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I now have the opportunity to travel to Paris and Milan to meet several influential people who know this market and can help me get this project into the European art circles. Some have agreed to host me, but I must be able to get there to present my artwork. I have been able to use airline miles to get as far as Paris, but now need help with some of the incidental costs of travel within Europe. The greatest area with which I need help is creating an extraordinary portfolio of my images as a presentation.

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I would like to create a hand-crafted deluxe-edition box of twenty of my finest images, gallery mounted, in order to really showcase the caliber of my artistry. Naked, exposed to view or plainly revealed, that is the definition of the word. He stands exposed to strangers, allowing them to explore freely the parts of his life; most people keep well hidden from the outside world.

He does this through the nude male images he skillfully photographs in his studio in Montana.

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  • With each image Terry adds to his blog he writes his feelings of the day, allowing the world to essentially read his every thought. While his imagery is stunning, and classical, and can stand on its own merits, paired with his words they become something entirely different. His work is educational as well; there is more then a wink and a nod to the past found here. I find I understand the art of photography so much more after reading his blog. The nuances of light and considered composition show a depth of understanding of both the human condition and technical requirements of photography that is on an extraordinary level.

    His appreciation for and interest in the male form gives him the focus needed to take that expertise to the top. But it is his own sensitive introspection, as evidenced in his Naked Man Project, that brings his work together and makes it truly art. I have been studying male portrait photography for over forty years. Spellman, Ph. Terry's work with classic poses, inspired by the likes of Caravaggio and other artists, combined with his amazing mastery of light, has created images that are classic and timeless. One feels a sense of awe and being at one with the photographer and model when viewing these classic works.

    He captures consistently those moments of truth and beauty that startle with their freshness and innocence. His perception of the subject combined with the clarity of his own vision results in truly captivating representations of the male form. It is crucial that his stunning work gains the recognition and support it deserves. His work, inspired by classical art, takes us to the edge where beauty dwells, explores identity and brings it to light in images that give the subject a different perspective.

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    • There are the photographs themselves, of course, in which he achieves something magical in the nuanced lighting of his subjects. There is the clearly collaborative nature of his work; the best of his images reveal parts of Terry's life but also elements of the lives of the men he photographs--sometimes things that surprise both the subject and the photographer. There is Terry's awareness of art history, his deep knowledge of master painters and photographers, and his ability to pay homage to the past while creating images unique to this time.

      His photographs of male nudes are frequently erotic but rarely explicitly sexual. The beauty he reveals, the beauty some of his subjects do not believe is there, is not a matter of light and shadow, muscle and sinew; it comes from the spirit. Yet many of the photographs show us men whose eyes are lowered, heads turned away; the spirit comes to us through the bodies, the way they are lighted, posed, and allowed to speak for themselves.

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      Explore Japan Back. Awa Odori Festival. The Top 30 Spots for Viewing Mt. Meigetsuin Temple. Luxury Japan. Snow Like No Other.

      Ariz. Cops Pull Over Naked Man — and Discover His Wife's Dead Body in Passenger Seat

      Aomori Nebuta Festival. Restaurant Search. Weather Forecast. Planning a Trip to Japan? My Favourites. Higashi-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken. A centuries-old winter spectacle full of wild action, bare skin, and music. Don't Miss. How to Get There. The festival is easily accessible from JR Okayama Station.

      Honoring the goddess of mercy. Not quite naked. Child-friendly festivities. Make friends with the locals.

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      Join in if you like. Korakuen Garden Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken. Okayama Castle Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken.

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