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Bearing a witchling is not only honorable but extremely difficult, and they need all the chances they can to conceive. Witches will use the man for pleasure and then murder him and dine on his blood. Witches also have intimate relationships with each other, for example, Thea and Kaya of The Thirteen are lovers and the Blackbeak Matron has a beautiful young dark-haired witch to warm her bed. They worship the Three-Faced Goddess or the Three-Faced Mother, each representing an aspect of woman; mother, maiden, and crone.

Blueblood prophets have the Eye of the Goddess tattooed over their hearts, and those who won valor in battle were once given those, to mark their glory — their status as being Goddess-blessed. Legend had it that all witches had been gifted by the Three-Faced Goddess with iron teeth and nails to keep them anchored to this world when magic threatened to pull them away. The barbed iron crown the Blueblood Matron wears is supposedly proof that the magic in the Blueblood line ran so strong that their leader needed more iron and pain to keep her tethered in this realm.

The Ironteeth Witches believe that once they die they are claimed by the Darkness, they believed that the Darkness cured all.

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Millennia ago, when the Valg broke into the world, witches did not exist. It was the Valg, and the Fae , and humans. But the Valg were demons. They wanted the world for their own, and they thought a good way to get it would be to ensure that their offspring could survive here.

But the Fae The Ironteeth took after our Valg ancestors more, while the Crochan witches got more of the Fae traits. So he gave the witches the Western Wastes where they lived until the witch wars. Five centuries before the beginning of the series, the Ironteeth witches were brought together by the visions of the Blueblood prophets, visions of the Witch Kingdom with an Ironteeth on the throne.

Together the Ironteeth Clans battled against the Crochan witches and their Queen, the witch sentinels fighting a bloody battle. Rhiannon Crochan held the gates to her city for three days and three nights against the three Ironteeth Matrons. Her sisters were dead around her, her children slaughtered; her consort spiked to one of the Ironteeth war caravans. The last Crochan Queen, the final hope of their thousand-year dynasty did not go gently. It was only when she fell at dawn on the fourth day that the city was truly lost.

And as she lay dying on that killing field, as the Ironteeth ripped down the walls of the city around her and butchered her people Cursed the three Matrons, and through them, all Ironteeth. She cursed Yellowlegs herself — who gave Rhiannon her finishing blow. She cursed the kingdom so that the Ironteeth may win the war but they would never win the land. That for what the Ironteeth had done, they would inherit the land only to see it wilt and die in their hands.

It is tough because instead of a strong rope like they were expecting, the winch holds a metal chain. They have to find metal files and work as quickly as possible. Nina gets to the party with the other Menagerie girls, and she is relieved to see Kaz and Matthias have made it, too. She is hit on by a couple Fjerdan men but sidesteps them, trying to find her perfect target. But she is surprised to turn and see the latest Fjerdan trying to get her attention, Jarl Brum.

It has been slow going for Jesper and Wylan, and their hands are covered with blisters. Jesper hears the Elderclock chime and knows they should already be done. Not long after, they almost saw through the chain and begin to raise the gate. Jesper wonders whether the alarms are really going to go off as Matthias promised, and then suddenly they do.

The bells of Black Protocol boom everywhere.

Aelin Galathynius

After much struggle, the chain finally breaks completely. Inej is still trying to get cleared through the new set of guards when the Menagerie madam, Heleen Van Houden , spots and identifies her. Just as Heleen explains that she now works for the criminal Kaz Brekker and that he must be here, too, they all hear the Black Protocol bells boom.

The guards tell them no one is getting out of the complex tonight because the gate will be lowered according to Black Protocol. Nina wonders if Brum recognizes her from over a year ago.

Must Read Stories

She feels like he doesn't because she looks so different in this garb than she did as a dirty prisoner on the ship. She decides to take a chance and see if he's the one who will reveal Yul-Bayur's location to her. She acts like she wants to see a Grisha in person, and he offers to escort her away to show her one. He takes her to a very secure location, the treasury, and she can't help but wonder if this is where Yul-Bayur is.

It doesn't seem like it's a place for normal Grisha prisoners. Brum says this is a former vault area that is now used as a laboratory. The hallway in the lab is filled with cells sealed with white doors with a window on each. Brum calls them "the future. She plans on torturing him for info on Yul-Bayur's location. He leads her to a secluded room, but it's actually just another cell. He locks her inside and calls her by name; he has known who she is all along.

Then Matthias' face appears in the window on the door.

Girl Under Glass (Glass and Iron Series)

Matthias asks Brum about the scientist creating the jurda parem as they walk away from Nina's cell. Brum says as long as he cooperates, he will live. Brum says he'll show him to Matthias soon, but he must first make sure the Black Protocol was properly administered.

Then he thinks about how that all changed when he met Nina. After spending time with her, his hate for Grisha vanished when he realized how human and good she is. Matthias embraces his mentor and then uses a sleeper hold to render him unconscious. This new plan had formed in the ballroom when Matthias saw Brum recognize and then approach Nina.

Ironteeth Witches

Kaz thought they could save Nina and at the same time use Brum to get Yul-Bayur. Matthias drags Brum into a cell, takes the key from around his neck, and locks the door behind him. He leaves to go rescue Nina. Jesper and Wylan encounter guards just as several Shu materialize out of thin air and basically vaporize the guards. They turn to Jesper and Wylan, and then Jesper calls on his own Grisha abilities with all of his might to defeat them.

Matthias and Nina make it to the vault and find Yul-Bayur's son, Kuwei Yul-Bo , who says his father was killed in a battle between the Fjerdans and the Kerch. Nina and Matthias, despite their original intention to kill Bo Yul-Bayur, can't bring themselves to harm this innocent boy who has been held captive based on his father's crimes. They ask him to destroy the lab, which he is happy to do. They discover he's Inferni , and he incinerates the lab using his Grisha powers. Kaz is there waiting for Matthias and Nina to exit the vault facility.

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Just when he sees them in the doorway with a young boy, an explosion knocks them all over the edge. He bites down on his pellet and moves the boy's jaws to do the same. He is sure Matthias and Nina are doing the same. They have around ten minutes to breathe underwater thanks to this invention. As his ten minutes runs out and he's still underwater, his thoughts go to Inej. He wants to live to tell her that he wants to be a better man for her. Inej is being whisked along a corridor by two guards.

She sees two more coming toward them and decides to try to overtake them before it's four on one. But the two guards approaching are Jesper and Wylan in disguise, and they easily take down the two guards who were escorting her. The three of them work to drill their way through Grisha-made glass using a drill built by Wylan and a diamond Inej stole from Heleen back at the celebration. Guards are banging on the doors trying to get in. When they make a small hole, Inej gets through and swings trapeze-like on a chandelier to land on their prize — a tank.

She shoots a cannon ball at the glass to break the rest. Wylan and Jesper swing on ropes through the hole and onto the tank. They're being fired on the whole time as they roll through the enclosure and then break through the wall. Nina and Matthias emerge from the water and pull themselves onto the shore. Kuwei and Kaz wash up, too, but Kaz is unconscious. They have to revive him. They hear something coming in the distance and hope it's their friends in the tank. It is, but they are being pursued by many more tanks. They take out the bridge by firing the cannon, so the other tanks can't follow.

When they crest the hill by the harbor, they are met by row after row of Fjerdan troops. They say they will attack Kaz and his friends if they don't release Kuwei to them. The Grisha they have witnessed under jurda parem's influence have become hopelessly addicted after just one dose, with ultimately fatal withdrawal symptoms, so her friends try to talk her out of it, but she knows it's the only way.

Nina takes the dose that Kuwei pulls from a pouch at his belt. Nina attacks the Heartrender first and then takes control of all the Fjerdan soldiers at once.

They shoot Matthias in the chest, and Nina immediately heals him. They shoot Nina repeatedly, and she heals herself over and over. She is now able to harm them but doesn't at Matthias' request. They make it safely to the open sea, and the group anxiously watches Nina to see if the effects of jurda parem withdrawal will set in. Eventually, the republic crumbled under the pressure, converting into a series of isolated, heavily firewalled polities. However, there were those who fought back.

A variety of militia groups formed, among them the Linebarger Cats , who specialised in esoteric strategies and psyops. They formed and acted on a plan to "repurpose" the worm, rewriting its code as an "immune system" and introducing it, slowly but surely, into the A-gates. Millions died as the worm fought back, but they eventually succeeded. After Curious Yellow' s destruction, a number of Quisling dictatorships formed, using hacked versions of the worm to spread in an attempt to form separatist dystopias, populated by brainwashed populations led by sinister "cognitive dictators".

But these were mopped-up one-by-one, and the galaxy returned to a semblance of normality with the firewalled polities building "clean" A-gates to carefully re-integrate. The Invisible Republic became one of the largest new networks.

Ironteeth Witches

Self-concept , self image , the "self" , memory and the self, censorship , historicity , peer pressure , conformity , problem of other minds , redemption, gender roles, abuse of women, the nature of fascism. Of late he's changed pace and stride, but in the s he was a couple of decades ahead of the rest of the field. I was so annoyed by his latest novel, Red Thunder — it's basically a Heinleinian juvenile, a good example of the type but fundamentally less impressive than the work he's capable of — that I sat down and wrote a Varleyesque short novel myself. He took his vorpal sword in hand One, two!

And through and through The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back.

Girl Under Glass (Glass and Iron, #1) by Monica Enderle Pierce

The Vorpal blade is a weapon featured in the novel. I'd been reading up on the Stanford Prison Experiment and Stanley Milgram's studies on how to make ordinary folks commit atrocities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article.

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