverage of a suicide bombing of a bus in Jerusalem , the article identifies several discursive strategies for constructing an overall image of national civil society, focusing in particular on the ways in which these intertwine both ethnic and civic conceptions of nationhood.

    Drawing on the insight that contemporary scheduling practices — like most media practices today — are hybrid phenomena, this article demonstrates in some detail the variety of factors, both foreign and domestic, that come into play in specific scheduling decisions, paying particular attention to the conditions under which power relations among domestic, regional and global ideas about scheduling differ.

    I concentrate on three case studies of scheduling innovation in Hungary, each of which demonstrates different routes through which foreign scheduling practices enter the market. The resulting analysis has implications for understanding international television flows, as well as the ways in which power operates among global media institutions.

    The literature indicates that both the political and centrally controlled media system have an impact on the communication needs of citizens. These findings are at odds with audience research into democratic societies, which has emphasized entertainment as the most important variable for media use, whereas only a few segments of the audience are interested in genuinely political items.