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Chantelle Shaw. Kim Lawrence. Elizabeth Power. Susanna Carr.

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Blame It on the Champagne - Nina Harrington - Google книги

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But when an accident puts him in the care of physiotherapist and single mom Serena James, being bed-bound sudden Memo to self: when you work with your ex, keep all thoughts strictly business! No matter how wickedly kissable those luscious lips, or how sinfully seductive those endless legs, tycoon Jordan Smith wants nothing to do with his ex-lover Alexandra B Tonight, Dr. Cinderella will go to the hospital ball! Thanks to her fairy-godmother friend, serious Dr. Jane Cooper is transformed into a glamourpuss Discovering he's her new colleagu Playboy heart surgeon takes a bride!

Hot-shot cardiac surgeon James Alexander has come to Penhally Bay for a fresh start, leaving his jet-set London lifestyle and his playboy reputation behind. Along with the fresh sea air and a sprinkling of sm Dante Romano may be dark and delectable, but Carenza Tonielli will never sell him her family's ice cream empire. Only she needs him -- to help her learn how to run it! And when Dante looks at her as if she's the next decadent sundae on the menu, even The attraction between E. It was supposed to be a strictly no-strings-attached affair, but one tiny une Dedicated vet Melinda Fortesque has a secret.

One she's kept from gorgeous doctor Dragan Lovak even though she's given him her heart. Now duty is calling her, and she knows she must tell him the truth about wh Pride, passion -- and the paparazzi! Beautiful socialite Amber Wynne is constantly featured in the press -- usually for her spectacularly bad love life! But when Amber meets gorgeous Frenchman Guy Lefevre at a wedding, she begins to wonder if her ve Single mom Louisa Austin's young son, Tyler, has Asperger's syndrome, and ever since the day her ex-husband bailed out on the both of them, she's vowed never to risk Tyler's happiness again.

Brooding emergency physician Dominic Hurst doesn't do re Yes, Xavier Lefevre was still the most gorgeous guy Allegra Beauchamp had ever met. If it were possible, he'd got even tastier with age! But everything was changed since that long, hot summer affair years ago. This time it's str Her motherhood dream come true!

Now, with her career in shreds, Amy needs a Good girl by day Businesswoman and chief mechanic Daisy Bell needs cash -- and fast -- to keep her failing family company alive. But when Daisy meets her mystery investor she knows she is in a dilemma When Max Fenton sees his wife, Marina, for the first time in four long years, his heart skips a beat. Max has done everything, including risking his life, to forget the searing loss of their baby that blew their tender young marriage apart.

But that Cold, hard business Cool Jakob Andersen likes working with extremes, and the frozen plains of Norway suit his business style. But with Lydia Sheridan accompanying him on business, his temperature is about to soar Red-hot passion! Jakob wa To-do list: 1. Hire new personal assistant.

Do not sleep with new personal assistant. Reevaluate point two Tycoon Luke Holloway lives on the wild side, but at work he is a professional. That is until irresistible employee Sara Fleet joins Red-hot nights with a desert prince! Karim al-Hassan can have any woman he wants, and sexy little waitress Lily Finch has caught his eye. One glance leads to a searing kiss--and a hunger that Karim plans to satisfy with a temporary fling.

But L Aristocratic playboy surgeon Charles Radley is never out of the gossip columns--he's pictured each week with a different woman in tow.

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Sophie Harrison can't believe such an arrogant womanizer has been employed as her new boss! Badly hurt by men of hi Discover last year's finest They say office romance is taboo Bundle includes In Bed New pediatrician Rhys Morgan was everything the hospital grapevine promised: piercing blue eyes, perfect physique and a mysteriously guarded manner. He was also Katrina's boss, but since a previous relationship with a colleague had seriously damaged Madison Gregory's temporary new boss, obstetric consultant Theo Petrakis, has everything--gorgeous body, gorgeous mind, gorgeous heart.

He's a great doctor and he can cook! Madison knows he's the one, even if she won't admit it. There's just one prob The passionate playboy's convenient wife Alex Richardson has the ultimate playboy lifestyle, moving from one luscious, long-legged woman to the next. So why would he want Isobel Martin, his short, curvaceous friend who loves him from afar? From playboy doctor to father-to-be! When dangerously handsome Leandro Herrera finds he's the new boss of nurse Becky Marston--the woman he just shared the most amazing night of his life with--he can't resist breaking one of his golden rules.

Pregnant - after one hot night! Everyone seems to have forgotten her birthday -- but meeting handsome brooding stranger Mitch Holland gives Jane Redmond good reason to celebrate. The attraction between them is intense, but Mitch puts a limit on t Bedded for her boss's pleasure Having just been fired, Francesca Marsden has three immediate requirements: a coffee, an extremely calorific pastry and a new job.

Stopping off at her favorite cafe, Giovanni's, she manages to pick up all three! A bid for her house - and her body!

Jack Goddard is a man who know what he wants - and he always gets it. Right now, Alicia Beresford's not at all happy with his bid for her beloved family home. But Jack is determined to go ahead with his property Pregnant with the bachelor's baby When wealthy garden designer Will Daynes and uptight city girl Amanda Neave agree to swap lives for a TV show, they soon discover they're chalk and cheese. Certainly neither expects the intense attraction that spa His Christmas Day proposal Emma Russell has had enough of men who can't be trusted--professionally and personally.

But Rob Howarth, her new boss, not only brings brilliance and warmth to the hospital where they work--he's also drop-dead gorgeous! His dedicated professionalism is only matched by his playboy bachelor ways Ellie is only in I British lawyer Leo Ballantyne is arrogant, serious and sexy It doesn't help that he thinks Rose is a flake and a bad influence. They don't agree about anything, but that doesn't stop Rose Carter from wanting Leo to make ser Her new Italian boss is the sexiest man alive!

Having just been fired, Francesca Marsden has three immediate requirements: a coffee, an extremely calorific pastry and a new hob. A mother for his daughter Ever since Joel Mortimer lost his wife, he's thrown himself into his work and been a dedicated single father to his daughter, Beth. Joel wrongly blames himself for the loss of Beth's mother and their unborn child. He has When Kit and Natalie Rodgers lost their baby boy, it felt like nothing would be the same again.

After six years apart, they unexpectedly find themselves working together in the pediatrics department at St. So much has changed, but they r A fake engagement - an explosive affair! Kerry Francis is nothing like the stick-thin, leggy blondes her gorgeous neighbour Adam McRae - um - entertains! Though Adam is sexy enough to create X-rated visions even for Kerry, they are just friends.

Kelsey Watson's life seems to be ticking along just fine. She loves her firefighting job, she's happily single and she has a wonderful and gorgeous friend, colleague and housemate in paramedic Matt Fraser. Then Matt notices that a fierce fire i Breaking and entering Barrister Leo Ballantyne is not the usual kind of guy that Rose Carter falls for - strait-laced, serious and sexy It doesn't help that he thinks she's a flake and a bad influence. Rose is not p The Honourable Victoria Radley is almost too honourable a doctor for her own good!

Highly ambitious and devoted to her patients, there's no time for love in her life, much to the paparazzo's dismay! New consultant neurologist Jake Lewis quickly re Enter Cyn Reymolds, who needed Max's services as her escort at a Registrar Alyssa Ward is not pleased when she wins a date with the E. She's not in the market for a relationship -- especially not with a renowned womanizer like Seb.

But, then again, he is devastatingly hand Fiery registrar Sophie Harrison has never been more furious! She is convinced the new director of surgery has been appointed only for his title. Baron Rupert Charles Radley is a man never out of the gossip rags, with a different woman in tow each wee Consultant Toby Barker has a secret He has been in love with his best friend Dr.

Saskia Haywood for years. Saskia Haywood also has a secret She's struggling to come to terms with an illness that could ruin not only her ability to work The stunning glacial peaks of Patagonia seem the perfect place for Dr. Rowena Thompson to heal her fragile emotions. When she meets consultant Luke MacKenzie she learns that hers isn't the only heart in need of help. Is where the heart is Rachel Bedingfield, GP: With two beautiful children, a successful job and a husband whom she loves beyond anything, Rachel should have a life to envy.

Paperback Editions

She just wishes she had more time on ther hands, for herself and for Oliver. Oliver Bedingfield, For Dr. Holly Jones, having a baby with the man of her dreams spells heartache. She's never recovered from the shock of losing David Neave's baby, nor from the way he disappeared from her life without a trace. Years later, David and Holly are work When two very caring doctors cannot deny -- but cannot let on -- that they're attracted to each other, their only option is to have a secret affair!

But for maternity consultant Kieran Bailey, keeping his relationship with Dr. Judith Powell private p Brad Hutton and Dr. Zoe Kennedy. They may have been instantly smitten with each other, but the secrets they have kept locked away make their future togethe Wife needed Single dad Eliot Slater will do anything for his son, but now Eliot is worried he could lose custody - could a marriage of convenience help him keep his son? So he proposes to his boss! Consultant paediatrician Claire Thur But after an unhappy marriage, she's vowed never to wed again.

Easier said than Miranda Turner gave up on love a long time ago. She's wedded to her career -- and her prestigious new job as consultant in cardiology. Senior Registrar Jack Sawyer is furious at Miranda's appointment. After all, his new boss is the daughter of the GP Dr. Will Cooper had rescued a toddler from a busy road but ended up in hospital himself, with a broken arm and leg and a beautiful stranger, Dr. Mallory Ryman, by his bed! Mallory had been climbing in the area and had been the first doctor at the s A doctor with a plan Lucy Williams is hoping to get the new consultant post at the Cornish maternity unit where she works.

But, no, the post goes to the all-male, half-Italian, drop-dead gorgeous Nic Alberici! Immediately sparks fly between Alex Bowen is instantly smitten! Sparks fly whenever they meet -- surely Tina must feel the same? She certainly does, but she can't risk getting involved in a steamy relationship with Alex -- her son, J From fake fiancee He'd invented a fiancee to keep a certain person happy who is now demanding to meet his bride-to-be.

Ben has no choice but t Jodie Price spends the holidays in bed with her broodingly good-looking boss -- consultant pediatrician Sam Taylor! It seems to be the start of something special -- until Sam tells her he's infertile Sam knows that Jodie loves kids -- she's fa We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

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Heart Surgeon, Prince Unlocking the Italian Doc's Heart. Christmas with Her Daredevil Doc. Mommy, Nurse Flirting with Fire. Men of Marietta - 2. The Midwife's Pregnancy Miracle. Capturing the Single Dad's Heart. Holiday with the Best Man. Billionaire, Boss Her Playboy's Proposal. Falling for Mr. A Promise It Started at a Wedding A Baby to Heal Their Hearts.