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Jack: What? Zach: A spelling bee.

Devils don't fly -- Music Video -- Gachaverse

Submitted by Zachary S. Submitted by Ryan W.

Devan: Why did the spotted cat get disqualified from the race? Evan: Why? Devan: It was a cheetah. Submitted by Devan T. Michael: What do you call a swimming feline? A mother mouse and a baby mouse are walking along when suddenly a cat attacks them. Well, nothing. David: What do you get when you mix a cheetah with a tiger?

David: A cheeter!! Deven: what is smarter then a cat. All rights reserved.

Still Life With Bird

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Letting fly

Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Lice are "species specific," meaning that people can't catch lice from pets and pets can't catch the kind of head lice that people get.

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If you think you have lice, call your doctor. Your doctor can recommend a medicated shampoo, cream rinse, or lotion to kill the lice.

Granite Shoals PD searches for missing stuffed rabbit

These may be over-the-counter OTC or prescription treatments. It all depends on what your doctor thinks will work best for you. Lice can be hard to get rid of. If you still have lice 2 weeks after you started treatment, let your doctor know. Your doctor may want to try a different medication or repeat treatment in case any nits were left behind and hatched after treatment. Lice are insects, so the treatments for lice are basically insecticides or pesticides.

To avoid getting overexposed, you'll need to follow the directions carefully when it comes to how much to use and how often to use it. Medicated lice treatments usually kill the lice and nits, but it may take a few days for the itching to stop. As an alternative to chemical treatments, your doctor may recommend wet combing — using a fine-tooth comb on wet hair to remove nits and lice. If you choose to get rid of lice without using medicine, talk to your doctor to decide on the best way. You'll need to remove lice and nits carefully each week, for at least 3 weeks in a row. Scratching a lot can lead to a scalp infection.

Call your doctor as soon as possible if:. In reality, the birds are just suffering the aftereffects of a serious case of overeating.

You know how you feel when you get up from the Thanksgiving dinner table after your annual attempt to eat yourself to death? You stagger around and wander into things. Maybe you even burp up a few cranberries. When the robins land in your yard, they are starving. Bird life is further complicated when suddenly elevated blood sugars, from gorging on sweet berries, contribute to the avian hyperactivity.

More in Pet Pal Connection

This overeating also results in top-heavy, overweight birds staggering around the sky as they try to deal with the effects of gravity on dramatically modified flight characteristics. They plow into walls and windows and nose-dive into the streets. Those fresh, unfermented, nonalcoholic berries are a source of nutritious food for many wild creatures. The pyracantha berry is the potato of the bird world. Opossums, foxes and raccoons also enjoy stuffing their faces with berries.