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  1. Step-by-step guide to setting up your eBay store
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An easy way to write a nice description is to list the main features in benefits in bullet-point form. You should also include a few sentences with information about the shipping and payment services you offer, and any warranties or guarantees that come with the item. A great listing description will describe the benefits of the item i.

Step-by-step guide to setting up your eBay store

On the other hand, the Buy it Now for is good if you know how much you want to get for the item or if you have several of the same item available. The BIN price will disappear once the first bid has been made. The next step is to choose a listing duration. However, in some cases a longer or shorter time is better; for example, if you have a really high-demand item, like an iPod, then 3 days can work well.

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On the other hand, 10 days is worth considering for a big-ticket item like an art-work or a collectible, as potential buyers often need more time to make a decision that involves a significant financial investment. PayPal is a popular payment method, but you should compare its service carefully with Moneybookers, ProPay and Paymate, as PayPal can hold your funds for up to 21 days to ensure a smooth transaction. Will you post the item out? Or do you only offer pick-up? Casual sellers often use pick-up, especially for cumbersome items like furniture.

You can choose whether you want to calculate postage cost based on the location of the buyer, or offer the same cost to all buyers. If you are selling to buyers just in your country, and the item is fairly small and light-weight, then the same cost will usually be okay. A calculated postage cost is essential when you ship internationally or are selling a unusually sized or overweight item. Select which postal carriers you want to use, these will vary depending on your country.

You will note that the location your eBay account is registered at will show up as the default item location. The purpose of these upgrades is to help make your listing more visible. You also get a chance to preview how your listing will appear in the search results. And below that, your entire listing.

Beginners Guide to Selling on Ebay - Power Listing Ebay Tools Guide

If you spot any mistakes, now is the time to fix them before you go live! Normally, following this review you will see a button to List your Item to make it live on eBay. Click Continue. Whenever you want to see how your listing is doing — whether there have been many viewers or bidders — just login to eBay and click the My eBay link from the menu at the top of any page. When your listing is successfully completed with a sale, an email is automatically sent from eBay to the buyer with your payment instructions.

Remember me on this computer. Getting Started What to sell? Lesson 2 Beginners Guide to eBay. Is eBay a get-rich-quick-scheme? For a small home-based business it is an amazing way to start. I decided to create my own eCommerce website when I felt I had enough followers to create a decent customer base and sell online.

As Affordable Designs Canada grew, it was the logical next step for me. Once in a while, I will still use eBay as a way to promote a new character. It is still a great marketing tool.

20 Tips for Beginners Selling on Ebay

Denis Bastien and his Affordable Designs success story are wonderful, but the path he chose is not so unique. Starting to sell your items on eBay is one of the tried-and-true methods to launch your successful online business. It can be a great school where you will learn how to sell your particular product, how to work with users, how to deal with negative feedback ratings. You may start with a side project, and grow your business into a full-time focus, as cash and experience come. Install our eBay addon free and discuss it with our eBay integration guru.

Contact Our Expert. Say, bidirectional X-Cart 5 integration with eBay allows you to:. If X-Cart 4 users are reading this guide too, this is a link to the same eBay integration module for the eCommerce store of yours. With eBay experience, you will be head and shoulders above most entrepreneurs, who decided to learn the hard way, starting from their own online store instead. This step by step guide for beginners will probably not make you an eBay Power Seller right away. But you will have good understanding of how the things work and how to make your first sale on eBay.

Potential buyers browse the site to search for products, sold by a vast array of 3rd party eBay sellers, and bid on items through auctions. Bidding lasts for 3, 5, 7, or 10 days, and the buyer willing to pay the highest price for this eBay item wins. On the contrary, Amazon is providing customers with fixed prices on all products. It acts as a seller hub too. Independent sellers may list their products on this marketplace, but the list of restricted products and categories is huge, compared to the minimal restrictions of eBay store.

Etsy is a popular marketplace for 45M one-of-a-kind goods: handmade items, vintage goods and craft supplies.

A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO EBAY: Quick and Easy Tips to Sell!

Fixed price, no auctions — this is what makes Etsy alike to Amazon, but differentiates it from eBay. The trouble is, the insertion fee may be charged per item, or per category, or per listing, if applicable. I love this "if applicable" so much! Source: Fees for eBay stores. Final value fee is not a simple flat fee either, it depends on the type of your listing fixed price or auction , item cost, listing time. You will need to pay a final value fee anyway, say, if you offer or reference your contact information or ask a buyer for their contact information. It has been originally designed as an eCommerce website to sell your stuff that you no longer need.

Together with individual sellers, professional businesses are offering their items on eBay too. Look at the top selling items on eBay to see that businesses feel very comfortable on eBay. This fresh research will also help you decide which products to sell. In other words, eBay is the place where professional businesses are selling new items, wholesale and retail, at a fixed and auction price. Clothes are very profitable. Many can be shipped simply in an envelope.

Little risk of getting damaged while shipping — as a bonus. Margins should be great as you are selling the single file over and over. Shipping is free as the buyer simply downloads the file. Discussing, how to sell on Amazon , we derived such a formula of success:. These rules may work for eBay as well. But surfing the Internet, you may find eBay experts, suggesting the opposite:.

My rule of thumb is a 3 digit price. While there are many customers who only shop for brands, there are many other who are happy to go with an unbranded or a small brand item to get a better deal. Out there.

When is the right time to open an eBay store

There are sellers, who made a fortune, selling Chinese knickknacks. So get your butts in gear and go choose your product to sell. If you already have an idea of merchandise, but not sure how well it will sell on eBay, researching eBay Completed Listings is a goldmine of information for you. If it looks like your product has potential, go list it on eBay and see if you can rely on your intuition. Paypal is the top choice for many sellers and buyers. It also gives you extra Seller Protection.

The Essential Guide to Selling on eBay

Net or CyberSource. For the rest, wire transfer to your bank account is impossible. Moreover, eBay itself has to compete for traffic with such monsters as Alibaba or Amazon or Etsy. How do you like the plan? The others actually remember store names — and often shop by stores. One can also choose the seller if he recalls the seller name — "Oh, I remember buying from this Fashion Boulevard store previously! Avoid nonsense like "fudgr" that seems unprofessional. Add a picture and information about you to assure buyers that you are a legitimate seller who has come here to stay.

Also, product title has significant weight, when the page is being indexed by Google. In other words, use general terms and keywords together with the exact product attributes like size, condition, brand, color. But not all the keywords are created equal. How to choose whether to use "wedding dress" or "wedding gown", for example? It will search for the exact match within the website you specified, in our case — the number of "wedding dress" mentions on ebay.

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Another rule is to avoid spelling errors. Listings with spelling errors sell worse, because they suggest your careless attitude to the entire thing. How about this item designed by "Kelvin Klein"? The fans of Calvin Klein may have a heart attack. Another huge fault of this listing is an unpresentable photo. Like, "how-do-I-unsee-this" unpresentable. But the truth is, you can not afford disgusting images like the above. Opposite, eye-candy images will skyrocket your sales. Since your potential buyers can not toy with the stuff sold, upload a sufficient amount of images.

Show the scale. Even if you have specified dimensions in the description.