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  1. “Spiritual Friendship” and Ministering to the Same-Sex Attracted – Catholic World Report
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  3. Marriage And Kids Aren’t Enough
  4. And You Will Lose Friends

Backers of gay marriage include an advocacy group for bisexuals, a gay and lesbian police office organization, and Indiana University, which says making gay marriage illegal in Indiana would "undo IU's progress toward equal treatment of all individuals. Opposing gay marriage are Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, who claim sexual orientation is a matter of personal choice, and the group of same-sex attracted men and their wives, who say that a significant number of people marry the oppose sex despite their orientation because of "their realization that such marriages bring joy and happiness to themselves and their spouses, children and communities.

The briefs in opposition also include one from the Family Foundation of Kentucky, which championed the state's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. It says marriage should be left to the states, and that if gays and lesbians are allowed to marry because they are in loving and committed relationships, the states will be forced to recognize polygamous marriages among adults who are similarly in love and committed.

The most surprising group backing gay marriage may be a coalition of nationally prominent Republicans and conservatives who include retired U. Army Gen.

“Spiritual Friendship” and Ministering to the Same-Sex Attracted – Catholic World Report

Stanley McChrystal, commander of U. Alan Simpson, R-Wyo. They say the support of conservatives for limited government and protection of individual freedom is "consistent with — indeed advanced by — affording marriage rights to same-sex couples. Anyone can file an amicus brief with the court if he or she has the permission of the parties.

Data Protection Choices

Additionally, Proposition 8 creates a two-tiered system of those whose relationships can be recognized as part of the revered institution of marriage and those that are forced into inherently inferior domestic partnerships. Leaders of Religious and Faith Groups The Faith Coalition demonstrates that a wide cross-section of American religious traditions recognize the dignity of lesbian and gay people and their relationships.

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For many religions, this includes celebrating and solemnizing the relationships and marriages of same-sex couples. The coalition shows that, recognizing the necessary distinction between civil and religious marriage, a growing number of faiths support civil marriage equality.

Marriage And Kids Aren’t Enough

Furthermore, amici argue that recognizing civil marriages of same-sex couples will not impinge upon religious beliefs, practices, or operations, but rather will prevent one set of religious beliefs from being imposed through civil law. Amici argue that even though they respect all fellow faiths, including those that embrace different religious views on marriage, it is constitutionally impermissible to impose religious views through civil law to curtail the right of same-sex couples to civilly marry.

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American Companies In this brief leading companies explain the numerous ways that their businesses, employees, clients and customers are negatively impacted by Proposition 8 and similar laws. The brief also argues Proposition 8 and similar laws impede efficient and productive business activity because:.

And You Will Lose Friends

We urge the Court to repeat those actions here. Additionally, amici address speculation about the erosion of marriage based on allowing same-sex couples to marry, and demonstrate that no such erosion will occur.

Amici examine 1 marriage rates; 2 divorce rates; and 3 non-marital births, to demonstrate that in states where marriage by same-sex couples is permitted, the institution of marriage remains strong. A facilitated discussion will follow. All are welcome to attend; those who are interested are asked to RSVP to adminsupport multiculturalbridge. We welcome your comments and appreciate your respect for others. We kindly ask you to keep your comments as civil and focused as possible. If this is your first time leaving a comment on our website we will send you an email confirmation to validate your identity.