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  1. Fear for Hire (For Hire, #2) by Natalie S. Ellis
  3. Do You Have a Fear of Hiring Attractive Women?

The proof is in the results, if a process is working, keep it going. Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future success. Look at the goals and figure out what you can do to support them. There are possibilities to drive change within your organization in abundance; you only need to seize them.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Recruitment process. Driving change in your organization from the back seat An organizations ability to be agile and innovative is vital to its future growth and success. The role of technology While many recruiters already understand the importance of keeping their processes aligned with the market, the rigidity of the company makes it tough to keep their hiring practices responsive to change.

Change fear. Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related posts. Elliott: Thank you. Keith spake truths. Their mealy-mouthed mumbling as it usually turns out is methodic rhetoric used to gauge my technological sensibility and apparently my mental endurance to sit through these sloppy tag team interrogations poorly formulated by obnoxious, nerd raging dweebs shopping for a Steve Jobs while their so called IT Manager waits for the OK.

Maybe we should mess things up a bit on their little end of net topology. Check my skills out. We are not. Sage advice, my ass. Sure beats working for a living. Everyone hated this essay. I actually interviewed several times for a position as a CIO and was basically told that I was to be hired. After a few days of hearing nothing, I called back to speak to the HR Director.

We need someone with AS experience. This is not something that is uncommon…HR people and recruiters are notorious for being clueless about the position for which they hire! I was laid off from a major back in May. Read in the paper the other day how they increased their multi-billion dollar profit by reducing costs, namely employees. The team that I left started as 7 US employees and 2 Indian.

When I left if was 2 US, 5 Indian. The bank is building a huge presence in India. I asked why and was told to support their Asian market. Yet, they have no Asian market. I too would love to have loyalty. It is very interesting, reading this river of comments.

Keep in mind that They know that HR Recruiters are watching what you write and then they use it to screen candidates out. Corporations, I have heard the comments about the reality of the American Workforce. Now you tell me if that place is a safe place to work?

Fear for Hire (For Hire, #2) by Natalie S. Ellis

Another competition is the student with Master degree no kids, no spouse, no mortgage, maybe 3 months of internship , they are accepting the low cut, and the employer expecting them to be trained with the 20 ears experienced engineer, that will be his replacement. About hiring someone younger and fresh out of college because it costs less, but they are more likely to be job hoppers.

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I believe that is just what happened to me. It almost seems better to lie about how many years of experience I have. Employers short sightedness and poor planning are a lot of what is going on here. But there is hope; lots of it. They still have their employees doing the same things over and over, rather than unique tasks, and live for the moment of fixing the immediate problem rather than fixing the root causes. That in-spite of prior urgings to get a better logging system in-place so we could actually track what was going on. Things were complicated by health on my end, but with the right systems that should have never been a problem — I still came into work, and still put in a conscious effort.

I was struggling with technical issues that could have been resolved if people has listened from the beginning to what I and co-workers had been saying about building a solid foundation. What counts anymore are not exact concrete skills, but abstract abilities such as problem solving and efficient abstraction of problems turned into solutions. Machine learning and natural language processing are a couple of forces that are radically changing the landscape potential of software. This is opening up a whole other world of opportunity to people with technical skills, it puts all kinds of problem solving within reach.

The expanding international pool is actually a good thing for all of us, when we stop thinking as employees and about becoming managers — companies are missing a great opportunity. And those that take advantage of how things are developing could stand to walk all over the old models. If you are frustrated, unable to find work, and are ready to try something new. Contact me. At the moment, with domestic talent, I have to work as a group of Independent Contractors because I am in the early stages of setting things up, with limited funds the leftovers from my previous job but long-term there could be a massive upside with the right systems.

There is a tremendous amount of new world of opportunity to be had if things are done using new tools and models. They are all in college right now great family planning :- and studying in different, non-IT arenas. I tell them ask the employers. These were all limited term contracts. I just find another job and leave.

Payback is rough! The vast number of recruiters that I meet should be working in a fast food joint some where. Enough is enough! They are gutless. I have been through FIVE companies in since all tech related sales job positions. We are more than a number and a set of random skills which often do not even make sense on doing the job intended to do. Working relationships in the tech industry should be more humane and more based on interviewing a person face to face. Almost every single task I was assigned I did.

My managers were happy with my work; but the people who had no idea of what a Web Developer is wanted to do my job [ of being seating down in front of a computer for too many hours ].

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The most annoying part of working through recruiters is that you are treated as an alien where you have no idea where you stand. Some do not talk to you; but about you in a way that makes you feel frankly unwelcome. I had people installing firewalls in my computer against me. In few words; I know too much, therefore I am too dangerous to work and at the same time, they complain I know too little to do my job.

Working with people like this closes your doors for future references from work. I had heard a CIO apologizing with some workers for exposing them to work with immigrants. The point of the matter here is that as a temp; you have absolutely no rights as an employee and while you are always seeking to do your best, you depend too much of your recruiters and the employer. I believe recruiters should have a crash course on how to be a temp, or a consultant before going to work areas that could be hostile and possibly could hurt your career.

I am the type who tend to believe everyone is nice and have good intentions because I do. I had realized this is rarely the case in many places. It only takes one or two to make your life very miserable. Often Tech professionals are seen like a number and a set of skills.

I know about websites, but the company is asking for some technology There are so many new emerging technologies out there that I am not even aware of and all my experience is sent to trash because I miss something that I can probably learn just by looking at the code or with a day of training. Recruiters and companies are afraid that tech people are too smart.

Fortunately, a lot of people are smart enough to be onto their tricks, and are gracious enough to share their stories. Encountering crappy, negligent people sets off a fear response, that gets turned into anger. We have all encountered discrimination in some form and we dislike it immensely.


For some it defines us, for others not so much. And underlying it all, every so often within the comments, I would see the hint of love and a moment beyond the pain of unemployment. After being recruited to move myself and my family, then suffering multiple series of layoffs till they got to me then sold the company , I got tired of it. Spent almost twenty years now self-employed. I cannot tell you how much better it is. The good companies always appreciate me, pay me well, and use me frequently. The bad companies can go suck an egg.

Is this company worth my time? Will they have interesting work? Will they pay on time? I can and do simply refuse to do anything not related to my skills and desires, such as refusing to talk to HR people period. If they need me then they will accept me and my conditions as I am. Made more money, had more free time, learned more, and had more fun than any time in my life. What, is the author stuck in a s timewarp?

Retire or adapt. We live in an employ at will country. There is no job stability. You are laid off without warning. Normally you can do a contract job until you find something with benefits. But no longer. And they all get my contact info from Dice.

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I used to be able to find work through Dice. No longer with the Indian recruiters using Dice to contact to submit you to clients they have no direct relationship with. After reading the above article I feel compelled to post a comment. I find it amusing and disturbing that employers and recruiters expect and demand loyalty in this day and age when employers took loyalty to employees many years ago.

Employers embraced the permatemp model because they can fire easily and avoid benefits. Recruiters embraced it because of the income stream. Additionally, the statement by recruiters is that they lose money when a worker jumps ship is a load of crap because employers no longer train anyone. They expect us all to hit the ground running and expect an immediate return on investment while they discard us when it suits them for whatever reason.

Overreliance on technology to perform the recruiting function has made recruiters and hiring managers lazy. All of which makes job searching in a hellish experience. Recruiters and hiring managers continue to pass judgment on job seekers while they themselves have created this mess. The hiring process is broken. Now the question is how do we fix it? Seriously, this article is just another of the ignorance of recruiters, HR and companies…I have been an independent IT consultant for almost 10 years with projects around the world Europe, Canada, US, Asia.

Some of the projects lasted six months and some 3 years. How could a recruiter without talking with me evaluate my loyalty or else?

Do You Have a Fear of Hiring Attractive Women?

I opened a restaurant, tired of waiting for contracts and exploring Uber and Lyft. By the way, i am a black man for those who are thinking race…. I work in the IT Help Desk support field.. I have 3 degrees, one in computers and networking plus an MBA. NOT how quickly you can learn and adapt to their systems… they cannot think out of the Taleo box 5 I interviewed for one of two positions for a local government college and had 12 years of proven experience.

They hired a woman working in a Hallmark store with zero IT work experience. Their dental plan is also terrible and their paltry k has criminal fees over 1. Unlike the less qualified hostile coworker who is getting paid more than I am as well as getting over time, there is the attitude of not honoring what they say they will do. I was offered X for pay but am actually paid much less at my job. If I have to work for another company for better living wage pay as well as just decent benefits then being loyal to any company is just stupid.

So how does a company hire the best candidate if a manager is more concerned about his own security? Email: andrea andreakay. Twitter: AndreaKayCareer. Facebook: facebook.