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Il treno dell'ultima notte - AbeBooks - Dacia Maraini:

Maria Laura Mosco holds a degree cum laude in Modern Languages and Literatures from the University of Roma La Sapienza, and is currently working on her doctoral dissertation on the literary representations of urban space in Italian contemporary literature. She has taught Italian language, literature and film at Queen's University, and is currently teaching at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Her interests span from language teaching to literary criticism to poetic translation, in relation to contemporary Italian literature. This site uses cookies to provide a better experience. Continuing navigation accept the use of cookies by us OK. Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto. Follow us. Search content.

Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. Conversation is in Italian and is facilitated by Cinzia Candela, herself an avid reader and one of the instructors of Italian as a second language at the Dante Italian Language School. It is also a great opportunity to practice reading and conversation in Italian. That doesn't happen much, though. So many books and authors are out there for us to read, discuss and enjoy together. Maraini was born in Fiesole , Tuscany. When she was a child, her family moved to Japan in to escape Fascism.

Tiromancino - L'ultimo treno della notte (Radio Version)

Not long after, her parents separated and her father moved to Rome where, some years later, at the age of eighteen, Maraini joined him. She was educated at L'Istituto Statale della Ss. Annunziata , a prestigious and privileged boarding school in Florence. Much of Maraini's writing was affected by her parents and the roles they played in her life. Maraini grew up with an adventurous father and a mother who was always burdened and, in addition to this, read books in which only men would go on quests and journeys. She states that she "became upset by the fact that no great journey could be taken by a woman She married Lucio Pozzi , a Milanese painter , but they separated after four years.

She then became Alberto Moravia 's companion, living with him from until In , Maraini, Moravia and Enzo Siciliano founded the del Porcospino "Porcupine" theatrical company which had as its mission the production of new Italian plays.

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Rodolfo Wilcock and Tornabuoni. In , she helped to found the Teatro della Maddalena which was run by women only. In Maraini directed the films Mio padre amore mio "My father my love" , Aborto: parlano le donne "Abortion: women speak out" , Le ragazze di Capoverde "The young women of Capoverde" and Ritratti di donne africane "Portraits of African Women" , a three part series.

Maraini has begun acting, recently appearing in Io sono nata viaggiando and narrating Caro Paolo Maraini is a prolific and well-known writer who continues to produce works today. In an interview with Monica Seger, Dacia Maraini stated that, despite her attachment to Italy and its culture, she does not feel like a cultural ambassador.

Very often, she tries to analyze her country critically since being able to view the world through critical eyes is one of the duties of an intellectual.

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Her criticism is based on the expectations she has of her country; the more intellectuals try to be critical of their country, the more they want to see it function well. As an intellectual, Maraini tries "to illuminate, to persuade other people of what could be changed in a country that has possibility, a great country, a country of great people that have done great things" [5] because she wants "to persuade Italians that [they] can do better".

According to her, writing and travelling are both forms of illness and a therapy. When discussing the importance of the relationship between her books and plays with the public, according to Maraini, the relationship with the public is more important in the theatre because, differently from books, plays deal with the collective and social aspect. While a novel is a more personal relationship with a single reader, plays focus on the live public that can be participating or not.

Also, differently, it is easier to feel whether the public is participating or not compared to a book.

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Bagheria is Maraini's only autobiographical work to date. Many reoccurring themes evident in Maraini's work are: personal freedom for women, [8] exposing the use and abuse of power and its effects on women, [9] women breaking free of traditional gender roles to explore their sexuality and social activism, [10] the silencing of women in society and their appearance in the fashion-system, [11] the seclusion and isolation of women as a result of women seeking their independence and freedom, [2] motherhood as a form of confinement for women, and thus abortion as their only option, [12] violence against and rape of women, women breaking free from being seen as sex objects, [13] and characters' experience with homosexuality, pedophilia, and group sex.

Although Maraini states she is a feminist only in the fact that she is always on the side of women, much of Maraini's work has been classified as feminist. Her pre-feminist stage is characterized by the sense of alienation, total disorientation and the need for self-assentation through sexuality.

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These stages led to a feminist viewpoint that reflects a feminist awareness. Feminist novels include A memoria and Donna in Guerra. These novels are very significant and are a representation of the Italian Feminist Movement of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

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