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Let's put it this way — I don't feel he's as hardened and really truly believes in the things he says. When Behar pointed out that this is a problem, the singer quickly added, "Oh, I'm not voting for him. I'm not voting for Romney. I was never voting for Romney. NET story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook.

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Once again, something Harry can't remember has changed everything. Written before DH, so spoiler free and AU by default. Hidden Lust by Geckocest reviews Harry and Ron get drunk one night but can't remember what happened. But they begin to remember They realise they want each other and so there is slash. Harry x Ron. Troy and his Dad by Drew reviews Troy is in the locker room with all his friends. He gets erect. What will happen next? Also, I was in sixth grade when I wrote this and then posted it later on. Burning Umbers by Geckocest reviews Draco starts on Ron who stands up for himself.

Draco tries again and Ron dominates. Includes RonxDraco slash. Chapter 2 up now, more RonxDraco slash. Last chapter up now, includes RonxDracoxHarry threesome! Forbidden by Geckocest reviews Who thought that the fight between arch enemies would end up this way? DracoxHarry yaoi. HarryxRon Lemon. Chapter 2 up now, contains DracoxHarryxRon threesome!

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New chapter 3, contains DracoxHarry and HarryxRon. Good Luck by Buroo reviews Chad wishes Troy good luck in the theatre before Troy goes on stage and unless troy be doomed to a horrible performance, Chad needs to reverse the curse. M to Ma rating! Story is much better than summary. Best Mates by Blood White Panther reviews harryron slash boyonboy action. Harry can't sleep. He overhears Ron having a very interesting dream Good Days by psssh reviews Ryan's having a bad day, and so is Troy. But maybe they can make it a good day..

Rated M for a reason!

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HR Slash. Confection by gunshotSilence reviews Twincest. The strongest bond of all is blood. Over the next week will he be able to alter Harry and his friendship forever by telling him?

Mugwump Productions is proud to have an outstanding team of “doers.”

Mad About You by lilyyuri reviews When a bad dream turns to a very good thing indeed. Harry X Seamus. If you have read my HarryDraco story you will know that Harry and Ron had a little friendly encounter in the showers at the start of seventh year. Will only coninue on request. Dirty little secret by Maurice Maurice reviews summer is finally here and next year everyone will be seniors. Ron is upset because he's the only virgin left of the Weasleys, and Harry offers to help him out in that department.

Rob Ryan glasswear - Picture of The Mugwump, Durham

After all, what are best friends for? Cedric realized that it wasn't really fair the way he had dropped the hint about the egg.

So, he figures he'll thank Harry another way. Also, contains 4th book spoilers. AN:not for children! Harry Potter and the Unexpected Kiss by methewriter reviews Harry finds himself alone with Ron over Christmas break, with some firewhiskey. They share an intament night together. Boys will be boys reviews Harry and Ron return to hogwarts after defeating Voldemort. So does Malfoy. Slash and lemon and yaoi and whatever else you can call it!

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  • Ryan and The Mugwumps!

Full summary inside! Chapter 2 is up!

Rob Ryan glasswear - Picture of The Mugwump, Durham - TripAdvisor

Love and Lust Three new students come to Hogwarts and start to shake things up a bit. Now everyone is coming out of the closest. Full summary inside. Read and Review.

Calling All Mugwumps to Desert Trump

Flames welcome. Blood White Panther CrazyScissors 4. Davenrood 5.