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Search Advanced search…. Members Current visitors. Interface Language. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Be in so deep. Thread starter axel Start date May 12, Estoy tan metido enamorado, comprometido etc. Thanks chileno. I really appreciate your help, but what about you native speakers? I would also like to hear or rather read your opinion.

Gandalf fell too deep - 9GAG

It could also refer to love, like chileno said. I think the lyrics refer to both problems and love. The person is deep in love and because of their love, they are also deep in problems that they got themselves into. True, I feel more balanced, secure, clear minded when not in love.

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But this feelings do settle down over years when we are in a long term relationship. It changes into more caring emotional state. Are you just afraid of initial phase of falling in love? All the changes that comes with it? I was thinking about this as I was driving today, how we lose a part of our identity when entering into a relationship and how two identities emerge. I saw that with myself, i see that with my married sisters. We get upset or angry with them because they are not the same as they used to be.

But we do change, perhaps that's why separations are so bloody painful.

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That's why people say " part of me's gone or i have a hole in my heart "and so on. If you don't mind, would you like to tell me more what you meant with " I'm more concerned about I have an intense fear of love and even attraction itself. If I find myself even feeling the slightest bit attracted to someone, I will ignore them and act as though I hate them. This is because although I'm in love with the idea of love, I see love, particularly attraction, as irrational and I feel vulnerable and embarrassed.

I align so much with your statements: "To fall in love requires us to recognize powerful feelings of longing, which can render us emotionally exposed and scared. I wrote: I wonder if I will ever let myself fall in love. I will try to get past these barriers. Thank you for this insightful article. Lovely piece, well articulated. Ritter clearly understands whereof she speaks. First-off, though, I suspect many most? Humans are social animals, arguably the most social of all animals. This is most likely evolutionarily determined, and rooted in the actions of many neurohormones.

As Dr. But beyond that, humans are complex beings, capable of reason and agency, and also subject to other, not-always-beneficial influences of the psyche. A choice must be made, and we have to make some kind of compromise.

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And this is the important subtext of Dr. If, like most people, you have a longing for a robust love relationship, with someone you love and who loves you, but you have a fear of intimacy whatever its basis or form blocking you, you have a rather self-destructive problem, which will guarantee you life-long disappointment. So you owe it to yourself to take your well-being seriously, and do something about it - better sooner rather than later. Stumbled upon this article tonight after thinking there must be something wrong with me because for the first time in my 44 years I am madly deeply in love with someone.

I Fell So Deep

He's in love with me too. Unhappily married but still married. We have been together for 8 months. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and will start treatment soon. This has put me in an emotional tailspin where I find myself tearing up just thinking about how much I love him. This is all new to me and I had no intentions to meet anyone and become involved.

Armada Trance, Vol. 5

I was happy being single. I suppose that if my relationship ends I'll be thankful for the opportunity to love and be loved by someone like this. I know what it's like to want to remain alone and independent and be happy with it. But I feel alive every moment I'm with him. I'm scared. It's all new territory for me to be exploring. I, like many other commenters, like to be in control of my emotions.

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I figured since we fell in love 2 months in that by 8 months I'd be over the "honeymoon" stage. We're not. How did I ever fall in love with a married man??!! Im in love and she is so trusting and true its unreal. She cares deeply for me. The way she plays and the way she cares. How she jokes, but at the same time strong and is no push over! She is true and a women with real meaning to my life and hers. We are like best friends, but lovers at the same time. Never had this experience before. She is perfect for me, but im always worried and even she becomes worried and then we both laugh about it.

We are true too each other and support our goals and fears. For 29 years I was afraid of love. I had affection towards women but was never brave enough to do something about it. I finally started talking to women slowly chatting here and there and sliding into DM's the past year. I have finally found someone who I met and fell deeply in love with it's a long distance relationship.

I have never been in love so that is what led me to search these questions. Why is love so scary? I have told her all my feelings and opened up my heart to her and she has done the same. I can see that we are both madly in love with each other. Yet we are both scared. Scared of the circumstances surrounding our relationship. Scared of the long distance which keeps us apart. Scared of our cultural beliefs which may keep us apart. My heart longs for her so much. I think I kept my heart closed for as long as it did due to my own insecurities and being afraid of love. To me love used to be foolish as I was never in love and have only ever seen relationships from the third person view.

She opened my heart up and I love her. I was able to just open up it was scary but she accepted me. Everyday i'm in love i'm happy i'm sad and I long for her. Everyday it's scary. Waking up and talking with her makes me so ecstatic in the mornings but when we hang up I get so scared. I don't know what I can do to ease both of our insecurities. I only know that I love her with all my heart, i'm open and honest with everything. I just hope our insecurities and fear do not keep us apart. It's so hard and scary to love her but I will keep doing so. It's a great feeling to be in love my heart has never felt this much range of emotions all at once before.

I've been single, living alone for the past 4 years. Yes, I've dated but didn't have that "spark". Then I met this fantastic guy who is totally different than I am -someone I never thought I'd go out with but I was attracted to him. That "Spark" was electric the first time he touched my hand with a single finger, my stomach clinched up, my back arched, I held my breath. I felt like a teenager we are in our 50's. Neither of us was looking for l-o-v-e.

We both thought the other person would be nice to hang out with, have someone to go to dinner with, you know, maybe a friend with benefits but definitely not love! It hit both of us hard. We acknowledged that we were head over heels for each other in about 4 weeks. He'd spend several nights in a row then go back to his place and we would miss each other so much that he would get sad and I would get mad. We'd see each other a day or two later and it was like he had returned home from war, drop his stuff at the door, kiss me passionately We had a real talk.

A lay-it-on-the-line, totally vulnerable talk. I want him. He wants me. We're an older couple. No worries of pregnancy or any of that something stuff young couples have. We moved in together. We're grown adults and we act like it. We know how relationships work and how they fail. We are respectful to each other and not afraid to show each other love. Even if this fantasy-like relationship ends tomorrow, I am better for it. There are not a lot of really great things in life when you find it, recognize it and embrace it.

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Why mindfulness meditation is not a substitute for psychotherapy. True intimacy requires surrendering to how our partners love us. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The New Science of Sleep Experts suggest ways to correct the habits that keep us from resting well. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today.

Cranial Electrostimulation and Anxiety. Creativity in Bipolar Disorder: Fabulous or Fatal? There's many ways to look at love Submitted by Quincy D. It Submitted by anon on June 8, - am. For my money, Conrad's Marlowe put it best: "The horror. The horror. I'm Tired Submitted by Yaz on June 30, - pm. So, what is love? Submitted by gbdoc on July 10, - pm. It is subjective! Submitted by Anonymous on February 9, - pm. Hi Yaz, No need to project your criticism towards a stereotypes, doesn't matter the marital status, profession or beliefs.

I believe that the notion of Submitted by Sally on June 30, - pm. You are right, those who experience it are Fantastic article Submitted by anon on March 20, - pm. Thank you Submitted by Anonymous on March 21, - am. Hello there, Just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. Thanks for telling me you can relate Submitted by Anon on March 21, - pm.

It's nice to know I'm not the only person experiencing this!