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Never drink your tea with the spoon left inside. Compliment your cup of tea with edibles such as scones, mini sandwiches, muffins xvi. Begin to converse with those around you, socialize and build your relationships. To a large extent the same principles apply. The art of Tea etiquette should not be taken for granted many acquaintances, deals and proposals have emanated from afternoon tea meetings.

A Sip of Tranquility -Mastering Tea Etiquette

Cold drinks are also acceptable during these sessions. Why note sign contracts and seal deals at your next tea invitation. Search for:. Monday 01 July. Follow vanguardngrnews. Breaking News.

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Previous Post Masturbation: Sex for one! He has been involved in basically everything I have released up to date. So fortunate to have been a part of your amazing journey. Needless to say, he showed me the effect that a professional, experienced ear can have on music. The techniques we developed and shared with each other further helped to enrich my own career in the years to come. Plec is the man! I simply could not be any happier with the results!

And with the musicality and creative mind to match it. A master at his craft! We can't wait to start working closely with him on our upcoming album. His attitude and professionalism, along with gear to die for, guarantees nothing but amazing results. Toggle navigation. Making Music Rock Since Website by. Mastering Where we bridge the gap between the artists vision and the outside world. The writing intervention used was that of prospection as opposed to retrospection , that is, engaging future-thinking.

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Those participants who completed prospective writing compared with those who did factual writing or no writing at all experienced greater current PTG. It prevents us from shutting down.

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New Year's Resolutions.. Shall we have a new relationship with the New Year?

Stoicism - The Art Of Tranquility (Seneca's Wisdom)

That could mean changing how we relate to our annual goals and goal-setting. Woolley and Fischbach , , have published widely their studies of the efficacy of immediate rewards versus delayed gratification in the pursuit of long-term goals. They found that, even though participants believe delayed gratification to be the driving force behind their motivation e. Goal-oriented behaviors should include some element of fun and have treats associated with them, given that our brains are designed to respond to immediate rewards. No shame in that. Maybe we can just acknowledge and appreciate that part of ourselves upfront and approach our goals in collaboration with our hard-wired reward-orientation.

It's a win-win, bringing gratification to the giver and receiver. Material Success? The emphasis on gift-giving can especially assume center stage, causing a flurry of purchasing as Christmas draws near.

While the giving and receiving of presents can be fun and affirming of our connection with others, it can also become stressful when it manifests as materialism. Materialism has been found in many studies to be associated with life dissatisfaction.

Jens Bogren - Wikipedia

Several years ago a group of researchers explored the components underlying this relationship between materialism and dissatisfaction Roberts, Tsang and Manolis In their study they found a third variable that came in-between material possessions and dissatisfaction — namely negative affect. Those people demonstrating high materialism tend to also experience more negative feelings. More negative emotion is associated with lower life satisfaction.

The upshot? Well, the researchers also found that, when people exhibit high levels of gratitude, the negative feelings associated with materialism tend to abate and even reverse. Simply put, feeling grateful for what you have buffers against the negative effects of materialism.

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But it may be better to disengage with materialism altogether rather than try to mitigate it with gratitude. The researchers found that it takes high levels of gratitude and positive affect to prevent the negative effects of materialism on life satisfaction. They are a non-profit organization that enables people to give gifts to those they care about, monetary gifts that help in the solving of humanitarian and environmental issues.

Seeking self-esteem is like trekking through the Himalayas hoping to find a Yeti. I will feel good about myself.