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  4. Work (thermodynamics)

From the derived EAHFM, an expression for the thermal diffusivity tensor in buoyant shear flows is deduced. Furthermore, a turbulent Prandtl number Pr T for each of the three heat flux directions is determined.

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These directional Pr T are found to be a function of the gradient Richardson number. Alternatively, a scalar Pr T can be derived; its value is compared with the directional Pr T.

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The EASM and EAHFM are used to calculate 2-D homogeneous buoyant shear flows and the results are compared with direct numerical simulation data and other model predictions, where good agreement is obtained. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. An explicit algebraic Reynolds stress and heat flux model for incompressible turbulence: Part II Buoyant flow.

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    American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journals

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    Nagano, Y. Heat Transfer , — Google Scholar. Publication Date: Research Org. Lane, G. Solar heat storage: Latent heat materials. United States: N. Copy to clipboard. United States.

    Work (thermodynamics)

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