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Vince agreed, but they never had a fight. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error.

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General Comment It's a threat that Axl is doing to someone that did something fucked up to him: "Listen motherfucker you're about to pay your dues. If you're gonna come against me then you know you're gonna loose! I love it. General Comment Even My World? But yeah, Shotgun Blues is the shit. General Comment this is a great song but it's about vince and axl's fight.

General Comment Awesome lyrics. Anyways about the Vince and Axl crap.

Shotgun Blues Lyrics

That was years ago. Either way this song can be about 1 of 10million dudes that pissed Axl off so who really knows. My Interpretation Meh, it's not like everyone doesn't already know what an asshole Vince Niel is.

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It was just a stupid spat between two rockers acting childish that never amounted to anything. It wouldn't have done anything like preventing the two bands from touring again. Not that they had the chance to anyway. Anyway, I reckon this is one of the songs many people site when they say the UYI albums have too much filler.

Shotgun Blues

I don't agree really, the song isn't bad now and again. It's not really up to the standard of the other GNR songs though. The question is, would we rather have had this or a proper studio version of Crash Diet? I sure as hell know what I would have prefered. General Comment i love vince neil but this song is one of my favorites. My Opinion Though I never really knew the reason why Axl wrote the song, but I imagine its about someone who he didn't like. But nonetheless, it's a great song for kicking ass in something like a fight scene in a movie or whooping some noobs asses in a video game, and it really gets one pumped up and gets the blood flowing through the veins and the adrenaline rush is awesome.

And the profanity is what makes it even better, it's also a good song to listen to when pissed off at someone.

The Blues Brothers:Shotgun Blues Lyrics

In the 10th anniversary edition the entire hallway with lost souls and a soul sphere leading to the secret exit was removed, only to return in E2M5: Fortress of Fatalities. The records for the map at the Doomed Speed Demos Archive are:.

Shotgun Blues - Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

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