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Not only is it the world's tallest arch, but it is also the biggest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere. This structure was under construction in , and it opened for business in May of It was built as a symbol of the westward expansion of the United States and a tribute to President Thomas Jefferson. It has become a popular tourist spot as people come from all over to admire the simplistic and yet beautifully design.

Only six people can go up in the arch at a time. It is worth stopping by and viewing such an awe-inspiring work of art. About 19, animals call the 90 acres of zoo home. There over different species to explore, which makes for an enthralling day trip. The Emerson Zooline Railroad is a great way to ride around the park and see the animals in their habitat.

The Wizard of Awe

The zoo has an insect building and a children's zoo area, which is always a big hit with the younger crowd. Thankfully, you will not have to pay any admission fees. Due to grants from the city, there is no admission charged to enter the zoo. However, if you want to take a ride on the train, it will be a small additional fee.

When you pull up to the building, you will notice that there is a bus suspended from the 10th floor.

Arkansas' Mountaintop Spa Resort

Additionally, there are slides coming off the roof in all directions. It is an old warehouse that has been revamped into a collection of fun activities that are educational, turning it into a playground for both young and old. You get to slide through the old building and see many exhibits on your way. Because the museum is constantly changing its pieces, it is possible to see different collections on each trip.

The collections mostly contain re-purposed architectural and industrial objects made into interesting displays. The establishment opened in , and it has been a favorite of the locals ever since.

Missouri Botanical Garden The garden has been in operation since Due to the extensive amount of fundamental horticultural research that the Missouri Botanical Garden conducts, it is world renowned. In fact, it is one of the three top gardens in the world, including on its grounds a topiary maze and observatory that is fun for the little ones.

For those who want to see the lush foliage in style, the tram will take you all over the 79 acres of beautiful plants and trees. The garden opens its facilities for weddings, receptions and other formal events. Lovers of nature will want to ensure they see everything this place has to offer.

The staff holds special events throughout the year to get the public involved. After touring the grounds, make sure to enjoy delicious deli-style food in the onsite eatery, which is known as Sassafras.

Busch Stadium Baseball fans pack the Busch Stadium in droves during game season. It is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. This massive arena holds an astonishing 43, people. Though the arena was recently constructed, many comment on the old-school feel of a classical stadium.

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  • For those who want to sit privately in a group, there are 3, club seats and 61 luxury suites to enjoy. Fans can take a tour of the stadium and hear the history of the team and their various arena locations. When it comes to food, the stadium has some great offerings including traditional hot dogs, but you can also find salads and more healthy options too. Today, it is a massive facility where you can learn about science and experience nature at its best, see live demonstrations and interact with hands-on exhibits.

    cooking | Made by Meghan

    Kids of all ages love taking part in the exhibits that allow them to see and feel science at work. Spend the day seeing the dinosaurs or watching a film on the giant I-Max theater. The fossil digging area is always a fan favorite. Take a visit to the original planetarium for a view of the midnight, star-filled sky. The cost to enter this science center is free because it is another establishment covered under the city's grants. Forest Park Life in St.