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You already mentioned these on the list but leader do listen and are humble enough to keep learning from others. Geraldine Bown. I think the greatest leaders are those who have a high level of self-awareness which means that they have the wisdom to know the right thing to do. And THEN what they need is the courage to do it. Another hit!!! Love, love, love it….

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Alok Appadurai. Found your blog tonight and read this article. Very well written and you made some excellent point on being a leader. I recently wrote an article on it on my blog, but yours was way better.

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Great Work! Great points.

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Leading from within is essential. Another point to add is knowing when to remove your blinders. This is what keeps progress happening. However, at times, leaders need to know when to remove those blinders, so that determination is not confused with inattention to what is really happening around them. Good conversation. Sharon Reed.

Leading from Within | UNSW Business School

Lolly — Your post is wonderful and to the point. For me, leading from within is about embracing the essence of who we are by courageously allowing our outer lives to mirror our inner selves, while humbly meeting others where and as they are. It is life affirming and empowering instead of self-serving and power wielding.

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